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How to Develop a Clear Vision of Our Future

By jona bryndis, Oct 30 2017 08:26AM

Naturally, towards the end of each year we spend time contemplating about our accomplishments of this year, what the next steps are and what we can do to improve our life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this inner clarity of knowing exactly what we want and how to get there? We knew exactly what is best for us, we could easily make decisions and all our struggles would be gone...

Knowing the future gives us the feeling of being in control over our life; and control promises relief from all inner conflicts. However, from a deeper spiritual point of view, this is only how our ego feels about future – it believes that we can only obtain inner peace perfectly planned out A-Z steps. Seeking True Inner Vision doesn’t work this way! We can make plans, have good intentions and tons of new years resolutions, but deep down we remain unsure if these choices are really in tune with our higher purpose. Why isn’t this working?

One of the main reasons for not having a clear vision of our future is that most of us cannot trust in our inner vision. Is it just our mind making all this up? In addition, the more invested we are in a certain outcome the more frustration creeps in when things don’t work out the way we projected it.

Most believe that only a few are born with Vision and so while secretly wishing we could, deep down we really don’t trust in our ability to see into the future. Instead, we seek others to give us the edge of knowing where our life is headed, constantly leaning forward and searching for answers, approval or confirmation from outside of us.

The reality of inner clarity and vision is that they are linked with our inner congruence and ability to know what is true to us. Vision and Truth are inseparable. There is no vision without clarity about who we truly are – and no clarity without being able to feel truth from within. What’s in the way?

Breaking Through Perceptive Overlays

Over the years of working as Energy Coach & Healer there is not a single person I have worked with, including myself, who doesn’t suffer from occasional or constant insecurity about whether what we are seeing or feeling is ‘real’. It seems in the nature of our 3D experience as humans to feel an inner schism between our physical and energetic existence.

For most of us this plays out as constant inner doubting, relentless critical inner voices and self-berating sabotage cycles. Especially highly sensitive people and empaths are often caught in a vicious pain cycle here: We have all these sensations, intuitions and gut feelings, but we don’t know what do to with them. We don’t feel like we dismiss them, as they are often unclear and even contradicting and end up shutting them off altogether.

How can we gain more clarity and learn to trust in our perceptional vision?

Most you here are already familiar with energetic patterns and understand that what we perceive is not necessarily what is true to us. The main mechanism clouding our inner vision of the future – including who we truly are and what we truly want - is our susceptibility to outer influences; collective energies, emotional/mental projection from others and a constant energetic bombardment. They keep us distracted, off focus and often cause an automatic warding off of energetic sensations, especially when we can feel them strongly in our body. And so, we spend most of our energy resisting our inner vision.

Energetic groundwork, mediation and spiritual consciousness work can allow us to dive a bit deeper into the complex web of clouded our subconscious perception. The number one goal of our inner work is to unlock the ability to ‘see’ through the veil of illusion and to connect with our innate ability to bypass collective energy bands, distorted ego perception and ultimately reconnecting with our higher perception that is free of such influences.

However, in order to decouple from the collective unconscious, we need to be willing to allow the personal layers of illusion to unravel, which is the first and often hardest resistance to break through. After all, our ego loves our illusions!

Contrary to popular belief it is not our mental capacity that allows us to see into the future, but our inner connection. While we can tap into the collective consciousness through mediation and other mental techniques, we are still not able to filter relevant information for ourselves. Take current events for example – we can observe a downgrade in overall collective consciousness – and thus while confronted with new uncertainties about where our planetary, economic and global developments will take us in the next couple of years, we are more likely to be confused or pessimistic about our future.

Do outer developments really influence our personal future? If so, is there anything we can do to bypass them?

Understanding How Mind, Emotions and Ego Influence Our Vision

Inner Vision is the result of being able to feel when information converges with our inner truth – Clarity is the consequence of trusting in our inner vision. In other words, there is no way to get to a place in which we can feel fully congruent with our personal vision as long as we cannot allow ourselves to fully feel and trust. But in order to trust we need to know the difference between our inner signals and where they originated and what their purpose is.

Emotions and emoting is not the same as feeling, intuiting or visioning - emotions are not linked to our heart-field – they are linked to our physical, our autonomous nervous system and animalistic part of our brain, and are mainly associated with our lower Chakra regions (sternum, abdomen, reproductive organs and downward). Emotions are therefore less connected with our mind than we think (tehe!).

