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June 2018 Energy Forecast

By jona bryndis, May 31 2018 03:00PM

Meaning of June 2018 Energies For Our Personal Journey

Last Week marked the first of many major SHIFTS in our collective energies for June, some of you may have felt it. From feeling overwhelmed, introspective, powerless or frightened into more clarity and physical power and perhaps even agitation or the need to 'do' something about whatever is triggering our inner responses.

June will continue to bring in those corrective energies we have been dealing with for four weeks, but with more power to integrate and actualize changes. After a period of reconnecting with our TRUE VALUES based on our hearts, overcoming our fears of change and making conscious decisions that can lead us a step closer to what we truly WANT TO STAND FOR in this world through clarity in our minds, we are now beginning to feel a more PHYSICAL ENERGY that asks us to come out of the woodwork and implement.

For many of us this will feel like a welcome shift after so much dwelling, licking our wounds and contemplating about our future. However, if we have been neglecting our bodies too much or if we are generally disconnected from from our physical, it can also lead to the INCREASED MANIFESTATION of physical ailments, restlessness or agitation. The explosiveness of paradigm shift that comes with the end of June energies can be difficult if we feel physically incapacitated. Needless to remind you that our energies often slips into very low vibratory places when our bodies don’t function that well, which is not conducive for our manifestation process. So, use this time now to get back into shape! (This is important!)

It is in your self responsibility and also accountability for our actions that we will find the right balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, so that we can grow and excel with the sudden innovations and see the OPPORTUNITIES TO EXPAND.

“Knowing when to be with the right people at the right place at the right time.”

could be the mantra for June. It will definitely challenge our adaptability, but can also lead to a whole new level of fulfillment. Don’t miss this chance!

In order to adapt to these rapidly changing outer conditions we need TRUST IN OUR HIGHER VIBRATORY ABILITIES! The ability to know what’s good for our energy, to discern what is true and what isn’t, and too link in to a larger perspective beyond ourselves are the result of a deep merging of our mind, our heart, our energetic sensitivity with our intuition and precognition. The message here is to ALLOW OURSELVES THE SPACE TO GROW BEYOND what our ego mind can fathom. The ego can only interpolate between past and present - it cannot see what it cannot see. And so it is on us to become good energy managers and thus create higher vibratory conditions that allow us to reach our maximum potential and happiness with our environment.

For this it will will be of utmost importance to let go of our confusion where we belong! We are energetic beings in human form. We came here to experience the manifestation of DIVINE CREATION in this realm. Now, it’s time to rediscover our TRUE NATURE & TRUE ABILITIES. Resisting progress is futile. It negates the nature if our evolutionary power and thus unplugs us from our TRUE INNER POWER - the ability to adapt and grow with our challenges.

By aligning ourselves to the SYNERGY of our united Heart-Mind we will be able to physically, emotionally and mentally attune to new challenges to come. Our CREATION POWER comes from within each and every one of us. It is what drives us. Our TRUE POWER however comes from being able to MAKE CONNECTIONS, to RELATE and COLLABORATE. LOVE if you can! June will be a great month for meeting someone whom you might want to spend the rest of your life with, if you haven't already!

In synergy with others we become more than the sum of our parts!

At the same time, beware of DYSFUNCTIONALITY in your relationships. Manipulation, addictions, jealousy, playing games, lies and betrayal will come to an dramatic show-down by the end of the month. There is no need to waste your energy and wait until THE WORST CASE SCENARIO actually happens. Take care of yourself, TRUST IN YOUR INNER GUIDANCE, SEEK SUPPORT and WALK OUT!

Go out and TRUST in your ability to attract the right person(s) into your life - but not through who you think you are, what you have or what you do, but who you have become and what you stand for. To get to the next level of creation and fulfillment your true nature is what needs to come to expression now.

What do you stand for?

What drives you?

What makes you get up and try again?

What expresses your true nature?

How will you feel when you will have reached your goal?

Can you feel the difference between goal and vision?

Are you moving towards your vision?

What could you do to actively change your conditions?

This session will show us which aspects within ourselves could be triggered this month and which difficulties we can expect to deal with. Use these questions to attune yourself to your TRUE NATURE & EXPRESSION OF SELF.

Through this adjustment we can gain empowerment to face your personal challenges ahead of time and learn how to overcome them by tuning into our very own self-healing powers.

All the best for you!

Much Love,


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