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November 2018 Energy Forecast & Self-Coaching Tips

By elecia, Nov 13 2018 03:16AM

November 2018 Forecast



Energy & Self Coaching Tips for Energetically Sensitives and Empaths

Watch November 2018 Forecast Here

By jona bryndis, October 29 2018

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November 2018 Energies

1 - November Energies


After a month of awakening to a new level of ENERGETIC TRUTH and finding out that our INNER ENERGY DOESN'T LIE, we are faced with a very practical problem. What are we gonna do now? The month of November will provide us with the opportunity to revamp our PERSPECTIVE accordingly and thus improve/correct our DECISION MAKING PROCESS.

The hardest part about ACCEPTING our inner processes in the past weeks is the realization that there are NO SHORTCUTS. As much as our EGO MIND still tries to distract us with half-witted logic and justifications, we are beginning to understand that the MEANING & PURPOSE OF LIFE is not (just) about surviving but THRIVING through overcoming challenges. It's time to thank our ego for providing us with such intricate SURVIVAL AND COPING PATTERNS but to say good bye and let them go as WITNESSES OF OUR PAST.

CHOOSING to go beyond our own limitations means OVERCOMING OUR FEARS THROUGH SURRENDERING TO EVOLUTION by aligning to CHANGE. GROWTH, be it emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or financially can only be achieved through the WILLINGNESS TO FACE & ADAPT TO INNER AND OUTER DARKNESS.

INCOMING NOVEMBER ENERGIES will be perceived as SHIFT. Latest 31st October this will be visible. The new era has began - power structure are reforming - NEW VALUES, NEW PRIORITIES, NEW NEEDS but also NEW OPPORTUNITIES are showing up. We need to ADAPT.

For us personally this means to stay highly flexible while standing out ground firmly, but simultaneously seeing where we need to change our ENERGETIC BUT ALSO BEHAVIORAL HABITS. We need a NEW STRATEGY to fully embrace new opportunities for us in the future.

The biggest challenge will be the DISCERNMENT of what is ours and what isn't - what needs to be kept and what needs to be let go of - and how to COMMUNICATE this/present ourselves to the world. We will be forced to let go of outdated views, values, habits and especially approaches in regards how we see ourselves in the future.

Basically, we need to accept that what worked in the past may most likely not be working in the future.

To navigate through this time of SELF MASTERY (last month's theme that will continue to dominate our inner processes until the end of January 2019) and come up with more SUCCESSFUL, HEALTHY & LIFE-EMBRACING approaches we need to be super open for our TRUE INNER VOICE. Distractions through inner (or outer) negativity, judgments, perfectionism and victimhood are simply not efficient, nor do they allow us to move forward. They SET US UP FOR FAILURE and energize the manifestation of our TRAUMA & WOUNDING OF THE PAST.

If you had enough of that and are willing to move into the FREEDOM OF FULL SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, then consider yourself in a very good space for November! If you are still choosing to hang on your OLD BAGGAGE, then get ready for another month of CORRECTIVE ROLLER-COASTERS.

As you can feel in my words, there is a bit of NO-NONSENSE energy with November energies. This will particularly affect our SPIRITUAL HEALTH. In the coming 4-6 weeks SPIRITUAL SPECIALNESS, ISOLATION AND JUDGING OTHERS will badly backfire and make us feel UNWORTHY and NOT BELONGING (which is not very conducive for success). The only way through this is to align ourselves to a new level of HUMBLENESS that brings in a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING and compassion for UNCONDITIONALITY. This changes the way we see ourselves and others, and thus allows us to become more successful in our NEW ENDEAVORS.

2 - Deeper Energetic Aspects



If we want change - we need to become the change

A big part of making changes and solutions finding is determined by the way we perceive and approach life. Depending on our energetic alignment we see our life and the world through different colored glasses.

If we are in a place of frustration EVERYTHING including our outlook on life feels frustrating...if we are anxious EVERYTHING looks frightening...if we are in pain EVERYTHING feels like a struggle...if we are happy EVERYTHING seems easy and rewarding. You can see through these examples, that the perception of our situation and outlook is relative - relative to the energetic state we are in.

Coming from a place of fear feeling back in control makes us feel better, and thus more optimistic about our lives. Coming from a place of Creativity the need to control the outcome too much can be restrictive and indicate to us that we are on a downward spiral.

The reason why our mind tends to generalize is because it cannot see itself as standalone. It needs a reference point in order to identify where it's at. As we become familiar with Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and contemplation this changes. Many of you have already experienced the shift in perspective has soon as we move out of the confines of our Ego-Consciousness. Our perspective changes, we feel empowered, optimistic and sympathetic towards ourselves, others and life in general - even if none of our circumstances have changed.

According to the way our mind is structured, it depends on a reference point to perceive progress. It needs to see itself moving from point A to B to make out whether it's 'getting somewhere'. So, in order to feel optimistic we need the impression of a forward movement ; but how reliable is the feeling of progress? Have you ever asked yourself why you go through times of prolonged stagnation?

It's because we believe in our momentary state as fixed. We judge our position based on the assumption that where we find ourselves is who we are and thus identify with our temporary state. Whenever we don't resist or don't agree with our temporary state we no longer have proper reference point and we begin to feel lost or regressing. As we further energize this state we are unconsciously manifesting the way we see ourselves.

In a state of Heart-Consciousness however we do not depend on an outer reference. In a state of love or abundance we simply know which path to take without needing anything or anyone to guide us. Our reference point is our inner center out of which a New Path spontaneously emerges.

Optimisms or Pessimism - which do we choose and why?

I'm assuming you are all familiar with the glass-half-full/empty analogy. What in us determines which perspective/path we choose?

Our energy gravitates towards what we hold in mind or identify with. Therefore, the fastest way to change our perspective and with it choosing the more advantageous path is by defining our reference point away from an outer - externalized - reference to an inner.

Ask yourself, how would see the issue at hand from a perspective of unconditional love or abundance? Would you still feel like you are stuck or would you be able to reframe your situation into a more self-supportive, empowering and optimistic view?

3 - Self Coaching: Redefining Our Perspective Redefines Our Path

Energy Coaching Tip Until The End of January 2019:


For example, instead of saying “I’m stuck,” how about saying:

– I’m in the process of getting clear about x

– I’m getting clear on x

– I’m clarifying my approach to x

– I’m about to learn how to x

– I’m about to have a breakthrough around x

– I’m creating a new neural pathway for x

– I’m expanding my comfort zone around x

– I’m expanding my capacity to x – I’m experimenting with x

– I’m testing ideas for x

Or even “I’m ready to breakthrough feeling stuck around x”. That way “stuck” is a momentary and relativefeeling rather than a state of being that defines you.

Actively shifting your reference point leads to a change in your overall energy.

For example, when you ask for support in this empowered way, you change your perspective from victimizer to co-creator. Instead of “needing” something or somebody outside of yourself, we could also reframe reaching out or surrendering to our higher power as “receiving” my support. The ability to ask for and receive support in an empowering way can be one of the biggest game changers and help us to shift our perspective into finding new solutions.

Reframe your “journey of struggle” into a “journey of growth”

Let's challenge your ego in the next couple of weeks -

Can you reframe your momentary feeling of pessimism into an optimistic viewpoint? Try this for the coming week and take a close look at your inner dialogue and resistance while shifting your perspective. Can you move yourself 'forward' into an independent outlook on your life/journey no matter where on the vibrational scale?

My personal tip: Try to find perspectives/ways that are most challenging your ego-comfort zone - Everything is Backwards...

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