Our Mind, our conscious thinking and our higher intellectual, conceptual and cognitive abilities are located in our neo/prefrontal cortex, which is associated with our upper Chakra regions (head, shoulders, face and neck). The fuel for our emotional, mental and physical reactions and overlay is our Ego.

For the untrained person all signals that are received are nothing but a mixture of sympathetic neural programs, stored physical and emotional energies from the past, conditioned beliefs and karmic subprograms that go through the filter of our ego.

The Ego constantly compares, combines and computes possible outcomes of incoming information and aligns it to what feels the safest or least threatening course of action. Undetected by our conscious mind is also dismisses information, adds fantasies and exaggerates – all in the ‘best’ interest of trying ‘to keep us safe’ from harm or death.

How Our Ego Filters Our Perception

Holistically seen, the ego functions like a bridge between our body, mind and emotions. It uses them as allies to constantly filter our perceptions based on its preprogrammed function to secure our survival. For example, Fear of the Unknown: As humans we are the only species that is able to anticipate the future, which directly linked to the task and purpose of our ego. The ego uses our thoughts to create emotions, which then cause physical reactions that help us to have a direct reaction to perceived threats.

Thinking of our future generates an automatic recall of our past, which activates our cell memory, which triggers physical and emotional reactions, which consequently creates more thoughts and worries that perpetuate the cycle. If we want to have vision without our ego interfering we need to learn how to discern them.

True Inner Vision is not tied to our ego. It evaluates incoming information based on its truth level and resonance with our higher purpose. Inner Vision is generated in our pineal gland (Thrid Eye), an independent ‘organ’ behind our seeing nerve. Here, holographic, non-linear and entangled information can be processed and translated into what we would call inner guidance. It is not influenced by our thinking, emoting or even our past memories as it draws information from the Universal Divine Field.

Discerning Truth

The only way to fully be able to discern our inner truth and bypass outer influences is through practicing the connection with our Heart-Center. The Heart-Center is more than just the seat of our empathy or emotions as many falsely believe. It is the gateway to our True Self existence, the holographic bridge between our mortal body and eternal soul. While sensations originating in out heart-center can feel like emotions at first, it takes a little practice to feel the difference.

As you can see, the biggest issue with developing a clear vision of our future is NOT our ability to perceive information, as we all have this ability, but the way we process this information within our energy body. And as if this wasn’t tough enough to translate ego-less information into a truth-based perception of the world, other inner factors such as karma, trauma, shadow, inner child and basic collective programming can still overshadow what we perceive.

The problem that remains even after understanding these complex inner dynamics is how to circumvent all these hard-wired programs and to tap into pure information that is free of all these individual factors. Obviously, our mind can’t get us there – mental techniques are not able to bypass ego. Even Mindfulness, clairvoyance, precognition or vision quests alone can guarantee us truth. All they can do is to show us a slightly less biased puzzle pieces.

The only way to break through our illusion - our inner schism of emotion, body, mind and ego is the self-transformative journey of combining all channels of perception and learning how to contextualize our perception.

Tapping Into the Full Potential of Our Inner Vision

Visions (of the future) are only the tip of the iceberg of what our higher perception is truly capable of receiving, and yet they can still be influenced by our ego’s intention. Therefore a big part of this self-transformation process is not to ‘become better’ at perceiving information but getting better at bypassing our ego filters.

For this process to happen we need to accept that most of what we perceive on a daily basis is distorted. This in itself is typically already a life changing process, as letting go of illusions can takes care of entire clusters of skewed perception.

We begin with learning honest self-reflection and follow up with the removal of the clouds around our inner heart connection, as our inner center provides the only true gateway to Inner Vision.

With the connection to our Heart we are building a new bridge between our inner and outer vision. We open the gate to our inner microcosms that is directly linked to the eternal Divine Field/Source. Once we are not afraid of going there anymore, we will be reminded of our divine nature and feel these energies emanating through us, which aligns our to our inner truth. In this place, we become able observe our ego, mind, body, emotions and even energies, and we can see through all the layers of illusion, while resting in our heart and free of resistance. This is clarity.

What naturally follows then is a shift that allows us to accept the fallibility of our ego, and thus to develop the ability to bypass it with Truth. In the end, we can finally internalize that it’s not how we want our vision of the future things to be, but to allow it to be how it IS, that makes us trust in our inner vision and thus brings the inner peace of knowingness.

Each of us can become the creator, writer and director of a new heart-based script of our life, if we choose to. The key to opening the door of our ego prison cell is already in us!

All we need is to get ourselves out of the way!

Thank you for your time!


jona bryndis


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