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How to Read & Work Energies: Understanding Energetic Dynamics

By jona bryndis, Jul 5 2016 03:00AM

For most of us awakening to our inner energies or even knowing about their existence is fairly new and can therefore be a bit overwhelming at first. We think that we have to mentally retain and interpret all this new information coming in through our body or visions. This is understandable, but can be distracting. The best way to approach our inner energy system and its complexities is by listening to our inner guidance system.

Apart from gaining knowledge and becoming aware of these realms of our energy body, the main purpose of understanding our energy is that the lower densities and the symptoms we perceive with our body/immediate senses are just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, all physical, mental and emotional perceptions are ultimately linked to our much larger subtle fields.

Therefore, the first step when entering this larger perspective of working with inner and outer energies is to realize that things may be entirely different from how we thought they were. This one of the most needed shifts in consciousness no matter where we are at in understanding our inner energies.

In "Building an Inner Lexicon of Sensations" Part 1 I wrote:

“Once you begin to become aware of your subtle energies you are initiating the foundation for learning how to scan, read and direct inner energies. Learning Energetic Perception is like learning the alphabet of your own energy. From here on every meditation or energy work session you do will deliver you some kind of additional information about the current state of your energy. With a little practice this information will enable you to spontaneously understand what you need to balance yourself. The more you work with your inner energies the more detailed the information you will receive.

When learning a new skill, it needs to be broken down into individual steps first. Just like driving a car. If you break down how to start you car, you can come up with 10 individual steps to even just getting your car to move – but do you think about these steps when you do it? No! You rely on your muscle memory. The same applies to working with your inner energies. With a good Energy Coach the details of scanning and balancing energy work techniques can be learned by anyone,

Energy Work, like every new skill, needs time to develop. The more conscious attention you pay to your inner energies, the more you will begin to understand intuitively! Eventually, you will develop so much confidence that you can break through all barriers of your inner perception (ego, emotions, beliefs, expectations, programs, etc.) and get all this information by simply asking your inner guidance to show you what you need to see!”

Understanding Energetic Dynamics

When it comes to the detail work of energetic perception, you will find that your inner energetic guidance system is much more refined than you thought. No matter whether you heard about your subtle fields for the first time or are a trained energy worker, the depth of your perception has no limits – that is, if you can manage to bypass your mind and emotion.

In order to fully understand how our inner energy works we need to understand the basics of energetic dynamics: The way energy flows through us, how it’s transferred between people, how it can get stuck, how energies can attach and what can make our energy centers (where our energy is processed) imbalanced. Guided workshops with an experienced energy worker can help you to get the needed feedback so that you can begin to feel energetic dynamics within you on your own.

The foundation of energy work is the understanding that everything, every sensation, emotion or thought is caused by an underlying vibration of energy. If we get stuck in a vibratory state that causes negativity we can learn to shift our vibration so that we can change our emotions, for example. For most of us this is contrary to how we were taught causality works. We believe that our state of energy is fixed and that it’s the result of how we feel – in reality it’s the other way around.

Our feelings, sensations, physical conditions and thoughts are the result of our energetic state.

To change, heal and resolve energetic dissonances it is important to understand that a low energy can be most easily balanced and compensated for with focusing on a energy! There we need to learn the alphabet of low and high energies, and how they show within us, first. I have called this the inner lexicon of energetic perceptions. Without this discernment, we are barely able to work with our energies without getting caught in our mind or emotion.

This can best be done by consciously entering the part in us that can observe while experiencing sensations. Meditation and other introspective modalities can help us to enter this state. This is not to be confused with a higher state of consciousness, albeit can lead to it.

What is meant is a state of oneness with your consciousness in which you can bypass our thinkingness and emotional reactivity tied to our thoughts and perceptions!

This is the reason why it's important to seek your heart-connection first. Apart from regulating excess mental and emotional energies, your heart-center also functions as a very powerful energetic gateway for higher vibratory frequencies. Through your heart you can activate your higher perception and ability to work your energies. Compared to these higher vibratory frequencies maintained through your heart vortex, Physical, mental or emotional sensations are relatively low frequencies. So, by aligning your energy to our (Sacred) Heart you can facilitate an instant and often spontaneous balancing/healing of pain, ailments or lower emotional states.

However, when it comes to deeper and often hidden aspects, such as spiritual, karmic or etheric issues, the balancing needs to take place in even higher energetic frequencies. This can be learned, too. By focusing our attention to our – what we call - Consciousness Chakras we are training our energy system to enter these high frequency states and activate self-healing without us actually ‘having to do anything’. This is the secret of energy work. The difficulty for the untrained person is to maintain those higher states, which is why we need to practice going beyond our initial limitations of perception, even if we cannot imagine ever becoming able to heal ourselves!

Ultimately, all you really need to remember is:

If an inner aspect is recurring or your overall energy is consistently low, chances are the actual imbalance is located in your higher Chakra Fields. Anything you address in the higher vibratory fields of your energy body will replicate into your lower systems! Trauma, Karmic Ties, Etheric Attacks, Manifestation Blocks and Energetic Masculine & Feminine issues (see keyword search)are located in the higher vibratory Consciousness Chakras of our energy body. However, without proper consciousness work and allowing these aspects to integrate energy work can only get us so far. The most efficient way to work our energy and dissonant inner aspects is to routinely clear our energy and then to work on individual aspects as they arise.

As you develop more awareness of your own energy you will begin to see/feel the interaction between different energy system, such as people, places, plants, animals etc. which will then become another level of energy work. At this level you will need to learn how to unify and consolidate your energy for Etheric Protection (see article series "ETHERIC PROTECTION".)

Stay tuned for Part 3 ....

Thank you for your time!


Jona Bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES


If you are interested in working with your inner engeries join our upcoming "Learn to Read Your Energy" CHAKRA INTENSIVE specifically designed to introduce the comlexity of your energy body. In three guided remote energy session you will be guided through the different layers of your energy body and learn how to pinpoint, balance and direct inner energies. As all our energy work modalities this weekend intensive is accompanied by trained energy coaches and is based on allowing you to learn how to claim and work your own energy!

*transCODES offers a platform and forum community for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to do consciousness work. All services offered through transCODES are educational in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

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