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How to Get Out Of Your Mind & Why It's So Difficult

By jona bryndis, May 3 2019 05:47PM

Have you ever been accused of being in your mind too much? There is a reason why so many of us energetically sensitives choose to use our minds as way to cope with our 3D reality. Overwhelming emotions, bombarding energetic sensations and personal challenges can drive us to the edge of managing our daily lives. In order to stay functional many of us find consolation in our cognitive function. However, on our quest to higher awareness and deeper consciousness this very coping mechanism eventually can become a barrier if we don't adapt. Seeking spiritual knowingness through knowledge alone can't get us where we want to go.

Meditation and Mindfulness have shown to be wonderful tools to get out of our minds, but why is it so difficult to let go of it? Let's dive deep into the abyss of our internal mentalization process and illuminate the energetic aspects of consciousness work to show to ourselves why our mind alone isn't as effective as we think it is.

Detaching from Mind and Emotion is widely known as an important discipline on our journey of consciousness development, energetic perception, manifestation and etheric protection. However, the deeper experience of our own consciousness requires us to become comfortable with the absence of constant thinking and emotionality - without dissociating, distracting or shutting down.

While meditation and mindfulness are proven to be instrumental for consciousness work, silencing our mind still remains one of the trickier aspects of our journey. Anyone who has tried to enter this silent inner realm of no-thinkingness knows how challenging it can be. It forces us to face our ego’s subconscious mental and emotional distraction mechanisms, which isn't always possible. The process of silencing the mind has to happen gradually. However, first, we need to make the conscious choice to agree with letting go of of our ego mind - a task that has eluded many into believing that their intellectual awareness is the same as their consciousness. The problem with mindfulness is that it can also create a mind full of mental overlay.

There is no question that mindfulness, meditation, deeper consciousness work and heart-based contemplation have many health benefits. Besides allowing our energy system to go into a state of true relaxation, the silencing of the mind brought about through meditation can help us to keep our energetic space clean, connect with our True Self, guide us through our daily decision making and ultimately protect us from external energies latching on.

If you are asking yourself now how you could know the difference between our ego, mind and consciousness, you are in good company! Generations of great thinkers, philosophers and consciousness seekers have produced endless literature about this topic, to no avail. By trying to mentalize what can only come forward by getting out of one's mind, we have encoutered one of the many human dilemmas. We cannot anticipate what an experience can mean to us if we haven't experienced yet. The contextualization and what consciousness feels to us can only be done through experiencing and witnessing it for ourselves.

Tough but true - our Mind cannot transcend itself.

Therefore, the intellectual approach to consciousness promises very little success - on the contrary, it can send us into an endless loop of mental oxymorons and defer us from the essential.

To experience essence of consciousness we need to be willing and have the courage to let go of our mind and the fascination with thinking.

You may think you are connected with your consciousness, but right there you have already lost it! Let's take the time to examine the different levels of thinkingness and awareness together:


Higher Consciousness is not a place, activity or a goal. It always is. It doesn't need to expand or evolve. It doesn't need to do anything. It is us and our limited mental capacity that need to be trained and evolved. However, getting there is not a matter of doingness, but rather an energetic state of beingness, in which we can allow ourselves to detach from our thinkingness and let go of identifying with our perceptions. ‘Allowing’ is the key word here (you will read this in almost every paragraph to follow).

Technically, we all could be in our higher conscious at any or all times, but here is where it get's tricky with making it a goal. Seeing our current condition as lesser and making 'being in our higher consciousness' an accomplishment or ascension inevitably triggers our mental programming to wanting to get better or to do something. Instead of seeking the inner focus we cannot help but get distracted away from ourselves, seeking higher consciousness through external sources.

The entanglements of our mind are often so complex that we cannot see the forest for the trees. I can talk about trusting in your heart all day long, but until you have experienced the freedom of 'mindlessness' it wouldn’t compute for you. Until you can't truly feel safe within yourself you can't feel safe with your higher consciousness. So, don't beat yourself up!

Getting stuck in our minds is normal!

Metaphysically seen, Consciousness is the blue screen of our Soul – the unseen backdrop or context of who we truly are. It has no affiliation with the content of our mind or emotions, and yet it gives meaning to everything we subjectively experience. One of its main properties is that it has not end or beginning - it just is. In energy work it is regarded as the holographic replication of Divine Consciousness within our being. It exists beyond the cerebral capacity of our brain. It exists without needing to be observed. And it produces an infinite energy field which I often compare to a metaphoric 'Divine WiFi'.

Through it a 'consciousness signal' is transceived. It can be received by all that exists regardless of the level of consciousness of the receiver. The interpretation or meaning of Divine Consciousness finds its expression through the presence of light and in our 3D realm as life itself. Whether we can consciously perceive consciousness or not is irrelevant. The sunflower does not need to know that it is a sunflower, or what the purpose of being a sunflower is. It just is. And through existing it expresses consciousness.

