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Roadmap For Soul Embodiment

By jona bryndis, Jul 13 2019 06:53AM

Occasionally, I publish my session reflections as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how Self-Healing in Action can look like.

Every month we facilitate a 3-day Energy Training event we call Marathons. In this intense self-healing space we train a certain Energy Work Modality - GRACE Soul Integrity - in this case. In nine remote energy sessions and the course of 72 hours we are trying to hold our energy at a specific vibratory level. This format speaks to active self healers and healers in spe because as challenging as it sounds, it's actually a very practical way to help us synchronize our 3D lives with our energy awareness. The monthly remote marathons, which can be done from home, during work, etc. are open for everyone, but due to intensity of inner experiences they typically attracts people who are willing to go a little deeper and who are not afraid of facing some of their rich inner world in the safe and nurturing environment of a group of like minded connected through their intention.

Read the Reflection on our last session and overall marathon experience for the brand new and super deep GRACE Soul Integrity modality that helps us learn How to Embody our Soul.


Thank you all for coming to this impactful marathon! You dedication and depth make these sessions meaningful, and your tenacity inspires all of us! Thank you all for sharing in the forum and allowing this group to be part of your transformation. It feels good to be in company of people who are willing to go the extra mile to grow beyond their own limitations.

Once more, I would like to send a humble thank you to you!

Our last session was super rich in downloads and info coming in for us all. It might feel a bit awkward to you now when reading this, as the energy in our daily life has probably already shifted back to 'normal busy mode'. Once we leave the field and contend with our day-to-day challenges our vibration goes a little lower again and we forget... The info during the ninth session and the entire marathon is very different from what our mind can process. To recognize the difference in perceptivity and ability to contextualize this kind of inner info is a part of learning our Soul Language. Therefore, it's important to realize that we can only 'hear' our Soul when we are in a certain- more relaxed - and deeper state.

It has become clear to me that this modality can only be done in a marathon, which is suspected hen I first transcoded it, but now see confirmed. In order to go into this deeper state that allows us to overcome the barriers EGO PERCEPTION, COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS & PERSONAL (KARMIC) BARRIERS it takes practice and patience. We can't just switch our perception by the snip of a finger! Most of our daily conditions don't allow for our SOUL AWARENESS to be present at this level. It takes conscious effort, as we all experienced here, and as you were willing to bring in in order to arrive at this inner place of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LEARNING.

I will report about our last session as it came in and then summarize our experiences of this marathon with a short overview and STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP for you to implement the learned into your life. (Please forgive all typos!)

The session felt soft and expansive. Releases were really mild, mostly in 1st Chakra (legs, knees, feet), 2nd Chakra (tug at umbilical cord/belly button) and some 4th Chakra (heart expansion sensations). However, the main processes for you seemed about CONTEXTUALIZING. It felt like you had profound insights.

At the beginning of the session I felt many of you standing in the center of a labyrinth - READY TO LET GO OF ALL RESISTANCE. This was a very moving moment! Next was the ego's regurgitating of 'why we don't deserve love' blah, blah... Many of us felt pulled back into our transgressions or what we feel 'disqualifies' us from receiving, connecting and feeling this deep love for our Selves. It lead to seeing the connection between ALLOWING LOVE AND ALLOWING ABUNDANCE in our lives.

For the rest of the session (which took a little longer) the HARMONIZING OF THIS INNER DUALITY continued and allowed many of us to step into our UNIFIED SELF. It allowed us to see/feel the link between our pain, guilt, anger, and judgment and our MANIFESTATION BLOCKS.

So much has been shown in this marathon! It's hard to put into words. Most of what our Soul communicated with us came in as fuzzy remembrance or faint recognition - like a memory of the future?

I sincerely hope that you walked out of this experience with more clarity about what has been holding you back (what you have been avoiding or what you were too afraid of allowing yourself). From our end it looks like your energy fields all grew in size and radiance, even if you still feel struggle with details.

What comes next is the practical 3D embodiment. These three days have been a wonderful practice for the weeks to come. Do not hesitate! Bring all this into physical immediately! Soul Embodiment is not some conceptual thing - it's a practical way of living!

Understand that Abundance resonates on the same level as SELF LOVE. Self Love is the key! It starts with Self Care, Recovery, Truth and Courage. It continues with Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance and Allowing. And it leads to Healing, Lovingness and automatic Abundance.

In order to fully grasp what this means for our life and the choices we have when being willing to go beyond our 3D limitation it is of utmost importance that you understand that there is no 'level' or 'achievement' with this kind of learning. Whether or not, or the quality with which you are able to connect and manifest the potential of your SOUL SELF depends on your dedication to your SELF.

Not everybody wants this inner union and level of connection within! But those who do, will continue to feel a longing or SOUL NOSTALGIA as we have experienced in our first session. They will also have to walk through their DEEPEST FEAR & INNER JUDGMENT, recognize their KARMIC TIES and where they are HOLDING ONTO THE PAST, where they are still dominated by their SURVIVAL PATTERNS and reconcile with all their SHORTCOMINGS perceived through the ANIMALISTIC/HUMAN-NESS that resides in all of us.

SELF-PRESERVATION, which causes our ego to be bound to our body (neurological ties), emotions (neurotransmitters & emotional literacy) and mind (Critical Inner Voice, Mentation and conceptualization) is good and necessary. But if we want to go beyond that which binds us to our ego and collective karma we need to go back to our SOUL SELF. This is what SOUL EMBODIMENT means. It's the active and conscious process of reuniting with our SOUL while simultaneously being aware and accepting of our HUMAN EGO SELF and its survival mechanisms.

