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Purpose of Energetic Sensitivity & Energy Healing

By jona bryndis, May 13 2020 03:49AM

So much is being shown to us in these days! If you are energetically sensitive, TRUTH is doubling down on you via collective AND personal reality checks. It's hard to put into words. Most of what our True Self is communicating with us feels like an ending or completion...but it seems to come with a realization of necessity - like a memory of the future?

I sincerely hope that you were able to get through the New Year's transition with more clarity about what has been holding you back (what you have been avoiding or what you were too afraid of allowing yourself). From an energetic perspective, all our energy fields grew in size and radiance, even if we still feel an inner conflict with details of implementation of what our energetic sensitivity is showing us.

What comes next is the practical 3D embodiment - the Walking the Walk. These first days in 2020 have been a wonderful practice for the year to come. Do not hesitate! Bring all this into physical immediately! Soul Embodiment is not just some conceptual thing - it's a practical way of living - a LIFE CHOICE!

Abundance, Health, and Happiness resonate on the same level as SELF LOVE. Self Love is the key! It starts with Self Care, Recovery, Truth, and leads to Courage and Empowerment to follow through. It continues with Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance and Allowing so that we can freely move forward. Self-Love leads to Healing, Lovingness and automatic Abundance.

In order to fully grasp what this means for our life and the choices we have when being willing to go beyond our 3D limitations, it is of utmost importance that you understand that there is no 'level' or 'achievement' with this higher vibratory kind of learning. Whether or not, or the quality with which you are able to connect and manifest the potential of your SOUL SELF depends on your dedication to your SELF. If you have not yet made your True Self Communion a daily practice, now is a good to start!

Not everybody wants this inner union and level of connection within! But those who do will continue to feel a longing or SOUL NOSTALGIA as we have experienced in December 2019 until we walked through our DEEPEST INNER FEARS & INNER JUDGMENT, recognizing that our KARMIC TIES are part of our past. HOLDING ONTO THE PAST energizes our EGO SURVIVAL PATTERNS. In order to get past these blocks, we need to learn to accept and reconcile with our SHORTCOMINGS perceived through our 3Dness.

SELF-PRESERVATION causes our ego to be bound to our body (neurological ties), emotions (neurotransmitters & emotional literacy) and mind (Critical Inner Voice, Mentation and conceptualization). It is good and necessary for the survival on our 3D level of existence, but for the embodiment of our SOUL PURPOSE, it has proven to be too limited. If we want to go beyond that which binds us to our personal and collective karma we need to connect and work with our SOUL SELF. This is what SOUL EMBODIMENT means. It's the active and conscious process of aligning to our SOUL while simultaneously being aware and accepting of our HUMAN EGO SELF and its survival mechanisms.

For embracing and becoming willing to walk this path we have our INNER ENERGETIC GUIDANCE. At first, we resist it as it often reminds us of our inner pain of not fully feeling like we belong here. This feeling is real, but our ego mind's interpretation that there must be something wrong with us or that we are not good enough to be happy and fulfilled is an errorous perception of the ego, The true reason why we can't feel we belong is because, in essence, we don't. No-one 'belongs' here - this isn't home - this is a journey! We all chose to incarnate into this experience to explore this dimension. We simply forgot that it was our own volition to experience the physical embodiment as SOUL IN A BODY.

This inner conflict can be reconciled and healed with making this SOUL EMBODIMENT journey a CONSCIOUS PROCESS - by waking up to our SOUL AWARENESS. We chose to be fully present as a soul as well as a body. And while this brings in a bunch of practical problems, including this spiritual dimension of our being will help us to trust in our inner higher vibratory abilities. ENERGY HEALING is the pathway to overcoming the inner confliction between being a Soul in a 3D body - but not by denying or escaping 3D, but through embracing it!

Our 3D environment is not conducive for this state (yet). We experience a constant battle between our EGO & TRUE SELF, that part in us that communicates our SOUL PURPOSE. And so it leads us to a path in which we need to relearn the ABC of our SOUL LANGUAGE with speaks to us in form of LOVE, ABUNDANCE & HEALING.

The most tricky part can be the PHYSICAL ATTUNEMENT. Many of you experienced something like a DEATH WITHIN. This is very common at this level of energy work. Our body, mind and emotion only 'knows' this state of 'coming home' only from dying - when we actually die. Therefore, it cannot interpret what this process this. It trips our deepest FEAR OF DYING and triggers all levels of RESISTANCE possible, Embodying our soul while being alive is something our nervous system cannot relate to and so it equates it with physical death.

This vulnerable space is what many of you are currently experiencing. It is why in ancient times they stayed in monasteries to do this (so that others could take care of them for a few days/weeks). So, please be patient with yourself. You are not going to die! - bawl your eyes out and get some food into your fridge, binge watch something that keeps you in the here and now, but don't be afraid. Give your nervous system time to adjust.

You are alive!

And being alive is sacred!

Celebrate your scaredness every day!

Don't ever give it up for anything!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

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