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New Approach in Self-Healing Addiction & Co-Dependency Through Inner Perception & Mysticism

By jona bryndis, Jun 9 2015 12:18PM

As so many mornings I get to write session reports and reflections from ongoing remote energy transMISSIONS here at transCODES. Occasionally, I publish my session reflection as Field Report, so that those who are not familiar with energy work can get a peek into how it works.

This Field Report is a session reflection from a GRACE Recovery Remote Energy transMISSION a while back, addressing the deeper spiritual and mystical aspects of recovery and self-healing while utilizing remote energy group-work as modality. As we are preparing for our upcoming GRACE Recovery Marathon (Deep Addiction and Co-Addiction Healing Work), I felt inspired to share the interesting insights that can come out of doing deep healing with remote energy work. A 'marathon' is an intensified version, in which we work through our inner energies in nine consecutive sessions during a 3 day period. Not for everyone, but typically very transformative!


If you are not sure what a Remote Energy transMISSION is, imagine it to be like a deeper meditation session with an energy coach sitting on the 'other side' observing your energy and giving you feedback afterwards. Different modalities serve different purposes; some support inner connection, some facilitate inner energetic integration and some teach us how to apply energetic clearing techniques. Most participants prefer group transMISSIONS as they are cheaper, but every transCODES modality can also be booked as private session. (* for more info about transCODES.com and Remote Energy Work see footnotes).


When addressing deeper layers of our recovery process we can observe that it’s often accompanied by an intense Third-Eye activation. While this is an integral part of remote energy experience, the fashion in which our inner vision comes to us is not always aware to us.

The main purpose of our inner vision to expand is of course to gain more clarity but also to become able to perceive the hidden things that need to come to our attention. Healing processes take place regardless of our conscious perception, but for a deeper understanding inner perception can often provide us with additional insights.

For the experienced meditator this can happen through direct visioning during (and the day before or after) a remote energy transMISSION. However, visioning is not a benchmark for energy work being done; on the contrary, it can be misleading if this is all we rely on. Third-Eye or Inner Mind's Eye perception takes place on all sensory and extra-sensory levels. Therefore, I recommend to always feel out how a certain information/vision makes us feel like. This way we are enhancing our neuro-plasticity and also allow for deeper meanings to come forward.

A big part of our inner energy processing happens on the etheric or holographic level - the part of us that not bound to time, space or mental processing for that matter. This is one of the reasons why we don't necessarily need to stay awake during a remote energy session. However, for other reasons, such as investigating unconscious resistance patterns, it's recommendable to work on staying awake if we notoriously fall asleep during transMISSIONs.

Etheric information can come to us in many ways. Since many of us are more tactile (feeling-) oriented, incoming info is often a bit confusing; fast paced colors, shapes, words, sudden emotional releases and physical sensations while dealing with mental distractions can keep us quite busy during a meditation or remote energy session (see list of common releases and sensations click here http://www.transcodes.com/#/energy-work/4588083416). The more we can allow ourselves to let go of our control mechanisms and surrender into the deeper process, the more information we will perceive.

Deeper, hidden or unconscious processes are often shown in cryptic, mystical or symbolic strings of popping-up movie-snippets or seemingly random memories. In addition, another way we process etheric information is in our dream state. If you want to work on developing your inner perception through mediation or remote energy sessions, become used to observing incoming information (on all levels) but without getting invested in it. This is one of the main challenges, especially if we are still working on specialness and 'wanting to see'.

Once we are accustomed to our inner signaling, distractions as mentioned above become secondary; they will always be there, we just need to allow them. However, for a deeper understanding we will learn that while it is essential to allow etheric and mystical information, it is very important to not to get hung-up on it either. You all probably had this experience before, where something ‘cool’ is shown and the moment you think “Oh, this is cool!” it disappears. It shows how our mind is still trying to control incoming info. The trick is to just getting used to ‘weird’ things but not to judge it in any way! In retrospect, it’s often the more subtle feelings that turn out to be the more important aspects.


The reason why I am reflecting on this here is because this particular session had quite a strong mystical aspect to it, which cannot be excluded when trying to internalize our deeper inner connection. A very sacred energy process took place during this transMISSION, which some of you may have felt in their spine/base of skull or even seen in form of fractal energies appearing as a 'light-sword'. Again, this doesn't make this session special in any way, but with a delivered context, it may be easier for you to reflect on your personal perceptions during this session:

The 'light-sword- symbol is a mystical energy representing the activation of your inner 'soul-fighter codes'; a way to show that deeper changes are in progress. This doesn't mean you have to 'fight' now; quite the opposite is the case! It symbolizes a deep form of absolving and redeeming yourself through reclaiming who you truly are - A Soul with a Body!

What this can mean is that you are in the process to drastically changing your energetic stance, which can positively affect your abilities to self-heal and to stand your ground etherically - if you can allow it. While all of us still have to deal with energetic attachments pulling us back into 'our old ways' from time to time, the fact that this reflects energetically is nothing to worry about - it just is what it is - and yes it’s visible for us - but what matters more is the ability to handle this low vibratory pull in moments where it’s so strong that it tries to take over our energy. In context with recovering from an inner addictive structure a strengthened energetic stance can be a massive game-changer! It can give us new tools to deal with cravings, unhealthy behavior patterns and change our entire perception of the world around us!

Go for it!!!

Much Love,


Founder and Owner of transCODES

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