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Reality, Authenticity, Consciousness & The Consumer Industry

By jona bryndis, May 16 2020 11:35AM

Authenticity is the lifelong process of learning about ourselves and reinventing our reality. The so invoked Consciousness facilitates Oneness from within. Consciousness is the dedication to our authentic self-awareness and courage to question our perception of reality, which then leads to the practice and art of recontextualizing what we experience based on being aware of who we are.

Due to the virtue of ‘being conscious’ and knowing who we are as individuated ‘ Soul Self’ we can then develop a larger understanding of ‘oneness’ as inclusive of ‘All there is', as the need to be ‘exclusive’ or 'better than it is' is no longer part of the perceived reality.

When we talk about reality we are indeed talking about different versions of it (dep. on a person's level of consciousness). This limitation is why I am pointing at investigating the agenda behind marketing and consumer industry in this Truth Talk. They are beginning to use phrases and lingo that imitates New Age and ’Spiritual Community’ Lingo, which cannot be discerned by 98% of the population.

Let's look into how to discern reality and truth a little more 'consciously.'

The question of whether we or what we experience is 'authentic' typically only arises when we run into impasses, when we feel stuck or when whatever we have been doing doesn't work anymore. Naturally, our first impulse is to blame external changes and to seek ways to cope with this inner confusion by seeking more pleasure or avoiding pain. The consumer industry and marketers understand this. Their job is to develop and provide products or technologies that give make us feel better about ourselves. Consumer products are developed as a response to trends that represent our most pressing needs. We buy them because they give us the feeling that we can better handle our daily problems, become more effective or that we are improving our lives.

However, in times with too many outer factors are changing. As a result, our mind creates scenarios that RATIONALIZE who we truly are through rationalizing our decisions, self-gain or security needs. It externalizes our SENSE OF SELF to our accomplishments, competence, partners, family, friends, as well as money, social status, intellect or fantasy.

EXTERNALIZING OUR UNHAPPINESS, lack or inadequacy is the hallmark of our ego coping, so if we want to feel better about ourselves a shift in attitude towards ourselves and the world we live in is required. This shift can create tremendous stress in us. It is one of the reasons why highjacking our consciousness into making us believe that we need a lot of things, and especially a 'different reality' from the one we find ourselves in.

On one hand, we might have been successful with what we have accomplished so far, but our goals changed and we realize that what got us here seems to ask us to let go of how we defined ourselves and our successes in the past. On the other hand, if we have been unhappy all along, but already tried a few different approaches, and things still don't feel more fulfilling, we find it hard to trust in ourselves altogether.

The conundrum with 'being real' or 'being more authentic' is that there is an internal block that does not allow us to GET OURSELVES OUT OF THE WAY.

Most commonly, authenticity is understood by three main paradigms:

1. Being True To Myself

2. Being Sincere

3. Being True To My Values

There are resistances when trying to be more authentic.

The way out of this confusion requires honest self-connection and self-reflection.:

1. Which version of myself?

My old self, my vulnerable and insecure self, my false self, my ego self, my idealized self, my future self...

Which version of self do I identify with?

Which version of my self dominates my day-to-day actions, goals, and behaviors?

Which version of my self would I rather energize?

2. What is sincere to me?

Do I believe that I have to be in a certain way to earn, deserve or be worthy of what I want in life?

Am I being rigid or controlling?

Am I flighty, non-committal or do I change my views too easily?

Do I have to have everything my way?

How does my sincerity express?

3. What are my values?

How did my values form? Are they even mine?

How am I expressing my values and what I stand for?

Do my values sabotage my efforts?

Are there ways to stay true to my values without compromising my integrity?

This is the problem with AUTHENTICITY: Most of us have a preset idea of what defines us and how others see us. Be it through our earliest conditioning through maternal and/or paternal connection, school/peer experiences or early romantic relationships in the past, we all rely on an unconscious (or conscious) IDENTITY. What most of us are not aware of how our HISTORICAL SELF and ASPIRATIONAL SELF define our SENSE OF SELF IN THE NOW. The consequences of holding on to the narrative of how we see ourselves based on our past or fictional future determine our motivation to get to know ourselves and to develop higher levels of consciousness.

What most of us don't know, is that how we react to inner and outer changes, and how we handle the quality of inner and outer sense of self is not part of our cognitive brain functions. Our coping behavior operates on the level of ego survival and can therefore not be controlled by our minds, opinions, views or beliefs. It solely responds to our ego's perception of what makes us feel safe. Until we learn to bypass our mental fixation (Identifications) and learn how to CHANGE THE WAY WE EXPERIENCE OURSELVES it is practically impossible for us to truly judge whether we are truly connected or not.

We cannot think our way out of the way we see ourselves - we need to realize the limitations of our past self and act our way out of our limitations.

The reason why our egos plays such a big role in the development of authenticity is in the incongruence of these different versions of our Self. Our ego defines our adequacy and self-worth. The biggest inauthentic factor in our lives is to have no or an inferior sense of self, which is why we need to PAY ATTENTION to the marketing strategies to come. The consumer electronics and the entertainment industry knows about our deepest fears and aspirations. It responds directly to our ego's cravings and the need for gratification - be it through assisting us in avoiding the pain of our reality or the fear of an uncertain reality. So, as our 'Quantum Future' is set to become an AUGMENTED OR VIRTUAL REALITY, technological advancements will play directly into our ego on the deepest level of self and allow our ego to have free reign over how we perceive our reality.

Once we realize that our ego cannot help us with becoming more authentic and connected within, osucceeding is now no longer a question of adequacy, but willingness to move out of our comfort zone.


The trick in overcoming our limited mindsets and ego identifications is therefore in understanding the nature of change and self-growth. Growth happens through learning, and learning can only happen through experiencing new things. What is holding us back is our fear of negative/painful experiences. If we can overcome this one hurdle, and look at life in a more playful way - or as a continual experiment of learning what works and what doesn't work, we can begin to better understand our own authenticity. Authenticity is not the same as tying yourself down to one version of yourself, but be willing to become the highest expression of your True Self!

Being authentic is not an accomplishment, a treat or something to strive for, but the consequence of a lifelong process of learning about yourself.

Deeper connection with your AUTHENTIC SELF facilitates inner self-healing and deeper connection with your SOUL SELF and thus empower your personal energy to recognize the incoming collective challenges as a temporary state of adjusting to a higher vibratory level of consciousness evolution.

Enjoy this thought-provoking video and thank you for your time!

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

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