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Incoming October 2018 Energies: LAST PRACTICE ROUND

By elecia, Oct 3 2018 03:28PM

Energy Update

Incoming October Energies

By jona bryndis, September 26 2018

Last Practice Round

Current Energetic Tendencies

Our current energetic 'Weather Conditions' are forcing us to deal with the deeper layers of our PERCEPTION OF REALITY. Particularly challenging with this is the questioning of our personal and collective MIND SET AND BELIEF SYSTEMS. This incoming correctional wave doesn't only show us our BLINDSPOTS, but also points our attention at our DYSFUNCTIONALITIES. It requires us to be willing to question the truth level of what we have been believing to be true.

For many of us this will dominate the next weeks leading up to a big SHOW DOWN by the end of October. Intensely pushing October Energies bleeding through THE OPENING IN THE VEIL OF MATRIX ILLUSION (see ETHERIC BUZZ ALERT from 25th September 2018: *** ETHERIC BUZZ ALERT *** Incoming Energies (Equinox, Full Moon and #OctoberRevolutionEnergies) overwhelming for empaths atm. Don't beat yourself up for being tired or low-balling. Give yourself space and RELEASE ALL EMOTIONS #eyeofthestorm #bifurcation #collectiveenergies)

Our biggest task at the moment is learning how to STAND OUR GROUND WHILE EVENTS IN OUR LIVES WILL QUESTION REALITY to the core. As already pointed out in September it will be utmost importance that we stay fully present and WILLING TO FACEchanges! The 'temporary time out method' in order to effectively shift your energy I recommended in September (re-watch September 2018 Forecast!) is still intact, however the SPACE & TIME FOR MANEUVERING is now much smaller/tighter now.

Many of you will feel overwhelmed by a SENSE OF POWERLESSNESS or IMPRISONMENT. Don't let this pull you into panic! In October it will be very important to apply all ENERGY MANAGEMENT & SELF MASTERY tools you have been learning the past decades. Just realizing how you have been tricked into CRAZY MAKING all these years and pointing fingers at others or the system is not going to be good enough!

The reason why we keep getting pulled into our ego stuff is because our ego prefers the ILLUSION OF POWER over true power. It's complacent and goes by what's familiar - not by what makes you happy. And so it comes that we keep getting pulled into EGO ILLUSIONS to the point where we end up finding ourselves tagging along with the flock and suffer COLLECTIVE KARMA not even realizing how we gradually chose to go under with the COLLECTIVE HUMAN EGO.

Find your TRUE SOURCE OF POWER this month, you will need it! PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY! Wearing yourselves out with conflicts that do nothing but reinforcing your INNER EGO RESISTANCE are not good energy management!

Try to see your ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY as a tool for PRACTICE ROUNDS. It allows you SNEAK-PEEK into how your own energy reacts when exposed to outer=other people's energies, which can help you to make better choices in the future. It's like getting a few extra practice runs before reality hits! So, don't expect yourself to have all answers right now. You don't need answers - you need REFERENCE FEELINGS & PROPER BOUNDARIES that you can use to navigate through the storm, while standing in the eye of the storm - no matter what comes in from the outside.

That said, also remember that 'allowing outer energies to go through you' doesn't mean that collective energies will be 'hitting you.' We are constantly exposed to collective energies, so not really anything to be afraid of. However, actively clearing these outer energies as they come in and back out of your personal field isn't always easy, so don't forget to GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH SPACE TO MANEUVER AND RECOVER is necessary. Outer energies can knock us out, give us a migraine or make us sick for a few days - but it can also give us instrumental info that can help us to pierce through our own BLINDSPOTS.

In summary, if we want our relations and relationships to be safe, meaningful and fulfilling we need to adapt our PRIORITIES AND VALUES accordingly. If we have suppressed feelings of RESENTMENT OR HOSTILITY towards others, we cannot really expect a MUTUAL EXCHANGE. Behavior patterns, such as withdrawal, passive aggressiveness, repressed anger, judgmentalism or controllingness do not support the feeling of TOGETHERNESS. No matter where this is primarily playing out for you, at home with partner or kids, at work with colleagues and superiors, in school with teachers or in your practical life with suppliers and service providers. SEGREGATION AND POLARIZATION cannot lead to higher vibratory outcomes! It makes us or others unconsciously feel attacked and triggers the NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES.

The tricky part about this is that many of us should actually make SECURITY & PREPAREDNESS a priority right now and see where/with whom it's actually NECESSARY TO PROTECT OURSELVES MORE. Co-dependency and other EXTERNALIZATION OF POWER patterns foster blindspots and perpetuate our inability to STAND OUR GROUND. They are neither supportive now conducive for our energy and therefore BAD ENERGY MANAGEMENT.

Prepare yourself to stumble upon really fundamental FALSE PERCEPTIONS in October - personally and collectively!

However, as October energies will unfold we will realize that PREPAREDNESS & SELF MASTERY have nothing to do with PESSIMISM OR NEGATIVITY. It has to do with REALISM. So, as we have been able to practice for so many years, the main focus for the next 4-6 weeks will be our WILLINGNESS TO FACE REALITY and FOLLOW THROUGH WITH OUR INNER GUIDANCE.


If you are willing to FACE & LET GO OF ILLUSIONS as you detect them, you don't not need to worry about OUTER ENERGIES jeopardizing your INNER INTEGRITY. You will be able to tune into what the most advantageous way for you to respond is - EFFORTLESSLY & ABUNDANTLY. But without knowing and having a proper NAVIGATION SYSTEM that lets you discern values and priorities, you may not even feel when you are under attack.

If reading this feels somewhat HUMBLING for you right now, then you are feeling October Energies!

There is a beautiful REWARD for all these practice rounds we've had to endure all these years...we are now learning how to VOLUNTARILY WORK TOGETHER and SMARTLY SHARE OUR RESOURCES WITHOUT ATTACK, LACK OR SCARCITY!

If you would like to actively work on tuning in and 'sneak-peaking' what October Energies will bring for you personally, take advantage of our tonight's Energetic Adjustment Session at 10PM (US Mountain Time - Click here to convert into your time zone).

This month's Energetic Adjustment Session is dedicated to removing our blocks and blind spots that hold us back from letting go of what is no longer conducive for us out of our energetic signature.

The session will show us which aspects within ourselves could be triggered and which difficulties we can expect to deal with in the next 4-6 weeks. Through this energetic adjustment we can gain empowerment to face your personal challenges ahead of time and learn how to overcome them by accessing and applying our higher vibratory self-mastery powers.

Through the practical integration of the aspects that came to our attention you can gain the needed courage and strength to face your personal challenges ahead of time and learn how to overcome them by tuning into our very own self-healing powers.

During the session I will read out your personal challenges and your very own 'medicine' to overcome them. In the live talk after session you can ask about your personal energy. Click here for sign up info.

For more info on HOW TO OUTVIBRATE THE MATRIX watch our Free energy Lession Video Series on Youtube here.


For a deeper look in Current Energetic Weather Conditions watch the latest Energy Report Week 39 here. The next Energy Update will be aired on Thursday, 27th September 2018 - click here to come to the live stream on Youtube

Much Love,


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