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INNER TRUTH & FALSE SIGNSEmpath Weekly 11th -17th August 2019

By jona bryndis, Aug 11 2019 01:00PM

Energy Update


Empath Weekly 11th-17th August 2019

By jona bryndis, 9th August 2019

Watch Energy Update Here

Energy Update Week 33


Hi Everybody,

Next week will bring in the energy of SELF-CORRECTION. The good thing about it is that we will also feel the energy to follow through with it. After a somewhat forced AWAKENING TO THE OUTER TRUTH of how our collective is currently handling global challenges, it is now time to become a bit more realistic about how we handle our INNER TRUTH.

In the energy tips for patreons and Heart-Warriors I complied a list of

10 BAD HABITS OF EMPATHS, which will be available on my youtube channel after the weekend.

Many of us tend to judge and beat ourselves up for not doing what we promised to ourselves. It creates an inner schism and drains our energy. This ego pattern needs to be corrected. In the video I point at the dangers of INNER IMBALANCES and how they can lower our ENERGETIC IMMUNE SYSTEM. For example:

If we are thinking too much about the past, what we did and didn't do, our energy field gets weak in the front and we feel unable to CONFRONT WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED; if we are thinking too much about the future and what we ought or should do, our energy field gets week in the back and we feel under constant attack from others or DARK FORCES.

The problem with our perception is that we never learned how to DISCERN what we are accepting as reality - and TRUTH. I mentioned that many of our energetic perception are very real, but that this doesn't necessarily mean they are true...to learn how to tune into our INNER TRUTH and then to trust in it is our main task as AWAKENING SOULS.

ENERGY AWARENESS is instrumental for energetically sensitives and empaths. The way we perceive reality can easily be influenced by the outside. No matter how educated or awake you think you are, your ego patterns and with it the options you can see are subject to outer and inner balance. The only guidance system that is not affected by collective/matrix energies is your ENERGETIC PERCEPTION. Learning how to read our own energy is therefore not a fad, but our very own inner discernment technology that we are starting to remember. Read more about CHAKRA AWARENESS & META-LEARNING here.

In the video I am warning of a strong THIRD EYE ACTIVITY in the next week that can lure us into the fascination of omens, superstitions, synchronicities and serendipity. Without mentioned INNER BALANCE and knowing when and how to shift our energy out of these realms of inner perception we can easily get pulled into our inner Abyss of POWERLESSNESS & APATHY.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to! News, movies and

social media can mess with our reality and therefore negatively affect our energy and health. Stay present, and instead of telling yourself what your SHOULD DO, ask yourself

What CAN I do to make myself feel better?

Overall, the energies of next week feel open and rather fortunate actually. If you can find the courage to break through your ego pattern the change this can bring about can be extremely positive!

Stay absolutely present and focus on what really matters to you. Meditate to balance your energy and do nature walks clear your system from negative energies DAILY!!!

All the best.



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