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How to Make Decisions & Embrace New Beginnings

By jona bryndis, Sep 10 2015 08:02AM

While the existing system is still trying to cover up its fast approaching collapse, the majority of conscious people on this planet have already realized that things are not they way ‘they’ try make us believe. But what about our own ‘unresolved issues’?

September is the time to take care of anything holding us back or not needed anymore, because without coming clear of energetic ties and blocks from the past, our future will not only lack a proper foundation but also affect our journey with constant stagnation and repetition!

Before the final stages of our personal and global renewal process can begin every stone must be turned! Many believe that this renewal process will be precipitated by a bifurcation in human evolution, a process in which growth happens through a forced decision-making leading no path back to the old ways. If we choose to ignore inner and outer processes, such ‘Forks in the Road’ are unfortunately often signified by trauma, crisis or disease –an event or development that forces us to change. The more consciously we embrace change, the clearer the path ahead of us and dramas aren’t necessary for us to make the right decisions.

Whether or not we choose to claim our freedom and become active in our life’s journey very much depends on how willing we are to clean up our past. While not everyone is interested in this kind of inner work, often it’s just the amount or size of personal baggage or fear that is holding us back. In all those years of supporting others on their life’s journey through energy coaching and healings, I have seen so many miracles come true, that I can assure you that no hunk is too big to resolve!

Whether or not this bifurcation will lead to a never before simultaneous existence of two different dimensional realities, I don’t know; but judging by the increasing differences in how people handle their inner conflicts, it feels quite possible...

Never before has the quality of our inner connection, and with it our ability to unconditionally love, discern, express and feel truth, been more significant in the adaptation to change as today. Energy shifts, sudden increases in vibrational frequency and collective energy waves amplify and magnify our inner energetic structure. If our life is based on ego illusions and not on self-love and compassion, the break down of existing structures is only a matter of time.

As for the entire month of September into late November the clearing of illusions and resolution of inner and outer conflicts is crucial. If we don't respond to the call of transformation, change will force its way into our lives with potential loss of freedom or inner structural collapse.

September energies are already in full swing. On a global scale as well in our personal lives, everything we see right now is the manifestation of our inner processes since 2012. However, while this is nothing to worry about if we are aware of inner conflicts and already consciously working on our manifestations, outer conflicts will not affect as much. We will be able to observe the escalation of looming (old) conflicts and navigate through them with ease!

Forgive me for speaking without sugar-coating, but if we have been spending the past 3 years with stagnation, numbing, reenergizing the wounds of our past, denying our heart’s promptings, and looking at a fearful or non-existent future - what do we expect? A savior? A sudden shift? Well, this shift is already in progress and if we failed to re-organize, re-claim and re-prioritize our homework assignments, we may need to work on some extra credits during this month.

The good news is: Every moment is a new beginning! In transformational times these moments are pretty much all the time! But in order to turn your energetic attractors around you need to accept responsibility for your manifestations!

The more truthful you are, the more congruent you can become. The more congruent you are, the stronger you are and the easier the change.

Since July we are dealing with improving our inner and outer connection and relationships; this will continue until late October. By now, we should have made some conscious attempts to work on our communication, reconciliation of past relationships and uncovering our hidden aspects, so that the coming energetic waves can’t carry us away that easily. If that was not the case, use the mid-month momentum coming in after the Solar Eclipse on 9/13/15 to embrace resolving old conflicts.

During this time a deeper understanding and stronger intuitive guidance can lead you closer to your true feelings and help you to navigate through inner and outer dramas with more emotional and spiritual maturity than usual. You may consider breaking up with someone you have been with for a long time, but for final relationship decisions you may want to wait until November when the energetic waves have calmed down a bit. Also, old friends, flames or enemies may suddenly pop back into your life only so you can re-evaluate, re-concile and re-consider or your inner stance.

Thi year, and particularly September is the month of closing cold cases. Anything not in harmony with your True Self needs to be weeded out or else you will have to revisit the same issue with increased intensity later. This will begin to show towards the end of the month. By then, it will be important to have a good safety net of a few good friends or someone you can talk to. Never forget that your circle of friends and social environment is part of your manifestation and attractor field! If you want change, go out and make new friends; and if you’ve done your homework, you will be surprised who you attract into your life this month!

However, improving our relationships also means to reflect on our relationship to all things that we come in contact with or are exposed to. This includes our relationship with the collective. Pay attention to all energies you allow in and ingest; be it in form of food, thoughts, movies, exercise or other people’s energies! Stay away from competition, infringement, gossip, news, negativity and other triggers of fear and self-doubt. Instead, focus on Oneness, favor peaceful solutions, yet stand your ground firmly!

Claim your freedom, claim your truth but make sure you provide the same for others!

Also, take extra care your physical body, so it can handle change more easily. Reduce toxins and increase water intake! Especially in September you will need to become more aware of your energy management and learn how you can balance yourself more quickly. Things will be in a constant state of flux, so the more independent and confident you are in handling crises the easier it will be to navigate through the stream of events!

Those of you, who have been actively working on inner reconciliation, dealing with inner darkness and the resolution of personal transformational growth aspects, are now finally beginning to realize how far they have come. Congratulations! From here it’s only a matter of steadfastness and consequential congruence until your new beginnings take effect.

Starting with the end of September and especially after the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th old repetitive cycles and defensive programs not needed anymore can come to end. You will soon be able watch your old life slowly dissipate, as new energies drive you to follow your heart and bring your creational energies into full throttle. Prepare for action!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

This article was published with the September 2015 transCODES Newsletter and an article illuminating the deeper aspects of "Resolving Inner & Outer Conflicts".

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