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Practical Spirituality - Unifying The Energies of Nature & Nurture

By jona bryndis, Apr 30 2019 01:05PM

As a human collective, the rebirth of our liberated True Self is strongly related to willingness to allow our Feminine Energies to take their sovereign place in our spiritual journey. We cannot reach enlightenment without surrendering our mind, or being willing to let go of our ego.

However, in order to developed a new spiritual pathway to a more inclusive and less positionalized view on our inner higher power our collective understanding of creation binds us to our ego mind. It is based on exclusiveness and therefore promotes dualism in us. In order to demonstrate the limitation in our collective beliefs I picked the most predominant evolutionary concepts 'Nature' vs 'Nurture' to illuminate how the ancient gnostic creation story can help us to contextualize Creation and Evolution as one and the same.

Keep in mind that the significance of this particular mythology is not trying to highlight the Feminine over the Masculine, or to convince you of a different spiritual belief, but to show a new pathway to spiritual maturity without fear of punishment or externalization of our inner higher power.

The Mythology of Gaia Sophia

The Gaia Sophia myth is derived from the Gnostic creation story, in which the ‘goddess’ Sophia is seen as personification of the Divine Feminine Spirit and Divine Wisdom (see definition below). Her spirit resides in our planet Earth and functions as the live-bringer and protector of humanity. In the story she recognizes the fallaciousness of the ego in us humans – which forces her to make choice. Will she return to her own world and abandon her ‘flawed’ creation or will she continue to love her children by taking responsibility for her own manifestation?

As she realizes the contamination of human spirit as reflection of her own limitations, she reconnects with her deepest motherly love for us to allow herself to overcome the guilt and shame she is subjected to – and to give birth us as Gaia’s Children. With this evolutionary transformation we received the ability to combine both – to straddle both worlds simultaneously - to be human while having the opportunity to find Divine Wisdom through the spiritual pathway of Salvation.

The relevance of this myth for us modern spiritual seekers today is not only in symbolizing the need to reconnect with the Mother Principle in order to liberate our Divine Self to manifest, but also in offering a unified creation and evolution theory. Most predominant spiritual traditions and beliefs present an imbalanced view of universal Divine Power through focusing on the Father Principle alone. Its associated masculine focus on power, fighting, fixing and eradicating errors fortifies the perception of ourselves as flawed and incomplete, rather than being able to see our potential as humans. The manifestation of this irreconcilable inner fragmentation can be observed in our inner and outer conflicts – always searching to be better, more powerful or more perfect than others.

Feminine energies on the other hand, which are represented through the archetypal Mother Principle and its resonances with trusting, loving and surrendering, can allow for our intuition and introspection to provide advantageous conditions for our consciousness to grow and our spirit to evolve. But don’t get me wrong, neither one of these primal energies within us alone can us lead us to our innate wisdom. The needed integration of our Inner Divinity into our human 3D life can only happen through an emancipation of both our primal sources of energies within; so that they can come together as unified and liberated from the binds of our ego giving birth to the third principle in us - Divine Creation.

Compared to other creation stories and mythological allegories the emphasis in the Gaia Sophia narrative is on the process rather than the result. It shows the benefits of constantly evolving and adjusting over accomplishing a certain preconceived result and introduces a new paradigm of the purpose and meaning of our lives. It teaches us a new way reaching spiritual salvation, namely through self-reflection, self-absolution, devotion and redemption, rather than judgment, fear, guilt and absolution seeking.

While the Sophia myth begins with the inevitable realization that our human existence bears the constant conflict between our striving to higher consciousness while experiencing our own flaws and limitations, it also offers a sacred path to self-healing and ultimately evolution through continuous self-correction. It therefore offers a multitude of metaphysical wisdom and if understood right, a beautiful way to reconcile our internal relationship of our human and Divine nature - regardless of our religious beliefs or background. Through spiritual reflection and the willingness to become accountable for who we truly are it provides us with the inner prompting on how to harmonize our Divine nature with our mortal physical existence.

