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May 2018 Energy Forecast

By jona bryndis, Apr 30 2018 07:00AM

May Energies

The month of Amy will stand for ACTIVE AND CONSCIOUS TRANSFORMATION. It will bring in a lot of grounding, and with it the increased need for shadow work. Long-standing issues will be transformed - by the end of the month nothing will be as it was before!

Our task this month is to OWN OUR JOURNEY and learn how to CONSCIOUSLY LET GO, CREATE SPACE, CONNECT & ACT. 

Personal Challenges:

-Lots of Energetic Dynamics/Motion

-Feeling overwhelmed, shaken or overpowered - Fear and Attachments


-Sovereignty vs. Conformism

-Truth vs. Coping

 Inner Transformation / Paradigm Shift:

-Conscious Letting Go & Expansion

* More Space - Boundaries

* Important Décisions - Discernment

* Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Us Anymore

* Limiting Beliefs

* Co-Dependencies

* Conformism

* Entitlement/Not taking anything for granted!

-Consciously Choosing Liberation & Self-Responsibility

* Self Respect - Self Value - Self Worth - Social Worth

* Resistance/True Need Feeling Wanted - Belonging

* Feeling Valued and Respected

* Cinderella Complex (helping others before myself) - Healed Healer

* What Supports Me/Us 

-Consciously Correcting & Acting

-Bucket List Actualization

-Understanding that it's a bit by bit process (detecting loops)

Outer/World Shifts

-Drastic Financial/Economic Shifts


-New Inventions/Technologies - New Creativity

-Paradigm Shift

-Earth Quakes

Meaning of May 2018 Energies For Our Personal Journey

The past two months were quite challenging, but the hard part is over for you now!

The next level of adjusting to our inner transformation process is to transcend your need to conform with programmed behaviors that dishonor or disrespect our SOVEREIGNTY. It is the process of liberating ourselves from your conditioning and stop externalizing our powers to our inner unhealed wounds!

This can or may play out in confrontation with those who compromise, disrespect, degrade or violate our boundaries (also the law, authorities or oppressing forces).

The End of April Energies are asking us to deal with RESOLVING INNER FRAGMENTATION & ISOLATION - and the feeling of NOT BEING SUPPORTED by others. It requires us to face our deeply rooted DOUBTS AND TRAUMAS OF NOT BELONGING HERE - OR NOT BEING WANTED.  While this can be painful at first, it is an important refinement process, that will allow us to become more clear about our TRUE VALUES, NEEDS & PRIORITIES. 

Many of us struggled with these subjects in the past weeks/months: 

'What is truly needed?'

'Who is truly supportive?'

'What makes me feel strong from within without being somebody I am not?'

'How is what I put out there/how I present myself really serving me?'

Those of us who choose to actively work on these aspects in our lives will perceive this coming time as empowering. Identifying and Letting Go of what is no longer serving you will become much easier now - and it will provide you with the needed clarity of what SUPPORT, INTEGRITY AND RESPECT truly mean! 

The beginning of May however, will bring in many OUTER RESISTANCES - you will feel under pressure MAKING DECISIONS that will reach farther than you are willing to take responsibility for. The more open you are to checking with your True Self and allowing your inner guidance to speak to you, the easier this will be for you.

Collectively, I am expecting quite a bit of turmoil until the mid of May. It will trigger CONFUSION ABOUT OUR CORE VALUES and lead us to a more mature understanding of CONFORMING VS FIGHTING. Many of us will feel betrayed in things/governments/family/people we thought were supportive - but only to show us where we were still externalizing our own powers. 

Needed inner skills will be the COURAGE TO TRUST your inner perception as primary navigation system. You don't need anyone to tell you what is right for you, because you can clearly feel what's true to you and what isn't. Declare yourself and what you stand for it! 

However, with this also comes the need to reevaluate COMMITMENT & PROMISES, incl. previous vows, contracts or oaths. Take the right to correct any agreements you've made in the past and check on contracts are in the process of signing (good time for contracts 22nd and 23rd May). It will be very important that you act according to your HIGHEST LEVELS OF VALUES & VIRTUES by the end of this collective wave (4-6 weeks)!

