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Seeing Recovery As Spiritual Practice

By jona bryndis, Nov 1 2017 03:34PM

I often wonder how many of us cringe a bit or feel some resistance, if even only subtle, when we hear mention of recovery, as it relates to dependency, addiction or 12-step programs. Maybe you have experienced this yourself or observed it in others. Can you identify what belief(s) or perspectives trigger the reactions?

Perhaps there is a view that sees this as weakness and only for those who lack power, the feeling of threat or fear when we imagine living without some of the things that we so look forward to, or simply dismissal, with thought that my neighbor sure could use it, but not me?

In my experience as energy coach this belief needs an overhaul! We all have shattered dreams and hopes; we all have developed coping mechanisms to get us through life without fulfillment. Recovery is not just the process of healing from substance addiction but a much larger process of re-covering our true purpose and becoming real - a spiritual practice that allows us to learn higher vibational tools to face our pain, trauma and disappointments, rather than trying to mask it.

What if we were to put a little twist on recovery, broadening it a bit beyond our views toward dependency or addiction, and put the main focus instead, on it being a process of returning to a conscious, heart-centered way of living, restoring balance and wholeness to our lives, with the presence of Gratitude, Peace, Joy and Self-Love a result? For many of us, it might be a welcome remembrance and return to a state that feels natural, because it is.

So how did we arrive at a place where this recovery process might benefit us, even if addictive structure is not an issue for us? We often have to look no further than how we learned to get along and survive in this experience of being human.

One of the greatest challenges many of us begin with is the forgetting, when we arrive in this world, that we are all part of the greater energy of All that Is, call it Source/Tao/God/Divine or whatever you personally prefer. It is that which is our inner Higher Power and only true and permanent source of Unconditional Love- inner because our way of reconnection to it is through our own heart center. You may personally know the painful longing we may sometimes feel, to return to our natural state of connection with our Source.

We might distance ourselves even further as we go along, coming to believe that we are separate not only from our Higher Power, but also all others here as humans being. In our search for the love that we feel we’ve lost, we often learn to look to things or others, all external to us, for fulfillment. Our dependencies and addictions, although able to pass down through our lineage, often find their root here.

In our imagined separation, comparison and judgment are common offspring, strengthening our focus on the external and further clouding the path to reconnection to our inner Higher Power. As we begin to see things as right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, our application is not only to that which is external, but ourselves as well and guilt and shame may well become known to us, only intensifying our need to feel Love and loveable or to seek even temporary escape from the discomfort.

Another result of our belief in separation is sometimes loss of our ability to trust in anything other than ourselves so we begin to build defenses against any pain experienced through our interactions with others. Walls, barriers, more separation and yes, increased blocks to reconnection and remembrance of the Love of our inner Higher Power. We might come to feel lost and alone, with no other to depend upon, believing ourselves to be victims of the world and perhaps even forgotten by our Source.

GRACE Recovery, which will be offered by transCODES as a 3 day, 3 focus, 9 session marathon experience this November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, was developed in part, to take us back into the experience of our natural pre-addictive state of connection with our inner Higher Power.

Its processes, combined with the power of the universal Divine field and your intent, will assist and guide us through any misperceptions or other blocks that may have been developed in our human experience. In a way, it is a process of unwinding and rewriting what we’ve woven on our path to this moment.

This power of this modality lies in its combination of energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance and the 12-Step protocol. It initiates the recoding of (often karmic) addictive structure, including co-addiction and codependency and activates spontaneous heart-alignment.

GRACE Recovery has shown itself to be a very powerful tool for anyone with desire to move beyond dependencies or addiction, or simply as a guide back to our inner Higher Power.

For further info or registration, please click here for more info.

We hope you can join us!

With Love,

Roger Schwartz

Energy Coach & Founder of RecoverYourHeart.com

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