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By jona bryndis, Dec 3 2016 12:47AM

Energy Update 3rd – 9th December 2016

There was a very cool energetic download this week! However, even high vibrational waves like this one don't always feel all that comfortable for energetically sensitives and empaths. While we could feel an overall return of life force and even enthusiasm again, physically this could have been felt in many different ways – from waves of life force bursting out of us to extreme physical coldness and exhaustion – and sometimes both at the same time. Many of us feel like 'having been run over' by a truck, and yet there was an unmistakable sense of EMPOWERMENT and new hope. Yay!

As mentioned in the December Energy Forecast the first half of December, and with this coming week will be a very conducive time for inner ALIGNMENT AND RE-ENERGIZING OUR GOALS. This may feel a bit early, as many of us still feel a bit foggy, but from an energetic viewpoint it is now until the Winter Solstice that will determine how we are going to handle the Year End energies.

I hate to bring this up, there there still is a big reorganizational wave ahead of us and so your energy household and how we are dealing with this will all come down to our ability to have a really FIRM STANCE.

If you have bigger decisions to make, make them now or at least set them into motion. Don't hesitate!

Most of us have been or are working BECOMING REAL, as a result you will most likely have a very cool connection with what's important to and what' isn't right now. Use this inner signal for ditching all your What If's and follow your heart's guidance! Overthinking is no guarantee for avoiding mistakes – the only thing that can navigate you through the fog of not knowing is the TRUST in your heart!

Overall for this coming week, use this incoming CLARITY to actualize your new projects and procrastinated issues – and do it fast! If you still don't know what your heart is telling you then focus on differentiating your emotions from your subtle feelings. Your heart doesn't work with emotions! It works with your entire energetic being directly – your inner sensations, your premonitions, your dreams and your energetic perception. Learn to recognize the difference between thinking, emoting, sensing and feeling, and learn to trust your inner heart navigator to feel the right moment and right direction when it's time to go!

This allows you to focus on your heart-connection and the resulting reference feeling for INNER CONGRUENCE. Every time you do something that doesn't really feel true to you it creates an energetic attachment that can later block you – so don't do it! Only do what feels true to you! Stick with your boundaries, and most of all don't try to impress or please others! If you have to, let go of people, contracts or demands from others, that violates your inner integrity. If they are true to you they will come back.

FEEL ONLY YOUR TRUTH this week and refrain from any type of bending over for others. Listen to your gut feeling and ride this MANIFESTATION wave with GRACE.

(Also read article "9 Energetic Secrets of Manifestation")

Again, the only danger right now is to get tangled up in mental looping and excessive worrying. Therefore, I recommend focusing bit more on your WHOLENESS and WELLNESS. Pay attention to all your senses!

Baths/hot tubs, sauna and overall wellness activities are conducive for your energy right now. Allow BEAUTY and delve into the feeling of APPRECIATION for all the wonderful things in your life. Remember what if feels like to feel comfortable with yourself – and allow yourself a round of comfort food this week!


All the best!

Love, jona

pubclished in Weekly Energy Digest Week 50

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