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MAY 2019 - New Awareness

By jona bryndis, May 5 2019 09:12PM

Energy Forecast

MAY 2019 - New Awareness

By jona bryndis, 30th April 2019

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MAY 2019 Energies

New Awareness

Incoming MAY 2019 are indicating that this can be an interesting month. Lots of SURPRISING NEWS & REVELATIONS will accompany this month. This can come to us in regards to world news, new inventions, discoveries or even shocking new insights about PLANETARY CHANGES. We might see a HUGE ERUPTION of a major volcano, that influences our transportation as well as GLOBAL COMMUNICATION.

Collectively/politically another round of MISINFORMATION can be expected. Especially in the first half of the month where the EXPRESSION OF INFORMATION THAT NEEDS TO COME FORWARD feels very repressed. This loosens up for the second half of May, but also reveals why the info was suppressed, as it will trigger waves of KARMIC PAIN & SOCIAL UNREST, that can finally be addressed this way. So, in a way that's a positive thing, as things will finally be COMMUNICATED.

On a personal level as well. We will begin to feel confident to express ourselves more freely. We need to begin to share our NEW IDEAS and allow the world to mirror them back to us! This is how DIVINE CREATION secures constant improvement, and how evolution can lead to our RENEWING COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS TO MATURE.

Collectively, May is an important month for HARMONIZING. It will lead to all kinds of INITIAL RESISTANCE, TESTING, CORRECTING AND RE-EVALUATING, which can be a bit challenging at times, but overall it will allow us all to become more REAL AND CONCRETE. May will make us feel LIBERATED from the burden of secrecy and crazy-making, and thus allow for INNOVATION to reconfirm that our perception was correct.

With increasing VITALITY also comes increased MANIFESTATION, and while we can get tired easily throughout the whole month (self care!) we will feel new levels of connection with our TRUE PASSION. If we can translate this into SELF-WORTH and finally let go of externalizing BLAME & GUILT, we will be able to ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS in May!

For many of us it means that we will need to pay ATTENTION & BE VERY PRESENT. Especially the first two weeks of May things will appear as going WAY TOO FAST. We need to learn how to SLOW DOWN & GO DEEPER instead of trying to rush through on a whim. Everything we can identify as TRUE FROM THE HEART will lead us to the path of SUCCESS. Career and work decisions will be favorable for us if we can ensure that they represent our CORE TRUTH & VALUE system (working form home?). For this, we need to be willing to PACE OURSELVES & APPLY ENERGY MANAGEMENT- not everything that comes in with excitement is based on this INNER TRUTH...simply sleep over it (or drink a cup of tea and wait until you can feel that it's RIGHT FOR YOU! We will feel rejection and even manipulation when things aren't true to us. Learn to become more resilient and trust in your INNER GUIDANCE!


Enjoy beautiful moments with your family, short trips!



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