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Healing Circle Workshop this Saturday – Working With The Energetic Aspects of Sexuality

By jona bryndis, Feb 23 2017 10:58PM

As we work to connect within and heal, at some point along the way, we will face various aspects of our ego that are linked to our understanding and expression of sexual energies and sexuality.

Sexual energies are normal and part of everyone’s life. The drive within these energies is normal and primal in nature, linked on a very basal level to our sensations of pleasure and a need to prolong our species.

The actual act of sex itself is an energetic expression of human life force, nothing more. But, that expression can be expansive or contractive, healthy or unhealthy, and typically, we have had a bit of all of these in our lives.

The experiences that we have had with this drive/energy along with how sex was viewed or sensed in our upbringing lead to various patterns and sensations that formulate how we will see this primal drive in us and can limit or add to our expression of not only sexuality, masculinity, and femininity, but drive in itself.

The challenge usually in this work is accepting the lower vibratory patterns, emotions and judgments that we have around this energy and allowing them to come up to be healed through connecting, not resisting - we call these aspects sexual shadow (click here to read more about sexual shadow aspects).

This work can be difficult at first as there can be fear, pain and even trauma associated, but as we do allow our stored pain, fear, and lower patterns associated with sexuality to come forward to work with them, a great deal of misunderstanding, fear and pain can be released, allowing for healing and a chance to sense sexuality, masculinity and femininity in a new light.

To help heal our limitations, defenses, and misunderstanding around sexuality, we are hosting our monthly Healing Circle Workshop on Saturday the 25th of February from 1pm to 4:00pm (MST).

This event starts with an hour long remote energy transMISSION that aids us in understanding and reframing our sexual energies, as well as sensing sexuality from a healthy perspective. Any blocks or resistances that we have associated with sexual energies are typically energetic aspects that want to be healed within us. It helps to balance inner masculinity and femininity and often also releases unhealthy relationship patterns.

After a short break, there will be a live 90-minute webinar to share experiences and answer questions on this topic with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper.

The Healing Circle Workshops have aided many in not only going deeper into their journeys, but have also brought amazing insights into their daily lives as well as very effective tips and strategies to bring further change and healing.

Please come check out this event as it can aid tremendously in reframing or healing various limitations that we have around sexuality.

The cost for this event is only $100 (50% discount available for Sacred Self-Healing members)

Click here to learn more and sign up for this amazing event!

Hope to see you there!

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

ps. As part of our ongoing Heart-Warrior Boot Camp we have added one of our popular Shadow-Work group transMISSION with the focus on Sexual Shadow Sunday, 02/25/17 @3PM (MST). Click here for more info on our Shadow-Work session.

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