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Heart & Shadow Clearing Intensive this Weekend

By jona bryndis, Jan 5 2017 09:39AM

The willingness to face and interact with our limitations, fears and blocks is a very important part of the journey, especially early on as it is through facing our coping/defense mechanisms that we being to learn what is in the way for us to connect as well as understanding more and more who we truly are. This ability to be courageous and say please come forward to anything that limits or restricts our inner connection or lives in general is a valued stance to a spiritual seeker as it is through being courageous that we being to move towards neutrality, acceptance and eventually truly letting go through the power of our heart.

As in the heart, we are not resisting or fighting our restrictions but more so embracing them and through surrender allowing the energy here help us to understand what limits us as well as reframe it in a different light. With time, our resistances become a great strength and are the doorway to a reality not twisted by judgment as in embracing all that we are or all that is within us, we agree to align more and more to truth, which slowly allows us to release what is not true to us anymore.

And, to help this process, we are offering the Heart & Shadow Clearing Intensive starting this Friday. This two-day intensive this Friday and Saturday to delve into our restrictions and limitations while bolstering our inner connect.

Friday the 6th of January @ 10PM MST we will hold our Heart Clearing transMISSION that is geared towards deep connection work and integration by first learning to connect to heart field. Then, through this connection, actively working to find and clear/integrate whatever energies that feel restrictive or limiting. This guided transmission utilizes very simple techniques, but in a method that truly aids all joining in to go very deep into clearing the path to our inner Divine Aspect.

Then, on Saturday the 7th of January @ 3pm MST, we will hold the Shadow Work transMISSION that walks all participating through how to connect with, break down and integrate/reframe our ego/shadow traits that are restricting us currently. The Shadow Work transmission is also guided, and helps us to understand not only our patterns, but also what keeps us in them as well as what is needed to help us heal or change them.

The combination of these two events and the order in which they occur is not coincidental as by working to clear the path to our hearts first, the depth of what comes forward to work with and heal in our shadow/ego will be powerful and extremely effective.

As always, both of these sessions will have separate reports and a forum thread will be accessible to all joining in to share, ask questions and even aid in reframing what comes up during the intensive. The latter aspect allows for all those joining in to have another way to communicate and connect, and in some cases this is just as important as the energy work itself as by sharing and asking questions we are actually changing any and all that came up within the sessions.

If you are looking for a different way to connect, understand and possibly heal, come check out this two day event to see/sense what can change within a short period of time.

The price normally is $200 for both events, but in this combination we discounted the price to $150.

This intensive is discounted for Sacred Self-Healing Members (see product description).

To learn more or sign up, please click here.

Thank you!


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