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How TwinSoul Energies Can Heal Our Inner Relationship

By jona bryndis, Mar 2 2017 05:02PM

These past weeks we have been confronted with the deeper aspects of our emotional projection and control patterns. there was a notion of rejection and betrayal on all levels. This challenged many of us energetically sensitives, as it played deep into our relationships, partnerships but also family ties. For many of us karmic experiences are accompanying our journey right now.

Reconnecting with our soul's purpose and healing inner resistances requires us to be willing to face our inner responses and learn how to DISCERN our true feelings. Healing of relationship aspects, be it a troubled relationship or the absence thereof, our relationships are always at the core of our healing process - because they reflect the status of our INNER RELATIONSHIP.

While the occurrence of deeper spiritual connection between two people is a very common phenomenon amongst highly sensitive people it often doesn't always mean that we experience what we want to see or project into this it (also read TwinSoul Energies - A Critical View). What this phenomenon is supposed to teach us is how we can heal our inner relationship.

Once in a while I choose a session reflection to be released as FIELD REPORT in order to share the various aspects of consiousness self-healing work. To show alternative ways for approaching our inner relationship I would like to share a parts of a session report came forward in a particular session with random participants. It touches on the subject of inner SOUL REUNION and the healing process of our INNER SEPARATION through DISCERNMENT from our hearts by utilizing TwinSoul Energies as healing modality.

With our over thirty different remote energy work modalities and personal energy training programs this particular topic is just a very small part of how we approach our participant's personal self-healing journey - however, as you will see, we are not afraid of delving into topics that are controversial or 'out there'. In our ten year experience training energetically sensitives and empaths the main objective of our work is to pick up our clients where they are at - wherever that is - without judgment or agenda.

From an energetic point of view, a TwinSoul Reunification process is mostly about reframing our understanding of relationships and ourselves as relationship partner!

Therefore, the self-reflection suggested in our GRACE TwinSoul Reunification transMISSION process not only practices to focus our attention to ourselves, but also trains our awareness to guide us to become a better relationship partner, rather than seeking for a better partner - which is often the root of all EXERNALIZATION of love ans self-love! Working with TwinSoul energies is a REFRAMING process that allows us shift our alignment FROM EXTERNAL TO INTERNAL and thus helps to initiate the right conditions for the manifestation of UNCONDITIONALITY.

TwinSoul experiences are not the result of our spiritual journey, on the contrary! They mark the beginning of becoming aware of the inner prompting to let go of trying to find love outside of ourselves!

To fully understand what soul reunification means in context with healing our relationship aspects we can ask ourselves one simple question:

Would we enjoy being our own relationship partner?

Behind this internalization exercise is the preparation of our energy field for a new type of relationship – one that is not based on externalizing our inner power or seeking fulfillment or wholeness through another (Read more about TwinSoul Relationships here).

TwinSoul energy work is abut engaging in an ADVANCED SOUL RETRIEVAL process that has nothing to do with another person. The sole purpose of this kind of consciousness work is the inner reconciliation with all our soul aspects, so that we can live in the consciousness of WHOLENESS from within. In return our attractor and manifestation field shifts into a higher vibrational frequency void of seeking, finding or controlling, sending out an energy signature that is free of karmic binds and personal karma.

This then forms the foundation for a NEW UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS and prompts us into a new direction – into a place in which we can see the union with another person as the physical embodiment of the spiritual creation process.

When participating in a TwinSoul Reunification, we are not trying to ‘lure in’ some fantastical soul ‘out there’ to come and join our quest – on the contrary; we are working removing some of our collective programming in regards to ‘the one and only’, which from a spiritual/energetic perspective is imperative for the unfolding of our spiritual mission here in this lifetime.

So, regardless of whether we are in a current relationship or not, TwinSoul frequencies functions like a mirror, and can therefore be quite an interesting self-assessment tool. Here the 7 mirriors of self-reflection we work with in this session:


Do I feel connected? Where is my energy at the moment? What do I spend the most time thinking about? What am I aligned to?


Am I able to truly connect with my True Self and Others? What is in the way? Fears, Judgment, Patterns, Programs, Emotional and Mental beliefs?


What are my ties and binds? What have I lost/given away or what was taken away?


What are my hidden fears and secret pleasures? What are my ego-pains, cycles and spirals?


Am I living my fullest potential? What is holding me from finding my true purpose?


What is my true nature? How am I connecting with myself and others? Who am I?


Can I feel myself? Which desires still need to be transcended? Which needs are not properly expressed? Where am I not congruent? Is my life in harmony?


Energetically, the process I observed during our session was a FOLDING of our energy field (this is kind of funny since this modality is really about ‘unfolding’), which reminded me of those folding pictures we use to do as kids. In our context here, this brought up CONGRUENCE questions and showed me how our energy fields are now a little too far out in the ‘left field’ – it indicates the need for a bit more masculine-action-based energies in our lives.

Translated into the practical this means: We may feel somewhat too comfortable with where we are at right now, but deep down there is a prompting to initiate a change and to move forward – whatever your personal prompting is.

What was unfolding as a result of working with these energies can be seen as very interesting new perspective on our resistances in regards to relationship with ourselves and others, namely:

Would we even be able to RECOGNIZE AND LOVE A TWINSOUL energy if we met it?

Are we even able to DISCERN between our ego's wantingness of meeting our 'soul mate' and the higher spiritual task that comes with a TwinSoul relationship?

Are we willing to grow into the unconditionality that is required from us - or are we still trying to control our experience or partner for that matter?

Doesn’t this require us to be in a place where we can recognize ourselves in all truth and love

Are we truly honest with ourselves? Our expectations, wants and needs?

Is our inner COMMUNICATION congruent with our outer communication? Are we honest to ourselves about our projections of our future?

Are we really as ‘processed’ as we think we are? Can we truly love who we are – as we are? Do we even know what makes us lovable? Or are we still trying to be in a certain way?

Are we truly moving towards inner wholeness, or is our search for reconciliation just another attempt of reaching more perfectionism?

Granted, those kind of questions and doubts can always come up when we go into a contemplative or meditative state, but it was no coincidence to me that being TRUST IN OURSELVES is coming up right now.

Although many of us have already been practicing UNCONDITIONALITY and worked on our ability and energetic capacity for holding this resonanc, the apparent challenge in this session at this specific time was to move our attention into SELF-REFLECTING about how much we can actually internalize ‘loving ourselves unconditionally’ – which was quite eye opening!

When we set out on this journey of turning every stone it’s easy to get caught up in what’s not in full congruence yet, but this is not what this journey is about! It’s not about becoming perfect – it’s about BECOMING REAL!

We all have ‘stuff’ that can be improved, corrected or that still needs healing – but we got to give ourselves the SPACE to do this! What is coming forward for you right now may be showing you that it's not about where you are still flawed but about HOW REAL YOU ARE WITH YOURSELF!

Again, imagine yourself loving and living with yourselves… and transpose this to your relationship.

How would you handle observing yourself/your loved one going through constant doubts? What would it make you feel like? How would you communicate how you are seeing the other? How would you respond to yourself?

When would you say something – and when would you just give space?

What would you change? And how would you communicate it?

What I learned from this session is: Stand up and practice telling yourself that you love yourself regardless – because:

Loving yourself unconditionally is the same as ACCEPTING YOUR DIVINITY – doubting yourself is ENERGIZING YOUR EGO. And ego is what keeps you from reuniting with all your soul parts - and thus TwinSoul for that matter!

Much gratitude and love to you all participating in this session!

jona bryndis

Excerpt from ourn GRACE TwinSoul Session February 2017

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