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Inviting Unconditional Love & Self-Love - GRACE True Love Intensive

By jona bryndis, Aug 17 2016 07:24PM

by Jeff Casper

on our upcoming GRACE True Love Intensive

One of the most simple things that we can do to aid us in our spiritual journeys is to demonstrate a basic kindness to all life.

This kindness leads to compassion, which in turn, leads to love. A love that is not bound or tied to anything as it is an energetic state and not an emotional feeling or mental concept. As this state or energetic level of love begins to permeate our system, we begin to work upon the conditions that limit the love we can feel and express as at some point the pull to do this will become quite strong.

We will see how although we can maybe feel or experience love, we still have quite a few items that will pull us out of this state.

Of course, a major part of the challenge here is to make sure as the energetic state of love comes up from within that we learn or begin to love ourselves first and foremost. As if we cannot love ourselves, we cannot effectively love others as the limitations and restrictions we have within will be projected upon all that is outside of us twisting our awareness and perception.

We all have these twists or illusions within us, which at first can be completely unconscious. And usually, the frustration or feeling 'not quite right,' that arises within us as we begin to feel out these twists/illusions creates the courage needed to begin to face and work through the conditions that we put on openness, intimacy, and love.

As the conditions fade or are worked through we can move deeper and deeper into a state of True Love or Unconditional Love. This energetic state is a very powerful as it leads to healing on a spiritual level, which can occur spontaneously or unexpectedly.

The miraculous that can occur here is based upon the understanding and expression of not only love but a nonlinear level of energy that is not based on the cause and effect view of the mind or emotions. Through nonlinear alignment, massive changes or shifts can occur that would have taken much longer (if at all) through the mind as the power/energy accessed here is beyond the mind.

Through the alignment of such energies from within us or through exposure through various groups or programs that have this as their intention, we can add tremendously to our own spiritual journey and energetic expression.

Grace True Love - Intensive: For the next three Sundays @ 2pm MDT, transCODES will be hosting one hour transMISSIONS with the sole focus on unconditional love and the energetic field of true love towards the self. (sessions can be booked individually or as discounted three session intensive).

The power of these programs is first and foremost the intention.

Through this intention, all of those who join in have the ability to begin or enhance their connection deep within to their own hearts. Then, the energetic work of the transmission is attuned to this field and through the three sessions, a growing and powerful connection is established within that can be accessed afterwards as needed.

Finally, the ability to read session reports and share/ask questions through the forum enhances not on the experience, but the chance to reframe our past or current states.

If this intensive interests you, please click here to read more or sign up. Thank you and we hope to have you join in for a powerful event!


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