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By elecia, Jun 30 2018 05:00AM

Watch Forecast on Youtube here.

July 2018 Energies Forecast

Forecast JULY 2018 Energies


By jona bryndis, July 4 2018

The entire month of July will be about CONNECTION, CONNECTIVITY & COLLECTIVE TRANSFORMATION. It will matter how well we connect, how true our connections are and how well we can keep our inner connection. It will allow us to further integrate the resonances of SYNERGY & COLLABORATION and get a step closer to becoming REAL.

Overall, the energetic intensity of this month will force us to see through ILLUSIONS, FAKE NEWS & FALSE ATTACKS by trusting in our INNER CONNECTION & RELATION. This will help us to TRUST IN OUR INNER FEELING and allow for a greater CLARITY & DISCERNMENT leading to more CONGRUENT & AUTHENTIC CHOICES that will determine our life leading up to 2020.

The reason why many perceive this as challenging is our ego's preference for familiarity. Change is scary for our ego and so the major obstacle this month will be our ability to FACE OUR FEAR OF NOT BEING CONNECTED.

It is the deeper reflection that we are all so afraid of. Our ego's psychology makes us anxious and drives us into the addictive coping mechanism of HOLDING ON TO ILLUSIONS, even DYSFUNCTIONALITIES. Only a conscious and neutral examination of TRUTH will allow us to make the necessary CORRECTIONS that can help us to BREAK THROUGH THE MUD OF DISTRACTION & AVOIDANCE.

How we can contextualize this into a more positive outlook for July?

In connection we can experience interaction and express who we are. Without connecting with something our life feels stressful, empty, alone, and even worthless and anxious. We all need connection!

From an energetic point of view, the most important skill to get through the next 2 years is CONNECTING - WITHIN AND WITH OTHERS, but in times of polarization and uncertainty the ability to connect and build relationships can be difficult. As soon as our survival instincts are triggered our ego takes over. Continued FRICTION BETWEEN PEOPLE, GENDERS, NATIONS, ECONOMIES, POLITICS, MEDIA and even EARTH CHANGES will make people around us act out in ego. So, our ability to STAY NEUTRAL, STAY EMPATHETIC & ADAPT to whatever needs to be done to DE-ESCALATE a situation will be vital! Without a stable inner connection and SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY around us many will feel lost, lonely and purposeless - VULNERABLE!

Being able to connect is our LIFELINE. It can make us feel alive and give us purpose. Being connected gives us the feeling of being loved, accepted and safe. But besides the joys of connection it can also induce obsession, anger, rage, vulnerability, pain, fear of loss, betrayal, envy, jealousy, control and manipulation. All of these unhealthy variations and their behaviors will be part of the the revelations through the built-up of correctional truth-energies in July. Our connectivity and willingness to FACE OUR OWN DARKNESS will be tested big time.


In times of increased global uncertainty our collective human energy field tends to stir up and release FEAR AND ANGER energies, brought on by the emergence of the GLOBAL SHADOW. This invites darkness into people’s hearts.

Those with energetic sensitivity are often quite susceptible to feeling these COLLECTIVE DISTURBANCES, unaware that their own energy fields are being pushed, manipulated and bombarded - and ultimately pulled into LOWER VIBRATORY STATES.

Collectively, the next two months will be characterized by INTENSIFIED CORRECTION and speeding up of deeper clearing processes affecting especially our capability to CONNECT.

This can show in many different areas: Overall social chaos, being 'going nuts', terrorism, and deeply disturbing inner turmoil. Self-worth issues, relationship issues, loneliness and increased feelings of 'wanting to give-up' are common in these times. It is therefore of utmost importance to remember that we are not isolated beings, and that much of our inner perception RELATES to what is going on in the collective! In short:


Know that chaos this is just an illusion of your ego, trying to withstand change!

On the other hand, corrective collective energetic bands are always also opportunities for us to observe our own triggers and energetic charges. Anxiety, anger, lack, disdain, control, degradation, pain, etc. are negative energy fields that can only stick to us and energetically dominate us if we have unprocessed aspects in these areas ourselves.

Inner Darkness is nothing but the lack of Inner Light.

With allowing darkness for the purpose of not facing a certain pain or fear we are basically turning off our Light, and with our inner ability to see truth and to manifest a life based on truth.

There is no such thing as good or bad circumstances! The way we perceive our live/world is determined by are alignment to either abundance or lack – the presence or absence of love – which is the same as the presence or absence of light.

This month will show us which aspects within ourselves could be triggered and which difficulties we can expect to deal with - not cope! Through this adjustment we can gain empowerment to face your personal challenges ahead of time and learn how to overcome them by tuning into our very own self-healing powers.

Please watch the video for deeper understanding.

Wishing you lots of light and love,


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Next year's SACRED SOLSTICE workshop 20th-22nd June 2019 in Iceland we will learn about ways to overcome inner and outer dualities. This will be an intense workshop, not only because of the location but also due to collective energies forcing us to go into the deeper aspects of our inner dualities. We will show and teach you how to link in to your inner truth and how to use this sacred self-healing knowledge can help you on your path to inner peace.

If you cannot make to this opportunity to learn truth from illusion in this workshop check out our ongoing online Sacred Self Healing Course or inquire about our personalized Heart Warrior Self-Mastery Program or private Energetic Abundance Coaching or Mentoring Sessions. Also, check out hundreds of articles on this subject in the transCODES blog, facebook or free energy training lessons on our Youtube channel.

Thank you for your time! Hope to meet you in person on the mountain top ;)

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