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OutVibrating And Holding Our Energy Against Planetary & Collective Influences

By jona bryndis, Jun 13 2018 05:50PM


Unified Self

Occasionally, I publish my session reflections as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how Self-Healing in Action can look like.

Every three months we faciliate a Self-Healing Intensive in which we train a certain Energy Work Modality - Unified Self in this case. In three remote energy sessions we are trying to hold our energy at a specific vibratory level. This format mostly speaks to active self healing energy workers and healers in spe. Self-Healing Intensives are open for everyone, but due to intensity of inner experiences it usually attracts people who are willing to decode the different layers of their own ego perception.

Throughout this Self-Healing Weekend Training your reflections and comments in the forum were really exciting! What a wonderful group of sincere people willing to work with the TRUTH LEVEL OF EGO PERCEPTION! This is topnotch stuff! Not to poke your specialness, but there is a much bigger picture to this which I would like to reflect on:

There is research that is showing that low frequency exposure influences people's emotions and decisions - understanding the meaning of this is also means understanding how PLANETARY & COLLECTIVE SHIFTS in electromagnetic energy can influence our personal energy. Here a brief illustration video for those of you interested in this study: https://youtu.be/b_vQPLP_ksc  

The reason why I am bringing this up is the purpose of such training weekends and most of what our work here is about. While we are practicing various different modalities, the main aspect of such training is the ABILITY TO HOLD OUR ENERGY in certain vibratory rates. As you are all aware of, different VIBRATORY STATES influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perception. Why is that? Because it triggers the electromagnetic part of our physiology to resonate. It affects our cell membranes, our neurological firing/stimulation and therefore influences neurotransmitters, hormones, etc but also our signal processing altogether.

When we work with Theta Metronomes, which we are adding to all meditation/transMISSION music we are stimulating certain BRAIN FREQUENCIES. Brain frequencies are not the same as vibratory states. They can however be used to induced deeper states of consciousness, that in return can allow us to OBSERVE OUR VIBRATORY STATES better, since these brain states are typically only entered when asleep, near death or during (physically) dying. If a person practices these brain states a DEEPER LEVEL OF PERCEPTION can be training without falling asleep (or dying for that matter).

As a recap I've presented the basic correlation between BRAINWAVES & PERCEPTION in Day 19/21 :


Working with low frequency brain states, such as Theta states is therefore instrumental for learning how to to observe and identify the different Vibratory States our overall energy resonates at. If we can learn to consciously OPERATE in such states we can BETTER DEAL with external shifts of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) fluctuations!

Now in context with our Self-Healing training here, where we practice our ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT to HEART COHERENCE literally any tool/modality that can help us practice holding our vibratory rate helps to better deal with inner or outer ENERGETIC SHIFTS. The larger goal of this practice is therefore not only to learn how to deal with our internal shifts caused by physical, emotional, mental and energetic attachments/unresolved issues that pull us into our lower states, but also to simply becoming better at operating throughout any kind of shift. In other words, to become less susceptible to collective and planetary energy shifts, as well as becoming able to find solutions (this is where our alignment comes in). Through learning how to realign and recenter to our heart's inherent ability to enter and exist in FASTER VIBRATORY STATES we are practicing how to overcome the inner gravitational pull into our personal issues (shit-magnets) and simultaneously how to OUTVIBRATE THE KARMIC MATRIX/COLLECTIVE experience.

Encountering and learning how to deal with our personal 'stuff' is therefore not only about 'us'. Every person on this planet how can enter and hold his/here higher vibratory states therefore becomes an ANCHOR (or transducer) for our entire collective to become less susceptible to the inertia of current collective/planetary/matrix frequencies! 

So, primarily there is the PERSONAL GROWTH aspects through learning how to master brain/cell frequencies through meditation and transMISSIONs but then there is also a collective or EVOLUTIONARY PURPOSE of this training. We all have the ability to do this with our consciousness, but we have never been told we can (or we as a species weren't ready yet - doesn't matter which way around!). 

The meaning of this larger perspective is not to feel special (which would defy the higher vibratory alignment through our heart as it separates us again), but to realize that we all are a SYNERGISTIC PART OF SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER! By voluntarily going through these layers of ego and lower vibratory pulls of our own psyche we can begin to experience first hand how or energetic states are nothing but the result of exposure, inner processing, and personal attachments. Does this mean that we are just 'robots' that responds to outer stimuli? No! But in order to navigate through the different factors influencing our overall energetic states, feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts and actions we need to learn and train the tools that can allow us to MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES.

And so, this training serves nothing different than BECOMING MORE AWARE OF OUR INNER ENERGETIC DYNAMICS so that we can make better (as in higher vibratory) choices. Now, is training all this a guarantee that we are automatically making better choices? No! The quality and effect of our choices still has to answer to the limitations of our overall CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL, which is a result of our AWARENESS OF SELF. Having an attachment to Victimhood for example lowers our overall consciousness level to the state of PAIN; Hiding/Avoiding energizes FEAR; Disdain/Vengeance/Fight makes our energy resonate with ANGER states and Separation/Superiority/Self-Judgment locks us into CONTROL/SPECIALNESS states. And so, even KARMIC ASPECTS, issues with MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGIES or ETHERIC ATTACHMENTS that are mostly located in our outer consciousness fields of our energy and therefore less accessible for our awareness, contribute to our Energetic States, whether we like it, understand the 'cause' or not. So, all these encounters in the course of this intensive do are showing us the necessity to operate in these deeper states, simply because they influence our choices - understanding it all or not.

In conclusion, the point I want to make (and I hope that this was an helpful excursion into the frequency aspect of our consciousness) is that the PERSONAL GROWTH is partially linked to us be WILLING to look into out attachments and resistances (emotional, physical, mental Orr energetic), but primarily in training how to OVERCOME there gravity through CONSCIOUS (RE-)ALIGNMENT.

The ability to link all this together and do energetic forensics is secondary. If your inner guidance shows or prompts you how these inner aspects play out in your practical life, great! Then follow it and use it as guidance how to accomplish your persoonal enhanced inner alignment! If not, great! Then follow your inner prompting to simply CONTINUE REALIGNING TO YOUR UNIFIED SELF and find peace in the 'Clarity of Nothingness' as one of our co-facilitators called it during our last session. 

As this practice can induce any random vibratory state  - depending on what you are temporarily going through in your 3D life at the moment - it will pull you into a specific ENERGETIC STATE that shows you resistance. However,  ultimately our personal growth in consciousness is not about where your current state or current collective energies is pulling us, but how fast we can SHIFT back into your UNIFIED SELF, whole and healed! Any problem/resistance we encounter while doing this or tagging along in our 3D perception is nothing but a DISTRACTION of how our ego not wanting to let go of the PAYOFF of staying wherever we are. So, in this larger view, whatever comes up in the process will increase your awareness and allow you to become more SELF-RESPONSIBLE.

All we ever really need is to do is to practice this INNER UNIFICATION - to just do it - to practice unifying all layers of our energy by overcoming our inner inertia to hold on where we are at. That's it!

Hope enyoed this insightful practice!

Much gratitude and love to you,


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