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Hang in There! - A message to all Energetically Sensitive Women and Men who are Interested in Understanding Energetic Dynamics

By jona bryndis, Aug 6 2017 12:01PM



Due to a current energetic trend I decided to repost this brief message to all energetically sensitive women and female empaths and healers out there:

Hang in there! Remember that the purge you are experiencing during these intense Full Moon nights will come to serve you later! Your strength is resilience!


Since Wendesday, I have been getting distress calls and emails from women from around the world reporting severe emotional, mental or physical issues dealing with current collective energies. I expected issues around this Full Moon since collective energies are indicating an amplified energetic effects this month - but I underestimated the unusual intensity level energetically sensitive women had/have to deal with due to the lunar eclipse.

The next couple of days will be about realigning to DIVINE FEMININE ENERGIES and if there are hidden inner conflicts or unresolved issues with Femininity as a whole, this coming weekend might be a bit challenging for us all! The best antidote is going with the flow and allowing our softer and more creative energies to take over.

Of course this is not just a message to women, but also to everyone living or loving an energetically sensitive or empath person. This Full Moon is very intense and if you are feeling a bit lost, have migrane-headaches or feel like getting a cold, take it easy the next couple of days! There are is a very strong energetic band going through our planet right now escalating anything that is already in conflict. So, the best you can do to not get swept away by it is to know that it's not just you, that there will be relief in a few days, and that everything that comes up for you in these Full-Moon days needs to be revisited at a later time.

If you try to resolve issues of higher vibratrional nature while being in a low vibratory state you will not be able to come up with feasable solutions - at least not on the level that you would want them to!

Accept that some times are not good for resolving bigger issues! Give yourself some extra lovin and set them aside for a few days!

If you happen to be an energetically sensitive woman who is about to menstruate or just started, read those following paragraphs with extra care!

All the best for you! Stay tuned for the next Energy Update in a few days!


Energetic Dynamics of the Lunar Cycle

Let’s back up a little and talk about the energetic dynamics of Lunar and Female Cycles:

In general, Full Moon times are characterized by heightened energetic perceptivity, but also emotional agitation and stronger than normal influx of collective energies. Intuitively, we often use this time for increased inner contemplation, as our energy body tends to be busier with energetic symptoms, lucid dreaming and emotional clearing than normal. Hence, Remote Energy sessions, clearing ceremonies or vision quests are often scheduled around Full Moon times - they support inner vision and deepen energetic integration.

Energetically, it’s a bit more challenging to stay focused and centered during Full Moon times, but at the same time it can also facilitate increased inner healing and often provides a great opportunity for going deeper. In my personal observation, men and women are equally affected in their energetic well-being by Full Moons, however because women tend to be more a bit more open about communicating their difficulties, I have become used to being consulted by more women than men during Full Moon times.

Correlations between Lunar & Female Cycles

Here is another interesting observation: Within the past years of my remote energy work practice I have noticed that Female empaths, energetically sensitive women and healers of any kind (in their reproductive years) tend to bleed during the Full Moon window (3 days before and after). This is curious, because according to many women healers New Moon times are considered to be the optimal natural menses time, with the Full Moon being the peak of fertility.

This is of significance, because the menses is very important energetic clearing time for a woman. While we are shedding unused uterine tissue we are also letting go of a lot of energies stored or absorbed during the past month – that is, if we are not in resistance with our feminine energies. If we can embrace this time as clearing opportunity, rather than focusing on the inconveniences or pains of menstruating, our moon cycles can be wonderful times to connect with our inner femininity and practicing self-love.

Energetic Dynamics of the Female Moon Cycle

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not promoting the transfigured romantization of menstruation as a ‘goddess ritual’! I am just trying to point out the pros and cons of the energetic dynamics during our menstrual cycles. If we are not aware of the energetic effects and don’t know how to balance them it can be a very vulnerable time for us: For 3 or more days our belly swells, we cramp like being in labour, our breasts hurt, our hair sucks, our skin feels like a facemask and we retain water making us look like we are suffering from an acute hangover. As our natural defenses are down, our self-esteem and with it our drive to deal with anything beyond maintaining our energy reaches bottom levels. For some women this time is so energetically contracting that ‘a life after’ is difficult to imagine. Emotional venting, inability to handle pressure and ‘bitching’, which are considered stereotypical PMS symptoms are really just the cherry on top of what’s going inside of us.

Now magnify this for energetically sensitive women, add a Full Moon and Holidays to it. On top of all the inner and outer physical stuff going on, we are supposed to keep ourselves together, perform as mothers/wives/hostesses/santas etc., pretend it’s not affecting us and ward off degrading comments.

