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How Mental Looping Affects Our Inner Connection & Clarity

By jona bryndis, Aug 11 2018 05:36PM

We all want to believe that we are free of unconscious sabotage mechanisms, but anyone who has been around in the field of consciousness work knows that this is just wishful thinking. Despite our heart-felt desire to change something in our lives we still don’t seem to be able to find the right way to connect with and express ourselves effective enough to have clarity how we want to get there.

In one of our recent complimentaty Remote Energy TRUE SELF transMISSIONs we were shown the direct mechanisms that keep us in a state of confusion and ultimately stagnation - Mental Looping.

Mental as well as emotional looping are indicating that we are in unity with ourselves. There is a part in us that wants one thing and there is another part that acts or thinks the opposite. We can't decide, calculate all possible outcomes, beat ourselves up or simply are sure waht to do. We are missing CONGRUENCE.

In past articles I often tough on our inner conflicts and how being congruent means that there is a contradiction between how we feel and how we express what we feel. However, the deeper energetic view reveals that biggest problem is not the conflict itself but that the main contributor to inner conflicts is that we are afraid to feel...

How DO you feel?

Most of us don’t take the time to even ask ourselves this question. We assume that we always 'know' how we feel. We go along with our thoughts and emotions and think this is how we feel…

Are you sure?



The neurological view shows that what we think and how we emote is very much the product of complex neurological sensory processing and biochemical reactions. We feel pain and think ‘Oh, this is bad!’ and our nervous system responds with a number of autonomous reactions (increased heart rate, fired up pain receptors, adrenaline excretion, and so on).

(For more info also read "Emotional Maturity")

Next it goes like ‘Is there more?’ and our fear sets in. At this point we begin to feel emotionally upset; we may cry or get angry and our system starts recalling past pain - which now increases and energizes our emotional reaction to what happened.

‘What/who caused this?’ And here is when our mind jumps in in order to gain control over what is happening, but especially to prevent further harm - so it thinks... It tries to identify where the threat is coming from or into which direction we need to address our anger, counterattack or defense strategies. This is the point where most of us get stuck...

As soon as we identified a ‘culprit’ and get the signal for ‘situation secured’ a release of our emotions can occur and our ego feels satisfied. We begin to feel relief and positive neurotransmitters are released "Phew, the threat is over!".

The emotional view is a bit different. We might feel victimized, punished, or unjustly treated. Our emotions go all over the place and we need to find a way to deal with these emotions. Coping mechanisms are created.

(Also read "Navigating Though The Underworld of Inner Darkness & Shadow")

Most of our neurological and emotional reactions take place in our ANS and Amygdala, the part of our brain that many call the ‘animalistic’ part of our brain, as it doesn’t involve higher brain functions. However, it is after all where our basic protection mechanisms are located and so we have to accept that there is a part of us that we cannot fully control. And so, our ego enters the stage...

We all have different coping strategies to deal with excess emotions. For example, we repress our pain, feel defeated or go into self-bashing, we project our pain onto someone else (often the presumed culprit, but sometimes also just random bystanders), we lash out in anger – or – we mentalize our pain.

Mentalizing and conceptiualizing is showing our higher brain function, and takes place in our frontal cortex. One of things that most of us here have in common is that we are fairly trained in higher brain functions and that we have already discovered that lashing out for example is not really that useful for our spiritual journey. We judge this 'animalistic part' of us and try to cut it off, hoping that this would bring us closer to our higher selves.

So, we think...

We trained ourselves in overcoming physical and emotional pain through mental processing, which allows us to let go of the pain for the moment and begin to live in the illusion that our ego-mind is in control.

So, our ego thinks....

From an energetic point of view coping is not always a healthy method to deal with emotions. Everything is energy, and so are all our emotions (pain, anger, or fear) - whether we approve of them or not. If we address our emotions through thinking alone we are programming our system to retain this energy.

While we feel we can get ourselves out of our upsetness/fear/pain (e.g. ‘this is just a dream or movie, it’s not real’) we are not really releasing the energy. We are unconsciously storing the energy of pain/fear/anger only to be triggered as soon as something looks, smells, or feels similar.

Over time we have filed so much pain/emotional energy there, that pretty much anything can appear as painful/fearful/upsetting. No matter what we perceive, the vast amount of mental and emotional energy stored around an issue we cannot control (which is pretty everything) or that could potentially be threatening to our ego then becomes our one and only coping strategy which leads us to continually looping – never really able to change anything.