In the English language, Consciousness, Conscience and Being Conscious are linguistically confusing and therefore often used in different ways. Similar is the use of the words Awareness and Being Aware or thinking, having a thought and thoughtfulness.

For the sake of keeping this article shorter, let's just agree that these words are used as follows:

Being Conscious of something means to be aware of something. It is not un- or subconscious. A thought, a feeling, an experience or a sensation can be conscious. It typically means, that we can (consciously) observe it.

Having a Conscience means that there is a conscious or subconscious self-reflection, typically accompanied with the presence of an underlying value or judgment system.

Having Consciousness means to be aware of the presence of a higher consciousness than what we can knowlingly observe.

Thinkingness is the ongoing process, conscious or not, of forming or aligning thoughts. It is impossible to not think, however it is possible to not identify with ones thoughts.

Having a Thought is the process of identifying with what we are thinking.

Observing a Thought is the process of observing our thinkingness.

Being Thoughtful means applying our awareness by keeping other people's thoughts or our environment in mind.

The process of thinking is involuntary, the awareness about the content of our thoughts is a conscious action. Being conscious doesn't necessarily mean that we have consciousness, it merely expresses that we can observe our thoughts.

“If it wasn’t for our consciousness we wouldn’t be able to observe our thoughts or emotions” (Dr. D. R. Hawkins).


Although it often seems as if the ego functions counter-productive to developing consciousness, it has its purpose, and can therefore not be ignored.

The objective of experiencing our consciousness first hand is to learn how to transcend our ego.

Ego cannot transcend itself, but it can be broadened, silenced or be corrected.

In order for us to expand our consciousness we need to understand that our ego will resist. Not because it doesn't like the idea of connecting with the bigger picture of life, but mainly because it needs to see itself in the center of it. This is the real problem you are up against! No matter what you believe, your mind, body and emotion are inseparable; that's just part of your neurological make up. The ego is the mediator between these three levels of your existence and is therefore inseparable from your mind, emotions and physical sensations.

If you think you can fully outsmart your body and emotions with your mind, you are - like so many of us - stuck in one of our biggest ego illusions. You are in your head!

The ego, in conjunction with our thoughts and emotions interprets what we are thinking and perceiving as incoming signals (85% of which are unconscious to us). They influence another. Emotions can lead to thoughts; thoughts can lead to emotions. Both have their use and cannot be cutout or be removed. However, if unconscious they can heavily alter or even distort our perception.

Our ego mind is a primitive survival function of our mind. Its primary function is to ensure our physical and psychological survival. It identifies with the content of our thoughts or sensations and spontaneously gives evaluates whether the seen/thought of or experienced is a potential threat to us.

Our physiological brain is a complex network of neurological connections, regulated by neurotransmitters and influenced by our emotions,memories and even what we focus on. It is capable of storing and recalling memories that can have a defined or undefined meaning for us.

Our mind is the culmination of thoughts, concepts, beliefs and memories - conscious or unconscious. For most it is primarily defined through our cognition, intellect and ratio, but can also be influenced by conditioning and programming.

Mindfulness is the attempt or the practice of trying to circumvent the destructive or negative expression of our ego in form of excessive thinking, anxiety, inner darkness or suffering.

Perception is the culmination of all thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and energetic signals (again, conscious or unconscious) coming in. It is determined by our state of awareness, ego, inner alignment, energetic state and our overall consciousness at the moment of perception.


Many of us regard the transcendence of our 'lower self' represented by our physical or emotional impulses through rationalizing or conceptualizing as an improvement. We judge our humanness as 'sacral' or 'primal' and therefore degrade our own existence. We believe "I think therefore I am', which isn't entirely wrong, but it only scratches the surfaces of your Self. Your 'higher self' is not what you think you are. It's what you truly are! A soul with a bodily experience. So, to think that the mind could alleviate you from your humanness is just another ego trick! The ego mind is still part of your physiology! No matter how you rationalize it, what you see, sense and emote is mostly just a bunch of interaction between your neurotransmitters, hormones and muscle memories. Just sayin...

In some ways it's good that we have our ego to keep us from engaging in reacting or acting out our 'lower' drives and desires. Being part of a larger social environment we need to have rules of engagement. The ego can help us to differentiate between what is socially acceptable and successful (hint). Being able to soothe ourselves with calming thoughts, such as "this is just a dream or a movie" can allow us to detach from reactive emotions and sensations in a given moment. But, if we misuse our ego's function to interpret what we are perceiving as primary way to contextualize what we are experiencing, we often miss out on our more subtle inner energetic perception that can discern ethics, integrity and even truth! We see the world through our outer mind's eye only it makes us vulnerable to subconscious conditioning, judging and disconnecting from our true feelings.

