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Meaning and Purpose of Karmic Relationships

By jona bryndis, May 16 2020 10:59AM

If we want to understand the true purpose of our life's experiences, circumstances, and patterns, we need to take a closer look at our Karma and Karmic Relationships in our life. Yes, karma is often linked to our family constellation, but can also be inherited from previous generations or past lives. Its energetic patterns show in all layers of our energy field and often directly influence our behaviors. For example, we unconsciously recreate our childhood circumstances, inc. trauma and abuse, to heal the underlying unresolved karmic aspects.

The fastest way to get a glimpse of our karma is by looking at repeating patterns in our relationships. Most of us are caught in a karmic hamster wheel in which inner wounding, trauma, drama, and fears manifest over and over again. From an energetic point of view, Karmic Relationships is like a contract between two True Selves in which both play out the vibrational match of the partner's correlating, complementing or mirroring karmic issues.

The Empath-Narcissist Relationship is a very good example. In this contract, the unresolved lack of identity,  shame and lack of empathy aspects in the Narcissist trigger the unresolved guilt, lack of self-love and codependency aspects in the empath. Until this 'contract' between both partners is fulfilled, the relationship has very little to do with true love. The karmic drama play that needs to repeat until we realize what it is that needs to be worked on or let go of is the pathway to our own healing. Therefore, exchanging the partner typically doesn't help until we are willing to see the toxic or traumatic patterns as a KARMIC TASK.

Liberating ourselves from predisposed karmic learning experiences can be seen as part of our purpose in life. The healing of such karmic patterns, unlike other aspects of self-growth, such as overcoming lack or fear, will be felt as life-changing and can thus allow a person to move on to their higher potential that is free of Karmic Ties.   

If we keep experiencing similar relationships, attract the same kind of person into our lives and worse, deepen our karmic issues by reliving, energizing and resisting our ego's fears we will not yet be able to access our highest potential.

The stage for the 'Drama of Karma' is set. 

There is a limiting yet also expansive power in our karmic patterns. For as long as our ego sees 'itself' as the creator of our life's choices our karma will be perceived as a feeling of being trapped. If we truly want to transcend our karmic propensities we cannot do this with our ego. We need to begin to look at them as an integral part of us and understand its deeper purpose in leading us to the path of personal growth and meaning.

At the beginning of this self-healing process, it can be challenging to look at some of our karmic patterns how they fit into the larger context of how we perceived our life right now.. Our ego wants to believe that our past relationships failed because of the partners' faults or circumstances and that we are better off now. In other words, part of our ego doesn’t really want to let go of the pay-off in continuing the cycle: justification, not having to take responsibility, denial, ignorance, repressed anger, victimhood or old, often past-life related pain or fear. 


The deeper meaning of Karma is in fact backward: The circumstances and the partners 'faults' crystalize, because we needed to experience them. It’s like being magnetically pulled into the future so that we can self-heal and possibly redeem ourselves. How much drama and time/energy we want to spend with these patterns is up to us and our willingness to read these patterns right. By allowing our consciousness to observe karmic patterns and increase our compassion and forgiveness for ourselves we can make a difference. We can begin to actively participate in our life's manifestations by seeing ourselves as part of the creator of our karmic drama play. 

Most people experience the realization of such ego payoff as a major step forward in their personal growth. But - transcending Karma doesn’t mean that we could become free of Karma or ‘remove’ our karma. This is not possible as karmic information is an integral part of our holographic information recorded overall life-times and multidimensional existences. The choice we have is that we can learn how to de-magnetize our karmic set-ups and work on modifying their behavioral programming. This allows us to liberate ourselves from the repetitive nature of our karmic hamster wheel and helps us to recreate a more conscious and mature life & relationship experience.

Transcending karma is like reverse reengineering. If you want to learn how to transcend your karma you need to learn how to feel into your being, thinking, emoting and behaving. The karmic information stored in our energy field comes in many different layers of energetic expression: Your genetics, your gender-specific aspects, your socialization, your ethnic background, your belief-system, your emotional development, your mental capacity, your spiritual aspects, as well as past-life or multidimensional experiences. Here is where our True Self consciousness and our inner guidance come into play. In transMISSION work where we can learn to bypass the mind and move into the unseen of our awareness, we can practice this kind of introspection and connection, so that we can begin to consciously identify karmic patterns.


Becoming aware of our karmic patterns is the beginning of transcending them. It allows us to get a glimpse of the purpose of our karmic experiences and helps with guilt, shame, anger and judgment issues. Understanding why we pick a certain type of partner for example can be a big milestone for our self-healing process. 

If 'Why me?', 'Why now?', 'Why again?' are central questions for you, chances are you are coping with our repeating emotional and mental (often also physical) drama. 'The Drama of your Karma' is in full motion.


Ultimately, working on our karma can show us where our past is influencing our ability to love – in the present and in the future. It is supposed to lift the veil of innocence and ignorance brings back the remembrance  that our karma is there for a reason: Namely, so that we can transcend it, undo it and redeem ourselves - for our future generations, our kids and ourselves.


If you are interested in this kind of work check out our ongoing KARMIC RELATIONSHIP CLEARING group sessions or book a private session. Click here for more info. 

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Thank you


Jona Bryndis

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