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By jona bryndis, Feb 5 2018 09:41AM

Reconnect, Relate, Reignite, Heal and Become Real - TOGETHER!

Our relationship provides a unique opportunity for spiritual, emotional and mental growth and even healing. But sometimes there is a point in our journey when we are not sure if our relationship is compatible with our insights, needs and visions. We've changed. We've developed a new understanding of connectedness, love and intimacy, but we don't know how to express this in a loving and compassionate way; we don't know how to integrate our newly developed our individual awareness into our marriage and how to apply new ways to our relationship life. When we arrive at this point we are often confronted with seemingly overwhelming impasses...

How can we open up our relationship so it's not lagging behind - so we can grow together?

How can we learn to become a better relationship partner and maintain our individual integrity?

How do we address our higher goals with our partner?

How can we reconnect on a deeper level and develop a more fulfilling intimacy together?

How to realign to our True Love?

How can we add joy and playfulness while learning how to communicate our most intimate aspects of our personal journey?

How can we initiate a new beginning as two liberated True Selves rather than two conflicting Ego-Selves?

Based on the success of our Heart-Warrior Journey program which empowers individuals to grow beyond their personal limitations through heart consciousness and deeper self-healing work, we have now opened up this revolutionary new consciousness development program for couples. Enrollment is open for the first of March 2018.

This deep healing experience for both as individuals as well as partners gained through this intense 90-day relationship regeneration journey is not comparable with any traditional couple-therapy or reconciliation workshop. Through allowing an intimate spiritual connection and learning how to reconnect through energy work, open communication and mutual expressing true feelings allows for new type of bonding that requires both to overcome unresolved ego aspects.

Excerpt from: "Understanding True Love " (click here to read full article)

In times of increased collective transformation, unresolved aspects in our inner and outer relationships (or the lack thereof) often pop up as promptings to go into deeper reflection with Self. In view of the recently increasing collective correction energies many of our long-term problems are resurfacing in new intensity. Many of us are feeling a renewed need for connection and true intimacy, but at same time we can also feel that the remainders of our unresolved fear, judgment, anger, survival, lust, self-centeredness, vanity, or narcissism, etc. are interfering with our ability to truly love with an open heart.

However, instead of beating ourselves up or blaming the other, we could also go into inner reflection, especially if we are also awakening to the journey of illuminated truth and consciousness of Self.

If you are striving for a happy and long-lasting relationship we need to open ourselves up for a different view on True Love and how we can use our inner higher power to recontextualize our fear of being vulnerable, so that you can begin to consciously align yourself to making yourselves to the object of our unconditional love.

The Heart Warrior Couple Boot Camp is designed for couples who want to reignite their true love, passion and intimacy in context with their higher consciousness development. It has a tightly planned and often challenging schedule. For the time period of 90 days both are fully committing themselves to working on their common goal. Together we will practice meditation, remote energy transmission processes and workshops; all accompanied with personalized individual and couple energy coaching sessions. Both partners will experience how to feel empowered to work with own heart connection and thus learn a completely new approach to manifesting a True Love Relationship.

Excerpt from: "Understanding True Love Relationships" (click here to read full article)

Our relationships are the reflections of our inner feelings and alignments along our life’s journey - and definitely not the end of our journey. The quality of our relationships reflect our state of consciousness and level of transcendence, no matter how much we want them to be special. If we learn to transcend our ego’s desire for importance and eternal life, we will soon find out that every relationship is ‘perfect’ – perfect for the state that we are in, so that we can grow out of our limitations and heal our unresolved and hidden inner aspects.

When a relationship begins to crumble, it can mean that both partners developed into different directions; or that our current relationship is not congruent with our inner development anymore – but often it simply means that we need to work on our ourselves to enhance or correct our relationship. If both partners can see this and are willing to do this work needed, any relationship can be brought to a new level or mutually discontinued.

This 90-day couples journey facilitates New Beginnings through facilitating new strategies for learning how to excel in our individual journey as well as couple. In alternating individual and couple sessions we learn how to work on our relationship through working on becoming a better partner ourselves, while allowing our partner to do the same.

We will experience how meeting another within the truthfulness of our own Self-Mastery can help us to reconnect, relate and respect another on a whole different level.

This program requires a strong dedication from both partners and is only for those who can commit to the deeper work through weekly remote energy sessions, daily mediations, and weekly energy coaching sessions focused on strong and effective spiritual work.

The New Beginning Couple Boot Camp initiates:

- Energetic Self-Awareness

- Identifying Relationship Patterns and Triggers

- Becoming Aware of Karmic Ties

- Healing of Inner Child Aspects

- Learning About Attachments

- Dealing With Disillusionment of Beliefs, Judgment, Expectations

- Reigniting Emotional & Sexual Intimacy

- Regaining Mutual Trust

- Expressing Needs, Desires & Boundaries

- New Ways of Communicating & Negotiating

- Overcoming Current Impasses (Affair, Withholding, Jealousy, Control, etc)

- Developing A Relationship Vision

NEW BEGINNING - 90-Day Small Group Intensive Description

This 90-Day Boot Camp Intensive combines the work of the Sacred Self-Healing Program and remote energy work into a very structured and fast paced initiative for those who are looking for an intense makeover at the beginning of their deeper spiritual relationship journey.

Included in this program are 50 personal contact hours and at least 50 remote energy session hours for both participants.


$2700 or $999/month (3 installments) for couple

Click here for sign up info

The Heart-Warrior Couple Program includes the following (for both partners):

* Sacred Self Healing Program full 24 steps included with the program

* Download Delivery of 2 Step per month

* Workbook Exercises for each Step

* Workbook Binder & 4 GB Memory Stick

* Access to Sacred Self-Healing Forum

* Access to Self-Healing Online Meetings

* Access to all Training Videos & Webinars

* Remote Energy Transmission Discounts

* One Remote Clearing and two Energy Readings

* Detailed session reports for each clearing are discussed during coaching

* Free Admission to selected Remote Energy Transmissions

* Grace Integrity Cycle

* Monthly Energetic Adjustments sessions

* Chakra Clearing or Energetic Groundwork Intensive (3 sessions)

* Free Admission to Selected Guided Energy Process based on the needs of the person and what comes up during the program

* Access to the transCODES private Heart-Warrior Forum to share and ask questions

* Ongoing Graduate Discounts to Grace Cycles mentioned above after completion of program ($10 per session)

* Weekly Coaching Sessions (alternating individual and couple sessions)

* Monthly Heart-Warrior Training Webinars

* Weekly Newsletters with Energy Update & Weekly Tasks

Click here to sign up for NEW BEGINNING - 90-Day Couple Boot Camp

Click here for info on our HEART-WARRIOR JOURNEY for individuals.

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