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Practical Spirituality - Dealing With Our Humanness

By jona bryndis, Dec 1 2018 06:15AM

What does Spiritual Awakening mean? Does is mean that we are now better than human?

Many of us energetically sensitive, spiritual and empath people feel lost when faced with the adversity of dealing with human conflicts. We try to stay away from news and crowds as they bombard us, but at the same time it has also made us become isolated or dissociated from the 'human collective'. We may be vegans or environmental activists, healers or meditators, but the truth is, we are not sure how to respond to the humanness within. Deep within we cannot reconcile our spiritual path with our human drives and instincts - our inner journey with our outer journey. It's not that we don't care, but on the deeper level of our heart we're just not sure how to relate to our own human flaws.

Does this make us 'spiritual people' ignorant, superior or disconnected?

We strive for a life expressed through mutual respect, compassion, healing, abundance, oneness, deeper values and integrity - virtues are working on developing through aligning our perception of the world to our heart's truth. But at the same time we beat ourselves up for not being perfect; for having emotions that feel 'unspiritual' to us; and desires we keep hidden. Something isn't adding up.

What's the missing link to that can help us to fully present and in peace without feeling we pressure to stay 'above' our own humanness?

(picture from jp sears: http://awakenwithjp.com)

With compassion we can recognize a deep wound in us humans and yet experiencing our 3D reality feels heavy and painful. We all long for deep love and connection, but if we allow ourselves to be without constraints we don't seem to be able to function as well as others.

Between trying to express ourselves in our individuality and wanting to belong we constantly seek for what can keep our heads over water, never really feeling good enough. We secretly crave meat, watch porn or numb ourselves with fantasizing. We judge 'non-spiritual' people, cope with our own anxiety by trying to red-pill others, feel victimized, keep our anger inside, and mediate pain away. Sound familiar?

Not knowing where we belong, what to identify with makes us feel powerless. Nothing makes sense. Life doesn't make sense!

In order to regain at least the illusion of control we do what we are best at - we do ego coping. We try harder when meditating, dig deeper to eradicate our flaws, do more ceremonies/transMISSIONS to get a vision of our future. We do what our ego trained us to do: We resist what we cannot love about ourselves. But instead of forming an inner relationship, learning how to trust in our strengths and talents we avoid spending time with ourselves and focus on trying to outperform others, become more successful in our own terms and become more spiritual. A cat chasing its own tail!

Core Questions:

How can a spiritually or energetically awakened person be present in a reality that negates spiritual values without disconnecting from the rest of the world?

How can we reconcile our inner guidance with our critical inner ego voice?

How can we allow ourselves to be vulnerable while already feeling attacked or bombarded by the people around us?

And how can we feel connected when most people around us are completely unaware of their ego?

There is no one answer or short-cut but there are a few ego traps that we can learn to avoid or navigate through.

The first step is to let go of the concept that we burdened by our physical existence. When we talk about healing and self-healing it's not because we believe that every person is flawed or sick, but mainly because we identify the major cause for our dysfunctions as a suppression of an inner spiritual connection.

As much as we try, we cannot separate our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our spirituality. They all belong together!

Inner Separation, be it through the feeling of not fitting in or feeling alone is a symptom of inner disconnection. For some religion can help with this development, for others forced religious views in childhood now prohibit spirituality. Our main focus is a practical spirituality without religious views or agenda. We regard the our collective experience in this age and time as a spiritual self-healing journey and therefore refer to healing as means to reconnect with our innate higher abilities to observe and direct inner as well as outer energies.

Regular mediation and contemplation can provide spiritual insights as well as help to build a pathway to our inner divine nature, similar to prayers. With specific energy work modalities, such as Energy training we can go even deeper and get the needed direction of where inner work is needed through real inner experiences.

Deeper energy work requires a little bit of learning about our energy and how to connect and scan energies within, but it’s not rocket science. We all have this ability built in, and from the perspective of teaching energy work modalities for many years, it seems that most of us really only need missing puzzle pieces to internalize their inner spirituality.

Being okay and in peace with being human is not an achievement - it's our Original State!

Therefore the journey to our own version of practical spirituality is neither an ascension nor and accomplishment. The hardest part about feeling an inner unity in our ways of being is in understanding that we don't need to DO anything to get there. We need to allow ourselves to BE it instead!

Once we realize that we (our ego) is in our own way of feeling this, it begins to become clear that this journey is more about letting go than acquiring something. We need to shed all that we think we are, or want to be. We need to learn to be okay with ourselves again.

Regardless of our personal challenges while reconnecting with our heart and learning how to communicate with our True Self, listening to our inner guidance and directing our inner energies is something everyone can do.

The spiritual power of standing still and taking a moment for inner heart-based reflection is so immensely healing, that many of us forget to do it. It’s like talking about the healing effect of drinking plain ol’ pure water. The simpler a solution the more inertia we seem to have to actually do it. So, what’s holding us back from bringing our spiritual insights into action?

In order to use spiritual insights to actualize our journey into our practical lives we need to learn how to internalize our inner experience; to accept and unconditionally love ourselves, regardless of what we are struggling with.

Here some Self-Coaching Tips to increase your inner spiritual connection:

- By avoiding distractions and spending more time with ourselves

- By paying attention to our subtle sensations and listening to our inner guidance without drifting into fantasy, dramatization or mentalization of our False Self

- By listening to our inner guidance and acting on it into our practical lives

- By being more congruent and not shying away from expressing our true feelings, fears and visions

- By reaching out to others and allowing connection, even the simple ones

- Stop judging ourselves for having emotions (especially anger)

- By standing still and allowing contemplation and integration space

- By giving ourselves more room for experimentation, exploration and making mistakes along the way

- By knowing our needs and boundaries, and communicating them to others

- By connecting with nature and the abundance this planet provides for us

- By focusing on something greater than ourselves

- By doing less and being more.

Thank you.



Energy Coach & Healer, Founder of transCODES

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