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Growing Through the Chaos of Life - From a Heart's Perspective

By jona bryndis, Jan 23 2019 05:44AM

We all have drama…  

It may come in numerous forms and be more or less dramatic depending on our own style, but we all have at least a little bit of a dramatic flair in our lives.

If you don’t think so, ask yourself if at some point or another in the next 4-5 weeks if you are truly just responding or are you reacting.

When do you pull back or lash out?  Or, are you denying parts of yourself, resist change out of fear, fight against the inevitable, and/or blame others or yourself for how life isn’t fair, isn’t perfect or going the way you expected it?

This is drama. It's when our inner self get's chaotic, fragmented, insecure or overwhelmed.

Inner dramatic chaos is normal and part of what we came here to work on, but when outer chaos strikes we often feel powerless. It can overwhelm us to the point where we either completely shut down (freeze), feel the need to run away or quit (distract/defect), or fight to blame or defend our position and disagreement with the world, just so that we can feel like we are in control and not helpless.

And, the longer we feed or repeat this type of reactivity, the more we feel stuck in these reactive, FREAK OUT MOMENTS where do not feel safe, life feels unfair, and we are not sure what to do leading to even more fear, more reaction and so on. 

A repetitive or looping drama cycle could easily be linked to the classic definition of insanity, which shows in doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result!  

When we are reactive or judgmental, we are in our ego.  There is no question about it, and this reactivity, to a degree, is healthy early on as what the ego does is help us cope with our imbalances until we are ready to face or heal them.  

However, as we start to realize that change is becoming more and more evident or needed (repetitive cycle keeps us more and more constricted), we’ll keep hitting the same barrier (ego programming) that makes us realize at some point that if we want to change, we have to be willing to try something new or healthier to do so. 

Or, put in another way, you are not going to be able to out ego the ego!  

To shift though, we have to be willing to reframe or look at the issue of our chaotic mess or drama from a slightly different angle.  We need to begin to see what the world as energy or energetic states and what it is showing us as a simple reflection of our own energetic inner state and nothing more.    

If that sounds odd, just think about it for a moment…

When you are afraid, how does the world feel?  Happy?  Refreshing?  Or, does it feels dangerous, collapsing, or make you feel like withdrawing or giving up?

And, to help nail this down further, when you feel fairly positive or happy, how does life seem?  Ugly, bad, or downtrodden?  Or, does it seem hopeful, exciting, or even joyful?

By agreeing to see the life we are experiencing as just energy first and reflection of own current state and owning that, then we move into a position of more responsibility and focusing on dealing with the state and ways to shift our energy out of it.

Adding in here, we can even add more to this view of responsibility, by accepting that what we are resisting, fighting, dodging, and so on (THE DRAMA) are the very issues or things that we need to face and transcend to move our energy to even a faster or healthier vibration.

Again, this may seem odd, but when we accept life as a collection of energetic states that we can agree to align to or not, then the possibility of inner knowingness and healing also pops in leading to the view that these patterns wouldn’t be affecting us if it wasn’t time to work on changing them or letting them go.

By moving our view from that of the ego spin only to that of energetic states and consciousness, we move out of the limited view of the mind or emotions only.  We move into the understanding and later sensing that we always have a choice to shift our energy and align differently.  

As we take this search to change or vibrate faster further, then it becomes a matter of finding ways that aid us in unraveling our lower vibrational/energy alignments and adding in ways to enhance our vibrational state to the energies of courage, neutrality, and even lovingness.

These higher vibrational energies of the heart also aid us in ways that align us to expansion, intuition, inner guidance, and inspiration that actually will allow us to feel and know new ways the longer we work to stay in them or align to them.  This is just a byproduct of this alignment to expansion and the heart that can only be experienced if you are willing to go there!

This alignment to heart leads us to ask ourselves questions such as:

Does this technique or teaching feel expansive to me?  

Does this (fill in the blank) add to my vibrancy and allow me to let go of older, unhealthier ways?

Does this ring true to my heart?

Am I facing what is bothering me or making me feel limited or skewed?  

And, am I willing to let go of the pattern long enough, that I can seek or ask for guidance for a better way?

As we go about this introspective reprogramming that aligns to feeling and discerning ways of the heart, we can learn how not only to shift our energy but also to ‘OUT-VIBRATE’ the old ego patterns effectively replacing them with more expansive and even loving energies creating multiple chances to change. 

And, learning that the chaos of lives doesn’t have to keep us down as it is actually showing up so that we can learn to change it and become more whole and even loving as we do!

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach

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