Overall, the coming six weeks give you the opportunity to make corrections you have been feeling for a while and to strengthen your own position through Truth rather than Ego

Again, those of us who have diligently worked on transcending the wounded aspects within us will begin to feel a new strength coming from within - those who have been ignoring the many wake-up calls will now begin to experience the consequences of not wanting to see truth. Inner and Outer Worlds will shatter and we will be forced into owning truth. This can be challenging for many around us, especially if it affects your loved ones. Do not interfere! Focus on what you can do to maintain SELF-RESPECT in order to do what needs to be done while maintaining your inner integrity without hesitation. 

The resonance of Liberation asks us to discern and to trust in our ability to be present enough to sense when it's right time to stand for ourselves or to simply walk away.

If you can remember this resonance when the wave of energized light is coming through our collective in a couple of weeks. It will barely affect you the way it affects others. But stay alert! Just because you are preparing ahead of time doesn't mean that you won't have to deal with these energies - it just gives you a heads-up and a deeper understanding of what we all are facing!

Again, remember to stay in your heart and to allow your heart's alignment to work out solutions for you!

How to Feel Wanted, Respected, Valued & Supported

For this particular Energetic Adjustment session we will address our ability to feel CONNECTED AND SUPPORTED THROUGH OUR TRUE POWER, two prepare you for times of extreme inner or outer resistance or stress. It will enable us to put our expectations and ability to give and receive to a test!

In order to know where our illusions produce limiting beliefs, non-conducive conditions or untrue relationships we need to be able to discern.  In order to train proper discernment of when it's okay to rely on others and when you need to rely own yourself it's important to be aware of YOUR OWN LEVELS OF SELF-RESPECT, SELF-WORTH, VALUES & INTEGRITY.  It will lead us to a deeper understanding of your true strengths, but also where we still make unfavorable choices and compromises or where we makes ourselves dependent on others too much.

In order to overcome the feeling of not being supported, valued, respected or wanted, you need to know what you can and can't offer - to yourself and others.

First, we need to become more aware of when you are feeling trapped or disrespected; when feel pressured to conform, defend, justify or when you are feeling a conflict with how you are 'supposed to'  respond. A confusion here indicates that you are too much aligned to your perceived flaws rather than your truth strengths. Ask yourself:

'How can I show strength without trying to overpower?'

'How does how I am seeing myself (negatively) influence my choices/options?'

'How am I currently respecting my own needs and values?'

'How can I liberate myself from limiting beliefs?'

'How am I enabling situations that perpetuate victimhood, disrespect and infringement?'

Next, you need to become aware of freezing - this can come in as inertia to act, shifting focus to coping or mental looping. Letting things slide and not doing what needs to be done out of fear of creating trouble or wanting to avoid confrontation is deadly for your energy! There is no strength in only being allowing and losing focus on what your needs/boundaries/values are!

To move past your conditioned conformism make sure you practice communicating clear boundaries before you realize that you have been overrun. Most confrontations happen due to misunderstandings or enabling of falsehoods!  

You are not a victim anymore! And so, there is no point in repressing anger. Allow your to become prideful or angry when you feel helpless - knowing that this will help you move out of this lower state! However, you can't stay there - which is why you will need to learn how to walk the path without destroying the path.... 

A big part of your spiritual maturing and liberation process is learning how to act from the standpoint of the Peaceful Warrior, balanced and whole, independent of collective role behaviors and archetypes - and free of false promises, victimhood or specialness/entitlement!

These SELF-COACHING questions can help you with discerning and gaining clarity in times when you are not sure what to do:

Do your friends and family respect your needs without judgment or condition?

Are you present enough to feel when something/someone is compromising your integrity? When you violate other people's integrity?

Can you communicate when your boundaries are violated? Do others even have a chance to know what your boundaries are?

Can you feel when you violate other people's boundaries/values/integrity?

Are you too special, entitled or angry to see and respect how others are supporting you?

Are you aware of when you are offering support to others? Did they ask for it?

Do you know when it's the right time to stand up for yourself or to let go of unnecessary confrontation? 

All the best for you!

Much Love,


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