Sound familiar?

(For more detailed info please also read: "Dealing with Excess Mental & Emotional Energies")

The mentalization our emotions is not very healthy from an energetic standpoint, but this mechanism is so ingrained in us that we never questions it, which is where the core of the problem around mental (and emotional looping) is located.

We think we are our thoughts...

We think we are our ego...

When connecting within, especially through the pathway of our heart, which is basically what energy sessions and transcendental meditation can help us to practice, we are literally trying to bypass our mind. For a good reason!

We are trying to feel who we truly are, and not what/who we think we are. We are trying to access this part in us that can help us to make better (higher vibrational) choices and that can show us the way to expressing who we truly are, so that our inner and outer life becomes more congruent.

But – our first attempts to circumvent our security system stay not undetected by our ego (after all that’s its function). Like a whole pack of German Sheppards our inner ego security guards are triggered and cry wolf: ‘Oh, what’s going on? This is something I cannot control! Alarm! Attack!’. So, while this is part of our naturally formed protection mechanism it is important to understand why it’s useless to beat ourselves up for not getting past it a first few times.

If we get caught in mental looping, distracting or falling asleep during a session, it just means that we are still breaking through our conditioned protection mechanisms – nothing more. With every session we will get a millimeter closer, and learn how our ego works. All we really need to internalize is that our ego-mind is not able to discern if what is going on is good for us or not – and that we need to learn how to work with it instead of trying to get rid of it.

(For more detailed info please also read: "Healthy Energetic Strategies For Energetically Sensitive Persons & Empaths")

This session mentioned helped us to discover the different layers of our ego-mind. Yes, learning how to deal with our ego is tricky, but this is what the True Self work is all about: Strengthening our inner connection and removing the clouds that prevent our inner connection!

The very nature of looping be it emotionally or mentally is that it keeps us in a state of stagnation and often also tunnel vision and so they are the big blind spots on our journey – it’s not our ability to see but to be able to discern what we see!

This year's theme for self-transformation is CLARITY, which is tied to it our ability to EN-VISION a future in which we are living a life that is more true to us. Granted, at first this sounds like working our ‘visual perception’, but as many of you already know, what we see in our mind’s eye can often be biased by our ego.

It is very normal to have doubts from time to time that how we are seeing our future (or sometimes the lack of vision) may not necessarily reflect our highest good. And yet, at some point we need to stop the looping and ask ourselves 'Who Am I" - "Am I where I want to be?" - "Is what I am spending my energy on getting me closer to where I want to be?"

Some of us can imagine great things but never have the courage to follow through – others have tons of courage but never feel certain enough to choose which way to go. One of the main causes for this, besides generally imbalanced masculine & feminine energies is looping.

Both types of looping are linked to two major factors:

1. Mental or Emotional Overlay

2. Not being in touch with or not trusting in our Inner Guidance

...and if we go just a little deeper here we will notice how often one causes the other!

If we want to move closer to where we want to be we need to take a moment and honestly refelct on what needs to be brought into congruence!


If we want to be in touch with our inner guidance or try to work out a vision for our future we need to be cautious about our ego protection mechanisms. Looping, as one of our ego's protection mechanisms is what gets us stuck before we even begin to become an active participant in manifesting our future – not to mention our ability to connect with our higher guidance.

The reason why we can’t get clear guidance is because we either can’t stop thinking about all the things that are holding us back (fears of the unknown, possible obstacles from outside, not knowing how to) or we are too afraid letting our guidance come in. We forget to FEEL ourselves.

Finding back to feeling our life-force and overcoming our fear of feeling is linked to our inner communication and how we express ourselves. The key to breaking through this unconscious inner sabotage cycle is to allow ourselves to FEEL again.

Don’t use your mind or emotion to suppress your true inner feeling!

Listen to your body’s subtle signals, explore your ego’s many layers (3rd Chakra) and allow your life-force to show you the way on how to express yourself (5th Chakra)!

The more you try to control a process the more you will be controlled by it (ego)!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

ps. For those of you who feel motivate to break through some of these ego patterns, check out our remote energy processes. Together, we will uncover the deeper layers of our emotional and mental protection mechanisms and learn how to reintegrate them as integral part of our True Self.

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