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Reconciling With The Divine Masculine In Us & Making Peace With Masculine Energies

By jona bryndis, Jan 7 2018 04:35PM

When it comes to integrating our journey into our practical lives, we inevitably have to face some of our core aspects. Walking the talk means implementing, actualizing and living according to our higher vibrational values. If we don't want our deeper insights to sound like esoteric platitudes or spiritual superiority, we cannot just do yoga, like men-buns and become a vegetarian. Embodying higher consciousness is about our inner attitude and sentiments and how congruently we can express them.

One of the biggest gap between general understanding and actualizing our spiritual awareness can be seen in the way we regard masculinity and femininity. Unity, compassion and deeper connection, the pillars of our understanding ourselves as souls with a body are often just empty words. Even the most 'spiritual' people have residues of unhealed disdain and mistrust towards the other gender. I am challenging you to reflect on your inner attitude towards Masculinity. How many times do you buy into archaic beliefs about how a man is supposed to, can and can't or should be like?

Where do all these misrepresentations and false beliefs about Masculine and Feminine energies come from? And how can we work on overcoming these conditioned stereotypes?

For most of us they are rooted in our childhood, and more often than not linked to our parents somehow. However, as we know today, this does not mean, that “it’s all their fault” – No, what it means is that if we want to get through our deeper stuff, we will need to face some of our inner connection to the Mother & Father Principles in our lives, as they typically show our inner attitude towards the Divine Masculine and Feminine within us.

A lot of how we perceive our connection with the Mother/Feminine and Father/Masculine energies within depends on our level of emotional and mental processing - not our spiritual views! Inner Child, Shadow, Critical Inner Voice, but also Sexuality, Trauma and the way we approach our manifestation in general can clearly be linked to our inner relationship to masculine and feminine energies. At some point of our journey the affects of how their inner conflict within us will become aware to us.

However, as mentioned before, the Mother and Father Principles are not only the archetypal manifestations of Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies within us. They are indicators of how much we are in tune with ourselves as women or men; as mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, relationship partners and friends.

Therefore, when we go into honest inner reflection here, we often begin to see how this inner schism involves replicates into all our relationships, memories, emotions and unresolved issues with our Mothers and Fathers, and often also the core of inner duality itself.

For many of us looking back to our relationships with our mothers and fathers and they introduced these seemingly opposing energies tto us is just a beginning of understanding how our views and inner attitude towards our own Femininity or Masculinity began to take shape. Moreover, we begin to see the true complexity of our inner connection and integrity - or absence thereof - through collective, cultural, religious and sociological conditioning, and realize how much we have been programmed into specific judgments and dualistic thinking patterns.

Why do so many women think they have to be better men?

Why do so many men feel guilty or oppressed by women?

Why do we seek validation from people who don't matter to us?

Why do we sexually project?

Why do we start wars?

Why do we all think that being compassionate means being weak?

Why do we make degrading jokes about the other gender?

Why do we believe 'trying harder is better'?

Why can't we trust in our intuition?

Why do we separate masculine and feminine energies within us?

These are just a few examples of how our unreflected inner beliefs towards the masculine and feminine express in in our daily lives and relationships.

The way and level on which we can allow the reconciliation of our primary inner connection with the Mother and Father Principle is not just an esoteric concept. It formed our views, our personality, a big part of our ego coping mechanisms and the entire way we go about things, the way we feel and the way we think.

From an energetic point of view, the state of inner relationship between Divine Feminine and Masculine energies expresses in the flow of energy in our body, our movement, our radiance, inner strength, confidence, social behavior and our health. It determines our neurologcial disposition, our levels of neuroplasticity, our emotional intelligence also our third eye perception.

The more aligned we become to our inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies, the fewer inner conflicts and the more inner connectedness we will experience.

However, becoming ready and making the step to fully allowing our inner higher power to resolve our dissonant beliefs and their unhealed expressions also means to be willing to admit these unresolved aspects of self without hesitation.

So, do you still believe that there is a difference between men and women when it comes to their spiritual journey?

Don't worry! We all have these deeply ingrained beliefs - one way or another. Inner limitations through rigid beliefs and prejudices show us the very things we are working on to heal: our Ego Specialness, Projections, Addictions, False Self, Shadow aspects and their associated attachments.

If we want to manifest our true potential we need to take full responsibility for all our inner aspects and heal from the wounds of conflicting masculine and feminine energies within. Learning how to reconcile our inner relationship with Divine Masculine energies can be a very transformative experience – it can change your entire view on inner and outer relationships – and thus the course of your enitre journey as embodied divine consciousness.

Learning how to walk the talk and reconciling with Masculinity is important for men and women alike. One cannot be healed without the other! So, no matter if you want to work on healing disdain towards masculinity, resolve father issues or simply want to feel good about ‘being a guy’ – consider deeper energetic work to bypass mental and emotional triggers.

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Thank you for your time.


jona bryndis

energy coach & founder of transCODES Personal Energy Training

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