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Reconnecting With Divine Femnine - Healing Circle Workshop Coming Up This Saturday!

By jona bryndis, May 2 2017 08:46PM

This Saturday we are hosting our monthly Healing Circle Workshop where the focus will be on Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine.

Anyone who has walked down the spiritual path knows that at some point we will have to confront and heal our views and limitations around femininity and masculinity at some point or another.

By confronting our misperceptions, we work to connect to a healthy view of both these energies that allows for us to understand the power of softness and creation that comes forward by aligning to the heart as well as reframing both of these energies and learning to intertwine them effectively within our lives.

For most, the challenge as we begin our journeys lies first in aligning to softness and to the feminine aspect that we all have within us as by learning to connect or enhancing our connection with the feminine spirit, we align to the creativity of our hearts, the needs of our soul, and the ability to connect with our feelings.

We open a world up of possibilities from a heart level and through healing or reframing the connection here, a great deal can and will be added to our lives. And, we learn along the way to help heal our views and limitations around this energetic aspect of our journeys allowing us to have a greater respect and connection within.

Regardless if you are new to the game or been at it awhile, reconnecting or working through various aspects of our limited or pained views/connection of femininity can really take us to the next step!

The Healing Circle Workshops are really allowing people to understand and feel various aspects of the journey either in a new way or even for the first time from a heart level.

Come and join us for this powerful event that not encompasses effective remote transmission work (guided meditation process), followed by a live 90-minute webinar (hosted by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper) right after the transmission to allow for further healing and reframing through sharing and asking questions.

Click here to sign up or read more (Cost for the 3-hour event is $100; discounted for sacred self-healing members & graduates )

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!



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