“The (mother principle) stands of the power that is active unconsciously in the soul, that brings about the raising into consciousness of the divine element in humanity…here we have one of the central concepts of Mystery-teachings, which acknowledges the human soul as the mother of the god, leading human beings unconsciously and it the inevitability of a nature force to their union with the divine “ Rudolf Steiner

Her mystical narrative represents the feminine counter-part to the Jesus redemption story, in which she redeems herself through her unconditional love for humanity. Sacrificing her place in ‘heaven’ through staying with us humans and protecting her beloved but flawed manifestations. She is devoted to teach us the mysteries of the Feminine as part of our relationship with nature and the divine bringing humanity into harmony with the divine and natural order of rebirth.

The beauty of the Sophianic Principle reunites with both nature and nurture and helps through consciousness, which ultimately neutralizes the suffering of perceiving our humanity as limitation. It helps us to reconnect with the joy of experiencing our nature, meanwhile developing the ability to contextualize our human experience as pathway to higher wisdom.

Through our alignment with Divine Feminine we receive the initiation in divine understanding, allowing for the inner Union of myth and reason – the unconscious and the rational – the subjective and objective. It’s guiding us safely through our mystical inner search and struggles on our path to Divine Wisdom.

This inner spiritual transcendence represents the ongoing process of creation within us. It teaches us that we are indeed an integral part of creating the suffering in our world – but also that all human struggle can be healed, if we are willing to let go of the projections of our ego and finally dedicate our inner union to become of service to all humanity.

Our personal salvation and volunatary redemption thus mirrors the restoration of the divine nature of humanity and transfigures our individual self-healing journey into a universally significant event.

While this may sound like a theoretical or metaphysical concept, the process of allowing the resonance of Divine Feminine to permeate our energy body is probably the most needed quantum leap into developing a higher overall collective consciousness. It could be seen as bringing back the feminine aspects of our existence back into the light – bringing back our spiritual awareness through the softness of intuitive guidance in combination with the power of intention.

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine initiates the emancipation and reconciliation of wounded feminine aspects as it unifies the mother and father principle within us.

It initiates the emergence of the Sacred Rebirth of our Inner Light and ultimately leads to the fusion with our Divine (Christ-) Consciousness, through which we are reborn as self-actualized Holy Trinity of the Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Creation (Nature).


The practical spiritual application of this sacred rebirthing process is the unconditional integration of self-love through dissolving all remainders of unhealed ego aspects.

The essence of attuning our energy body to the resonance of Gaia Sophia is therefore not about the seeking of more knowledge, or becoming ‘better’ than the Masculine/Father principle that still dominates our societies, but in the acceptance of Divine Truth to become our new reality. It allows us to accept our inner guidance and subjective internalization of our inner higher power and thus eliminates the need for external power.
The core of liberating the Fallen Feminine signifies the completion of our inner self-unification and thus brings back the needed wholeness into our live to freely love and be loved. It heals our core mother and femininity aspects within us and provides us with a new transformational way of approaching our journey.

Anybody who is willing to walk this path will experience an inner transformation that is unlike following any belief or belonging to a spiritual group!

Before I let you go, I want to point out the Sacred Inner Rebirth of our True Self is not just some philosophical or mental concept – it is a hands on inner healing process and goes very deep. Here, at transCODES we accompany our clients in this process through our remote energy GRACE transMISSION modalities leading up to the GRACE Gaia Sophia process.

Healing Processes Connected with aligning to the GRACE Gaia Sophia 

- Spiritual Reconnecting

- Rediscovering Inner Feeling vs. Conceptualizing

- Finding our True Inner Voice

- Allowing our Intuition & Perception

- Listening to our Inner Guidance

- Reconciling with our Inner Child

- Emancipating/Balancing both Masculine and Feminine Energies within

- Shadow-Work

- Trauma Healing

- Karmic Resolution

- Reunion, True Love & Relationship aspects

- Application of Spiritual Wisdom & Heart-based Manifestation

If you are interested in this kind of deeper spiritual reconciliation work check out our upcomig events for the GRACE Gaia Sophia Marathon - 3 Day Remote Energy Mindfulness Crash Course.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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