The reason why your ego mind resists expanding into your higher consciousness is because you conditioned yourself to see yourself and the world through your ego's perspective. You allowed your ego to judge what is 'good; or 'bad' for you - what is 'lower' or 'higher' and therefore externalized your ability to feel truth. By being in your mind, you fell for the second most common human ego-trap (the first being your fear of dying; the third your desire/lust.)

By giving your ego mind the power to determine your perception you have allowed your ego mind to see itself at the center of perception and therefore gave it the power to make you believe that it is what keeps you alive - that makes you exist.


#1 Being in our heads has nothing to do with being conscious. If your focus would be in your Consciousness your ego mind would be sitting in a small corner of the totality of your consciousness - one that you consciously assigned to it to keep it quiet. That's the purpose of meditation and consciousness work.

#2 We need our ego, but in order to expand our Consciousness we need to 'uncondition' ourselves from being in/choosing to be in our ego mind alone. The ego has its purpose, but it is also what keeps us trapped in conditioning and programming unaware to us. At a certain level of consciousness it becomes a limitation. It sees itself at the center of our perception creating the illusion that without it we cannot survive - and ultimately the end of our existence - which is an ego illusion.

#3 The ego is there to keep us alive, but not to make us happy. Our ego mind cannot contextualize what is beyond it. The higher consciousness we are longing to connect with cannot be done with our ego mind, as it cannot know what it doesn't know.

#4 The mind cannot transcend itself. Trying to think our way out of thinkingness isn't possible. We cannot make our mind stop thinking. Remember your neurological make up! Dissociating from our thoughts inevitably makes us having to dissociate from our body and emotions. The more we try to cut ourselves off from our mind the more stress our ego perceives to take over. The more we try to control our thoughts, emotions or body the stronger our ego mind becomes. All we can do is to learn how to detach from the fascination of our thinking and thus lower the noise level of its churning.

#5 Our thoughts provide us with content. Our consciousness provides the context. If we want to tune in to the larger context of life we need to learn how to detach from the content. This is done by moving from the experiencer of content to the observer of experiences. With a little bit of mindfulness training we can then move our awareness into the witnesser perspective, which ultimately allows us to experience life while seeing the larger context.

#6 Mindless actions do not calm our mind or emotion! Conquering our ego's need for an instant reward is easier said that done! For example, not thinking is often mistaken as chilling, vegging out, letting ourselves hang in our ‘nothing-box. Watching TV, surfing the internet, or engaging in mindless activities that give us the illusion that we are detaching from our daily control and intensity. Stimulating our ego through external sources is not the same as silencing, focusing or consolidating our energy!

Chilling is basically just a form of ego distraction creating the illusion of connecting within. While watching TV, gaming, reading the newsfeed, listening to the radio, or browsing social media we are allowing a continual stream of pictures, sounds, and programming to enter and influence our mind. On the contrary! We are making it worse! We are unconsciously allowing our ego mind to get highjacked into more programming!

#7 Distraction is one of our ego mind's most uncontrollable desires. Whether it's constant worries, thinking of the next thing to do, futurizing, daydreaming, calculating the worst case scenarios or interfering with other people's problems, our ego mind's insatiable need for gratification by seeing itself in the center of all perception is un-tame-able. It is similar to trying to make an ADHD child sit still - good luck!

Unconscious distraction and with it clogging of our energy system is our consciousness worst enemy!

#8 Empaths are screwed big time! For energetically sensitives and empaths all this is even more difficult. Of course this isn't an excuse, but a lifetime of absorbing others' thoughts and emotions, and not being able to know which is which has subconsciously can create an additional layer of ego illusion. Through constant self-doubt and ruminating about our sensations, feelings and thoughts we have lost the ability to discern our own from others'. This problem has produced an entire generation of empaths who live in an ego world that mystifies EVERYTHING as higher consciousness.

While awakening to being empathetic/energetically sensitive can be a real problem without the proper training, the ego's conclusion that we are seeing something others 'just don't get' has separated us from the very purpose of our developing energetic sense. Being an energetic sponge can trick us into constantly trying to help or fix others, sometimes even meddle or unconsciously trying to control them, which lead our ego into overly focusing on other people’s dramas. Energetically seen, this unintentional habit is not only frazzling to our energy field, but can also create an existential crisis.

Without proper discernment of incoming mental or emotional energies we are allowing unfiltered emotional, mental or sensory information to stream through our system further increasing the inner confusion about what is real and what isn't. In this way we often not only pick up or absorb unwanted energies, but also easily fall prey to projections of others (keyword narcissism), hidden agendas (keyword conspiracy theories) or programs of fear, anger and powerlessness (keyword victimhood).