What makes us arrive at this point in life where we become willing to walk this path is our INNER PROMPTING and often also our inner pain of not fully feeling like we belong here. This feeling is real, our ego mind's interpretation that there must be something wrong with us or that we are not good enough to be happy and fulfilled is an errorous perception of the ego, The true reason why we can't feel we belong is because in essence we don't. No-one 'belongs' here! We all chose to incarnate into this experience. We simply forgot that it was our own volition to experience the physical embodiment as SOUL IN A BODY.

This inner conflict is addressed with this SOUL EMBODIMENT journey. We chose to be fully present as a soul as well as a body. - This brings in a bunch of practical problems. Our 3D environment is not conducive for this state (yet). We experience a constant battle between our EGO & TRUE SELF, that part in us that communicates our SOUL PURPOSE. And so it leads us to a path in which we need to relearn the ABC of our SOUL LANGUAGE with speaks to us in form of LOVE, ABUNDANCE & HEALING.

Allow Music, Color, Numbers, Drawings, Nature or other symbols of the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF THE DIVINE to speak to you!

The most tricky part can be the PHYSICAL ATTUNEMENT. Many of you experienced something like a DEATH WITHIN. This is very common at this level of energy work. Our body, mind and emotion only 'knows' this state of 'coming home' only from dying - when we actually die. Therefore, it cannot interpret what this process this. It trips our deepest FEAR OF DYING and triggers all levels of RESISTANCE possible, Embodying our soul while being alive is something our nervous system cannot relate to and so it equates it with physical death.

This vulnerable space you experienced throughout the marathon is known throughout the history of mankind. It is why in ancient times they stayed in monasteries to do this (so that others could take care of them for a few days/weeks). So, please be patient with yourself. You are not going to die! - bawl your eyes out and get some food into your fridge, binge watch something that keeps you in the here and now, but don't be afraid. Give your nervous system time to adjust. You are still alive!

In order to implement this deeper journey of RESTORING YOUR ORIGINAL STATE & RETURNING BACK TO TRUE FULFILLMENT AND JOY IN LIFE into your daily conditions and hopefully also decision making, here a few markers you can follow to continue walking this path of SOUL EMBODIMENT a little bit at a time.



-> Make sure you are ready and present with your SELF


-> Establish a daily routine (such as meditating, contemplating, journaling) every day


-> It's normal and often necessary to isolate a bit from outer bombardment and focus on circumstances that make you feel safe enough to truly connect


-> Creates circumstance that give or allow you more space for error and experimentation


-> Remember that your ego makes you conscious


-> Remember that you are essentially innocent until you truly allow this deeper connection


-> Realizing that you were in ego in the past does not mean that you are guilty or bad. It simply means that you couldn't see it before


-> Become accountable for toxic patterns in your life. Stop blaming!


-> Become aware of your true values and integrity and allow nothing and nobody to violate those


-> Let go of all notions of perfection! Become aware of your personal ego traps and triggers. Work on neutralizing them and understand that this is a process and not an event


-> Understand that your energetic sensitivity requires you to stay grounded and centered. Accept self-clearing as daily routine and listen to your inner prompting for rest and recuperation


-> Work on removing inner and outer dependencies. Let go of judging yourself for being human

- IMPLEMENT A DAILY SURRENDER PRACTICE -> Let go of what you cannot control. Use prayer, invocation or your own way of surrendering your attachment to ego perception

- CHALLENGE YOUR EGO -> Get into the habit of loosening rigidity and structure through embracing new ways


-> Lack & Scarcity are ego illusions


-> Learn to better communicate your truth


-> Allow yourself to learn and grow through exploration, curiosity and discovery


-> Accept Lovingness (the expression of love, abundance and healing) as new paradigm of being. Make decisions based on how much Lovingness they express


-> Choose only what feels expansive, true and life promoting

- INCREASE YOUR ENERGY AWARENESS & SOULFULNESS -> See everything as vibration and energy. Energy is just a temporary form. It can be transformed. Every state can be transformed through your consciousness


-> Focus on the essential and drop overlay, distraction and energy leakage


-> Prioritize the harmonization of pain, guilt, trauma and victimhood


-> Recognize that injustice is an ego concept. Stand up for what is right to you, but remember that others might not see it the way you do. Trust in Divine Justice


->Tuning into Divine Wifi will bring continued illumination. Engage in Meta-Learning and allow for your inner guidance to teach you

- TRUST IN YOUR TRUE SELF & HEART NAVIGATION -> Let go of seeking. Allow your True Self to guide you. Feel into your heart and know that you will know what you need to know when you need it at all times.

Remember, that you are a pioneer of the UNIFIED & EMBODIED SOUL! Not many have walked this path before you! This process can take life times. Time is relative to you consciousness.

I hope that this brings more purpose and love into your life!

Much Love,



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Jona Bryndis, the founder and owner of transCODES an internally known energy healer, energy coach, author, public speaker, and trainer of empaths and professionals who want to learn about or apply Energy Work & Energy Coaching. Her teachings are dedicated to empower people to find their True and Authentic Self and thus succeed in their search for fulfillment and purpose in life. Jona is specialized in Abundance Coaching, Deep Self-Healing (Trauma and Karma Work), as well as Recovery and Addictions. Her Consciousness Training is based on energy code work, that allows a person's vibratory rate to out-vibrate existing or recurring blocks through Inner Heart-Connection.

Jona first started out in the software industry, studied Chemistry and Computer Science, worked as business analyst and management consultant before deciding to dedicate her work to energy healing and public education on the topic of Energy Healing, Energetic Sensitivity, Ascension, Energetic Protection, Etheric Surgery, and how the phenomenon of Spiritual Awakening is changing our understanding of Human Consciousness.

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