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How Do We Know We Are Aligned to Our Hearts?

By jona bryndis, Mar 23 2016 09:42PM

by Jeff Casper

Heart-Connection is one of the central goals for a happy and healthy life. “How do we know we are aligned to our hearts?” is a question we all eventually ask ourselves at some point on our path no matter what our spiritual beliefs are. It may come in different forms such as ‘Is my love truly from my heart level?’, ‘How can I feel my Inner Divinity or Higher Power?’, or ‘How do I know I am aligned to my True Self?’. If you ask me, it’s the only question on our spiritual journey that really matters.

Connecting with the heart or being in one's heart space is innate to all of us and something that we always have access to, but through various issues, defenses and pain...we are not always able, we forgot how to, or through too much ego we have no desire to anymore, as our reactive life is set and we are used to it.

However, if we agree to attempt to find this deep inner spiritual emotional connection, the most important aspect is our intention, followed by our dedication to work ourselves towards it by trial and error as to what works for us. The intention to align to God, our Inner Divinity, True Love, and Truth in itself will bring about the ability to know and feel one's heart.

The key to connecting with our heart is our intention - it guarantees the outcome unless we quit or change it.

Trust in that! It is no different than signing up for a course on how to play piano. As long as you keep going and practicing, it is obvious that you will become a player to some degree. You may or may not reach the likes of Mozart or Beethoven, but you will be able to experience and enjoy playing.

It is inevitable that we will eventually know our hearts and what it means to be in that space as long as we keep trying, keep feeling, and trust in our intention. Why else would you be here if not for Truth and True Love?

Sure, some of us will take longer than others to reach it, but in the end all that set out to find it...will!

Early on in the process, there will only be little snippets of information or sensations that we can start to notice and feel. Usually, these come as an expansive feeling that occurs during energy work, meditation, good times with a friend or loved one, or even a walk in nature. We feel soft and in the moment, and things seem to just flow. Gentle nudges occur or little promptings come in to try to follow. It is important to do so and feel out what these mean…

Sometimes these nudges are just mental dumping or a path that leads to another thought, but early on the key is to follow these promptings, as our hearts works with subtle signs. Some other signs of our beginning heart connection can be these moments when things feel slightly slower, richer, when we notice how simple and perfect things are in that momentary state, and we feel at ease or more at ease than normal.

There are times when working on something, sitting with family or friends, or just being outside that it feels...right, amazing, stunning, and beautiful to point where spontaneous tears may develop. When this happens, there are times where a great warmth within me arises adding to the experience. Things just feel right...and all is okay, all is wonderful, and nothing is really needed. Moments such as this can be deemed a moment of connection within and give us reference points to keep following our path and work.

Later on as we continue, we will find the ways, processes, and techniques that allow us to get into that calm space more quickly and also be able to hold it longer.

Along the way there of course will be ups and downs as we reflect upon our ego, shadow, karma, emotions, mental defenses and so on, but often these are actually also promptings from our heart/true self as they show us what we need to heal to connect further.

Most, if not all, have felt this in some form or another in their reflective work as they have begun to notice how various aspects of themselves holds them back and dampens their connection. At some point the pain of staying in the old pattern is to great and the courage and dedication to face these things and again the intention to be in one's heart allows us to break through any and all obstacles over time.

Then as we work to integrate and/or release old ways more energy within frees up. This will be noticed by a change in our mindset and in how we feel, how we view the world, and how we view Divinity. We switch from heaviness about life to excitement about what could be. We notice that we are happier and that our happiness comes from within, as does our ability to connect, to manifest, and to face things.

We may even find that old things that used to bug us or be intolerable are now just okay, and so we simply ditch old ways and find new things to enrich our lives.

Often our need to surround ourselves with beauty and aesthetics suddenly become more important and the need see beauty in everything becomes paramount. And then with more time, not to sound too cliché, we just know when we are in our hearts and begin to trust it to lead our way. Eventually, we will be able to trust our inner heart-connection to the point where at any time with focus we can get back to that space. And, with enough work, that space becomes our normal way.

The key to aligning ourselves to our hearts of course is to never quit, and to believe in the power of our intention for love and the ultimate truth as our way. And, as already mentioned, to follow those nudges or hints - as in that more will come!

You know that you are connected with your heart when you are in your heart!

With love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach & Owner of SelfUnification.com


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This very simple and effective guided energy work process allows all who join in to learn to connect to their hearts and to work within the heart field that resides within each and everyone of us. Many who have joined in have found this process to be extremely effective in working through blocks to the heart as well as learning how to connect more fully and easier.

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