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How to End Trauma - From this Life and past Lives

By jona bryndis, Mar 14 2015 06:46AM

I've taught people to connect to their self-healing abilities for years now. When I casually mention that you can remove a flu-virus (for example), using your natural ability to heal yourself, reactions would vary from; people looking at me like I had 3 heads, their eyes would glaze over, or they'd say something like, "oh, ya, the power of the mind thing."

Well..... when I told those same people, about self-healing from trauma and how trauma can be one of the core underlying cause of disease (i.e. cancer), addiction and a host of other physical, mental and emotional problems, they'd nod their head in agreement. We have a natural understanding of this.

Just today, I was reading a poster about a trauma healing seminar and an article in a local paper, where a medical doctor was talking about disease and trauma being one of the causes. All types of practitioners, doctors, etc., seem to agree. I'm not familiar with the methods used in the seminar, or other practices, but what I do know from personal experience is; you have everything you need, inside you, to end your trauma. You've just not been shown how, or didn't realize. You've never asked and or some methods just simply don't work, or they work to a certain degree.

It does help to talk to professionals, (especially in severe cases); but if you are just repeating the story of what happened, you are likely re-traumatizing yourself and adding to your trauma load. When your trauma is clear, you can re-visit the event without this happening. And clearing Trauma, from an energetic standpoint, is unwinding the energetic knots in your system, that have you looping back again and again , into patterns.

In the Grace Trauma Clearing Transmission, the high vibration acts like a broom, sweeping the trauma up to the surface, while holding you in the resonance of Grace. Some participants have witnessed past-life trauma as well as present-life trauma,, they just could not or had not remembered. How do we know what happens in the womb and during our very young years; not to mention, lifetimes ago?

Here is the key.........'your True Self knows.'

When you connect to your ability to self-heal; you are connecting with your Heart, your Higher Self, your Spirit, your True Self, God, etc. (whatever name you choose..it's OK) In the Grace Trauma Clearing 1 on 1 coaching sessions, I'll teach you to connect, receive a signal from your True Self, and show you how to go back to the 'key' traumas in your life and unwind them. There is a beautiful simplicity in this method, and if you make the choice, I'll teach you how to clear and your whole life and past lives, of trauma, as well as remove the damage these traumas have caused in your higher, lighter bodies as well as the physical. This all starts to happen within 10 min.

As the trauma loads drops, you will feel yourself lighten....even start to smile and giggle (this happens a lot ) and you'll see how these key traumas have kept you operating in an unhealthy way, projecting out, repeating victim cycles and avoiding exactly where you've needed to look and where you've needed to go within and feel.

The Trauma Clearing TransCOACH sessions do not require any prerequisite transmission. If you are new to energy work, that's ok too. The only prerequisite is an open attitude. There are no special skills needed.

*A note on past lives.....with this protocol, it does not matter whether you believe you've lived before or not. There is no attachment that the information you access is even real. It's all about finding out where the key traumas occured, and if your higher self is guiding you back, that's where you go. We keep the mind out of things!!

Much love,

Catherine di Pietro


Grace Integrity, Women's Healing Circle

Grace Trauma Clearing

p.s If you are interested in participating in our upcoming GRACE Trauma Clearing remote energy transMISSION or would like to know more about our Trauma Clearing Coaching Packages click on the links provided.

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