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Learning To Discern Sensations, Feelings & Emotions as Energies Within

By jona bryndis, Mar 3 2017 09:13AM

The journey of knowing one’s self has many avenues and methods, but exploring our inner energies and paying attention to our inner signals can really help to obtain a greater sense for ourselves.

Much can be shown, sensed and experienced if we can withstand the ego/mind’s temptation to interpret and add familiar meaning/opinion to our inner explorations. A way to begin to sense more or feel more is to learn how to focus on our key energy points within the body…the main 7 chakras.

At its very core, working with our energy centers and learning how to consciously read our energy system an reveal a tremendous level of understanding ourselves, even if we are not sure yet how we are supposed to do that. We all have the ability to tap into our own energy, we just need to accept that it's like learning a new language - with a little practice and study everybody can learn how to feel chakra energies within themselves!

In the beginning of energetic chakra and perception work, we will learn how to tune into our physical sensations and how to associate them with our inner feelings. We will find that every emotion can be felt as energetic state and learn how to discern our our emotions, sensations and feelings. Feeling stuck, trapped, anxious, but also physical pain or limiting beliefs - all these different emotions and sensations can be seen as energetic frequencies in which an imbalance or dissonance is present. As soon as we learn how to identify dissonant energies our self-healing journey begins. From here it's only a matter of time until we can utilize our innate 'energy language' to learn how to work with our own energies and to feel, sense and even change the flow our own energetic system.

Over time with continued work or focus in this area, you learn to build (or enhance) a new relationship with yourself - and most importantly, a way to communicate with your energy body. Understanding ourselves as energetic beings and learning the universal language of our energy system is probably one of the single most important steps for dealing with energetic sensitivity, but also every day sensations and fluctuations. Without developing this relationship with our own aspects of humanity it can be very difficult grow spiritually.

Exploring and developing this Inner Lexicon of Sensations, and diving into our inner worlds takes a bit of courage, but will not stay undetected by your inner energy system. As you begin to pay attention to your body's subtle signals you are communicating that you want to be a conscious part of your energy body, which will be ‘rewarded’ with empowerment and positive changes here and there – eventually leading you to realize that you can change your energy as you need!

No matter how you feel right now, the focus you can have on paying attention to your energy system can build a very important bridge between the limitations you sometimes feel by being stuck in the body or lifetime and the often frustrating attempt to hold it all together.

This frustration is one many of us have common, namely that we feel somewhat out of place or in the wrong body or vessel. We can feel that there is more – or at least the potential of something different – but we don’t know how to get there. If we can wrap our minds around this idea without feeling crazy, guilty, having regrets or completely externalizing our inner power to fate or karma, the missing piece can indeed be found by reconnecting and unifying with our source.

In this context Source is the essence of Divine energy and its ability to flow through our system – like the aqueducts of our life force. As we work to make this so, many questions can be asked and even have information come in regarding them.

What do we draw energy from?

Where does it come in, where does it divert?

Where is it clogged?

What’s blocking the flow or what drains it?

These are just a few examples of what chakra work can provide for us, and the process that is occurring is the internalization of our Higher Power (more so waking up to realization of this power within us). This allows us, with continued work based on heart level connection, to bring about tremendous changes in our lives as we move out the ego’s dominance and being stuck in the content..slowly shifting into the paradigm of our own heart space and the focus on context of any situation we find ourselves in.

Conscious perception of energies can do so much for us as it is a way of honoring our energy, our life, and our soul. Taking time to work towards sensing and feeling out your own internal energies is a wonderful way to add tremendously to your journey.

This weekend, Jona Bryndis will be hosting a 3-day ENERGETIC PERCEPTION INTENSIVE - How to Read Your Energy Intensive to aid in connecting with not only our 7 main inner chakras, but also the energetic fields around our body with the focus on sensing, clearing, aiding flow and the unification of all of our energetic centers.

This work does just what is described above and can be a wonderful way to enhance our own sensations of our journey. And, as with all events, there will be a chance to ask questions and share within the forum adding the possible growth and reframing of our energetic systems within.

For sign-up information, please click here or visit our website at www.transcodes.com


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