On normal months, many women go into hiding during these days – rightly so in my opinion, but often for the wrong reasons! As an energy coach I recommend menstruating women to avoid crowds, parties and social gatherings, but not in order to avoid public pms-ing, but in order to protect themselves.

While we are generally more perceptive during our period, we also suffer from increased psychic pressure and etheric attacks. This can express in heightened energetic absorption, severe nightmares, demonic visions, inability to ground ourselves and extreme shadow confrontation. From an energetic point of view, the female menstruation time is a period of not only physical clearing but also decreased physical and etheric immunity. Therefore, we often see more than we want and what we can handle, if we are not used to or know how to deal with full frontal energetic attacks.

There is a reason why many indigenous traditions have a rite of passage for this time of the month – it’s not to keep the woman away from trouble, but to keep her safe and to support her in her inner quest. It’s not that we are weak during this time – we are simply hypersensitive to the dysfunctional energetic bombardment, lies and pretense in our societies. Things we all accepted as ‘normality’! But as the veil of ego illusions becomes more permeable for during this time, falsehoods and incongruences become inevitably apparent to us. We are forced to seek our inner connection for protection…and how much grace we can maintain during this inner rebirthing of our strength through clarity and purging depends on our level of consciousness and dedication to our inner Divine connection.

I am writing this to inspire women to discover the true meaning of our monthly cycle and how it can benefit us. We can learn how to love ourselves regardless; recognize the immense creation power in rebirthing ourselves and utilize these times as practice ground for energetic resilience. If we can let go of all preprogrammed beliefs that menstruation is a ‘bad time’ for us, we can become able to reframe this monthly experience and see the advantages of our natural energetic clearing – and healing abilities.

Collective Suppression of Female Knowing

In most our societies this kind of knowledge and knowing is suppressed, lost or simply doesn’t fit into the active, self-sufficient view of the emancipated woman. Thus, most of us are not familiar with the tools and personal energy management techniques available to us to get through this time with minimal energetic malaise.

There are many factors that can influence the timing and individual experience of the female cycle – and as you know, every woman is different. Depending on our stage in life, state of health, emotional or mental situation, birth-control, sex-life and inner connection we go through many different lengths and frequencies of menstruation, levels of PMS symptoms and variations physical and emotional experiences.

Science states, that there is no coherent statistical evidence that there is a connection between the 29,5-day moon and menses cycle. However, many women especially those who are familiar with their physical and energetic signals will report that their cycle is influenced by lunar cycle. In energy medicine circles it is assumed that female fertility is linked to the moon and its cycles, waxing and waning in tune with the Moon’s distance to the Earth. When bleeding at Full Moon, a woman is considered to be in the opposite cycle and out of balance. Some suggest this to be an indication that we are not in alignment with our Divine Feminine energies and often recommend to consciously work on changing our cycle. Personally, I do not agree with this view.

Redefining Full Moon Menstruation

My theory on why particularly energetically sensitive women, or those dedicated to their journey of consciously liberating themselves from collective ties or practicing healing professions tend to enter their menstrual clearing during Full Moon, is that our energy is willing and capable to endure the mirror of darkness. Whether we are aware of it yet or not – this can qualify us for helping others.

If our period falls on a Full Moon we are extremely perceptive for our own as well as other people’s energetic attachments. While this can feel like an involuntary enrollment, we often resist and thus miss out on an opportunity to train our etheric immune system. In order to see this we need to re-learn the forgotten knowledge of our wise women, midwifes and medicine women. If we can embrace this natural gift for feminine energetic clearing and learn to apply it into our personal lives, in our practices and for ourselves - we can begin to unlock the secrets of feminine healing!

With this year’s last Full Moon coinciding with the Holidays, many women felt especially drained, under attack and unprotected. They got struck with unusually painful physical symptoms, emotional havoc and increased fears. The synchronicity of this powerful Full Moon, collective Holidays, family gatherings and heightened stress was/is a great learning experience!

The deeper message to all energetically sensitive women who go through heightened energetic stress symptoms, menstruating or not, is simple and loud:

You are not alone!

And to those still struggling with coming to terms with their menstrual cycle:

- Reach out! Talk to other women or understanding men

- Drop your fear of being judged and stop judging yourself

- Allow yourself to spend more time with your True Self

- Develop your personal rite of passage

- Educate yourself on homemade remedies and find activities what work for you

- Learn how to read your inner energies and practice etheric protection

…and most importantly:

Become aware of your clearing power and picture yourself rising out of this time with renewed life, love, strength inspiration and radiance!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach


Stay tuned for our Weekly Energy Updates to check on collective energies and energy tips how to change your inner conditions!

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