Meditation and contemplation on the other hand represent the opposite of distraction, as we focus our energy inwardly – the very thing we unconsciously try to avoid by aligning our energy outwardly. The central question here is not how well we do in meditation but why we prefer to get distracted by external energies rather than going inside and finding relief through our inner sacred space? For many of us the answer is a lack of self-love and proper boundaries. Choosing to consciously experience the void of our thinkingness can teach us that there is a space within which we can truly enjoy our own energetic company without the need for external distractions.

The untrained empath (or unhealed healer) is unknowingly allowing outer energies to take over and to be absorbed as our own. As a result we often see the world or others as dangerous and aggressive and keep distracting us with clearing those energies instead of focusing on consolidating our own energies in our center. Being an empath means to consciously choose to feel!

#9 It is not necessary to enter an altered state of consciousness to connect with your higher consciousness. This is an esoteric myth! Meditation needs to be practiced like any other new skill. The more practice the better you get at silencing your mind. This can happen while you are walking, listening to music, cleaning your dishes or laying still. Many find walking in nature very conducive for inner work. I do, too. Ideally, we experiment a bit and find what works for us. 5 minutes in the morning and evening; 30-45 minutes during the day or 1 hour at a specific time of the day. It doesn't matter when or how. All that matters is that you devote yourself to yourself!

#10 Focus on finding and reconnecting with our heart space. To learn how to discern whether you are in your mind, ego or truly connected with your consciousness you need to train how to focus and hold the present moment. This requires us to know how to embrace the silence in our heart space and to let go of our ego's desire to constantly be 'busy' with saving us from outer harm. Being present trains our ability to focus on what WE consciously choose to focus on. Not only does this allow us to witness our ego's churning, but it also puts us back into control of where our energy goes. Being able to control what you are paying attention to enables our energy field to spontaneously expand and consolidate when needed, and thus to prevent unconscious absorption.

Experiencing our consciousness allows ourselves to detach from our ego mind (and perceived outer energies) without unconsciously filling up the vacuum with new random stuff. The deeper meaning of this type of consciousness training is to become familiar with and able to hold certain energetic states without getting distracted by mind and emotions.

Don’t give up just because you can’t fully control your usual stream of thoughts or emotions yet! It will come! Know that consciousness training can make an important difference as it can empower you to CHOOSE what you let in and what you let zoom by.

Getting out of our heads is vital for manifesting happiness and fulfillment in life. Even just trying to find what we truly want requires the ability to discern inner and outer influences. As long as we allow our ego mind to drive the bus we allow it to overwrite our connection with Higher consciousness and True Self perception. This struggle can temporarily even get worse when we are awakening into our energetic sensitivity. As our inner connection and true perception is finally beginning to unfold we can become even more confused. Instead of clarity we often find ourselves in a state of inner crazy making and gas lighting. The reason for this is that we are beginning to feel our inner incongruence more consciously. As our usual ego traps and distraction programs start to fail we feel more and more isolated and powerless. Not to mention that this is exactly why we often resort back to our ego ignorance.

The solution to getting out of out our mind and the lost feeling that comes with it, is not by trying to control it more, but by allowing ourselves to explore, experiment and not needing to a solution or fix...yet...


In remote energy healing & training sessions (GRACE transMISSIONS) as well as energy coaching we can practice holding the space of 'no-mind' with the guidance of experienced energy workers that can track where our energies go. It allows us to practice our conscious awareness in the safe space of our own inner world. Slowly, and without the need to perform or accomplish anything, we can experience conscious discerning of mind and ego through gentle and non-judgmental reflection. Apart from many different levels of self-healing and deeper inner connection, energy work can help us to experience our consciousness. It teaches us ways to bypass our ego mind without needing to shut it down.

This kind of deeper consciousness work requires a lot of courage. We are basically calling our ego out for its limitations knowing that this kind of work is extremely 'scary' for our ego. If we can manage to get through our initial mental ‘convolution’ the practice of such an energy work techniques can be of great benefit and tremendously enhance our abi ourselves andlity to perceive the world we live in. It can connect us with our authentic self and open up the gates to our inner guidance.

Consciously witnessing the purity of our higher consciousness teaches us to effectively out-vibrate our programmed fixation to our ego mind. It guides, heals and connects us within, and therefore brings back more truth and purpose to our lives.

In order to truly experience our consciousness and not just a second hand experience of someone else, or one of the many fantasized variations of our thinkingness we need to allow ourselves to get used to the stillness or absence of thinkingness. Give it time! Practice turning down the volume of your infinite thinkingness and crank up the volume of your heart's voice!

It took me 20 years to learn how to silence my mind. I know you can do this faster!

Much love,

and thank you for your time reading this article!

jona bryndis

Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES


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