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Healing Addictive Structures With Spirituality

By jona bryndis, Nov 27 2018 01:36PM

For as long as we can remember people have been judged for falling for addictions as a matter of lesser social functioning, over-sensitivity, lack of willpower, or self-control. From an energetic perspective this outdated view is insufficient to heal addictions. Substance abuse and addictive behaviors, such as excessive internet/socialmedia/phone use, online gaming, pornography, pain killers, dieting, achievements or consumerism are on an all-time high - still rising. Measuring our social performance as measure for functionality only applies to a healthy society. So, we are celebrating progress in financial or technological advancements our societies become more and more addicted. How can we break this cycle - individually and collectively?

Judging addictions not only disregard the deep spiritual pain underneath our often desperate coping, guilt & pain cycles, but it also shows how we as a collective need to wake up and learn how to better deal with our humanness.

Singling out the obvious or visable expressions of addiction, such as alcoholism or drug addiction, ignores the much larger numbers of dysfunctional hidden addictions and co-addictive family patterns. It produces the illusion in each of us that it’s just us having problems with this. However, the bigger picture is that addictive patterns are not just limited to the 'weaker' individuals in our society, but that they have become a hidden form of masking addictions to enhancements that can 'help' us to function better.

The real degree of collective addiction to socially performing can only be seen if we include the exponentially growing numbers of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, steroid, mood regulator, dieting medications abuse and co-depependent relationships. Along with the current trend to portray cannabis use, a potent suppressant and numbing agent as wonder medicine and cure for all problems, we are in actuality witnessing a deep-rooted spiritual crisis in our society.

Through viewing addictions as weak on one hand yet justifying addiction to better manage our lives we are all enabling a mass delusion. This goes along with a recent trend in counseling and recovery therapy which suggests to ‘mange addictions’ rather than rehabilitating and dealing with the deeper aspects. This ambiguity promotes hiding our perceived weaknesses and while it can give us the feeling to have an edge over others, it unconsciously increases inner judgment and eats us from inside.

The so perpetuated guilt cycle and the fact that pretty much everybody tries to manage their lives' dysfunctions through instant gratification or control patterns causes our entire culture to disconnect from our inner truth. We all identify with our False Self rather than our True Self and slowly lose touch with what is true and what isn’t.

Holistically seen, coping with challenges is a normal ego-function, but collectively avoiding reality through addictions or co-addictions is dangerous. Our affinity to addictive patterns fueled collective and religious control structures drives us even deeper into the shadows of inner separation and formed societal values based on glorifying social success through presenting a False Self to the world. By programming us with social incompatibility and failure we have become controllable through our unconscious guilt and shame, and basically unable to self heal this separated part in us.

This has lead to an entire subculture of hidden expressions of addiction in form of codependency, particularly prevalent in the group of empaths and healing professionals. While many modern spiritual and new age teachings promote false self-sacrifice as required means to transcending ego, the deeper meaning and healing through adding spirituality to our lives became transfigured. Wanting to be more ‘spiritual’ has contaminated our sincere desire to connect spiritually into the misconception that we have to be loving and embracing towards everybody and everything. Hence, the so misunderstood notion that we have to be sympathetic at all times does nothing but drive us further into our ego addictions and codependent patterns. It has lead to an entire generation of empath-narcissist matchups with particularly toxic and dysfunctional relationships construed as spiritually specialness.

At transCODES we offer a new approach to overcoming the innate addictive structure of our humanness. We regard ego as the addiction structure in all of us and assist participants of our energy sessions in training their ability to reconnect with their True Selves. This allows for a bypassing of judgment and guilt and recalls the inner experience of inner peace through relearning how to BE with ourselves. The GRACE Recovery transMISSION process was developed by Roger Schwartz and Jona Bryndis specifically for the purpose of recovering from addictions and co-addictions, but can also be applied as tool to transcending any kind of ego coping.

"The inspiration for this modality was a result of my own life experience with addiction, 30-day rehab, many years of active 12-step participation and more recently, the inclusion of remote energy work.  A desire then arose, from what I had realized, to assist others who still may be longing for relief or simply feeling that there must be more, that our experience of life can indeed be one that includes more Serenity and true Freedom.

Even though my years of involvement in the 12-step fellowship have been some of the most beautiful and transformative years of my life, it became clear that for some unknown reason, there would always be a return of some of the more uncomfortable and even painful inner feelings and emotions that I had always sought escape from through substance. 

Fear, anger, judgment, despair, and loneliness for example, can be even more painful after we've made choice to no longer bring ourselves to a state of numbness or distraction whenever we felt overwhelmed in our own skin.

I came to learn, through my experience here with transCODES, that indeed, there was a solution.  Very interesting to me, was learning that it was my own ego that had an intense desire to hang on and re-empower the painful aspects that always seemed to be waiting and willing. 

How very humbling, but empowering at the same time, to come to see that all the issues I would often whine about, remained by my own choice.

Another, and perhaps, the most significant key, was being shown that instead of being some imaginary external something or other, that might choose to bestow blessings upon me for being good, there was a true greater power, an energy that I was already a part of and could access at any time through connection to my own heart center....yes, right here inside!  This was amazing to me and brought new hope as transformation became obvious once again.

It is through clearing the way to reconnect to this energy, the Source of All That Is, and returning to our Original State of connection to it, that we believe allows us to free ourselves from the effects of addictive structure. 

Within this inner Higher Power, regardless of what label you assign to it, are some wondrous energies....Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, etc.  Imagine what change can come when we reopen the way to our hearts and remember our ability to align to the resonance of any of these by choice.

Addictive structure can play out in many forms, including substance dependence or abuse, co-dependency and co-addiction and vary greatly in the level of expression in our lives. 

In some of us, these issues are very obvious, but for many others, subtle or even hidden might best describe.   Sometimes to discover the more subtle levels, we simply need observe, during distress or discomfort, to what we look for relief.  Is it our Inner Higher Power, someone, some thing, or some activity outside of us?"

Roger Schwartz, Recovery Healer & Co-Developer of GRACE Recovery, www.recoveryourheart.com

This Remote Energy transMISSION modality is normally offered no more than once per month so we are really looking forward to the opportunity it will provide to initiate some very deep change over a short period of time.  With six days between sessions, each will build upon the previous and there will also be time for processing and integration.  

Even though GRACE Recovery is focused around addictive structure, its processes are by no means limited to those aspects and may be of benefit to anyone with desire to look at some of the deeper issues that may be temporarily hindering return to our Original State.  We have received some very positive and sometimes surprising participant responses to this modality.

Each of the three sessions will have a different focus;

*Guilt and Shame - Recode programs and patterns behind these most debilitating energetic states and break the common guilt and shame cycle

*Karma - Reconcile, balance and integrate multiple kinds of karmic aspects through connection to our Sacred Heart

*Re-Covery - Redefine and uncover our Original State- the state of connection with our inner Divine Source or Higher Power- rediscover what we truly are

If you are ready for the challenge of Surrender, to open to a new beginning, we hope that you will join us in this GRACE Recovery Marathon!  Please refer to the info page for more sign up information.

transCOACHES assisting in these sessions will have experience with addictive structure and recovery and will respond to all posts in the transCODES forum.



GRACE Recovery Intensive & Marathon

Click here for Sign Up Info

This power of this modality lies in its combination of energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance and the 12-Step protocol . It initiates the recoding of (often karmic) addictive structure, including co-addiction and codependency and activates spontaneous heart-alignment

transCODE: Surrender (by Jona Bryndis & Roger Schwartz)

With Jon Bryndis & Jeff Casper

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Physical attunement to an addiction free body, mind and spirit

- Strengthening of transformation energies within

- Recoding of addictive behavior programs and energetic, mental and emotional patterns

  including codependency

- Consolidation of personal energy field

- Clearing of energetic ties to substances, places, situations, persons and activities associated

  with the addiction and addictive structure

- Release of stored emotional/mental/energetic cell memories

- Harmonizing of Masculine and Feminine Energies within 

- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ-Light)

- Lost-Soul-Part Reunification

- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

Discounted Session coaching available.

GRACE Recovery sessions can also be booked as private session in conjunction with personal energy coaching.

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