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Ground Yourself!

By jona bryndis, Dec 10 2016 10:16PM

Energy Update 10th – 16th December 2016

Past week was interesting. While many of us could feel new energies and opportunities flowing in, the last couple of days were kind of strange. Nothing felt solid this week; time and space seemed unreal; like a TEMPORAL ANOMALY, filled with Deja Vu's and Groundhog Day experiences - as if there was a glitch in our human collective matrix. We call this the VOID - the Field of All Possibilities. However, at times it was difficult to feel our own body, like standing slightly beside ourselves and in order to function in our 3D lives we had to consciously work on BEING IN THE HERE AND NOW. Most energetically sensitives I worked with this week complained about feeling tired and 'a bit out of it' this week.

Some of us flourish in those times. We feel really comfortable with FREE FLOW of time and energy. We could welcome the shift out of the density of the past weeks and allowed ourselves to dive into new endeavors or meeting new people, reminding us that opportunities, inspiration and new ideas are right around the next corner... All we needed to do to ride this wave was to dare to embrace it!

But if we are new to all these energetic sensations like most of us, this may not be as intuitive for us as for others, and we might have felt a bit lost or even irritated. Consciously tapping into passing faster vibratory fields can make us feel dizzy, spacey and unfocused. However, with CONTINUING INNER WORK we are promoting our deeper understanding and familiarity with these subtle inner energetic sensations in our energy body and we will get used to this new way of feeling ourselves.

Right now it's particularly important to ANCHOR our energy into our physical and learn how to efficiently channel and GROUND OUR ENERGY. With these powerful bands of high vibrational energies coming in through our planet this floating sensation can easily make us feel like we are losing our spacial awareness and can lead to our energy getting pulled into the infinite vastness of our multidimensional INNER WORLDS a bit too much... Peaking around Full Moon on the 14th December it can make us feel ungrounded and agitated, which is why it's so important to learn how we can bring our inner energies into harmony with outer energies.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally feeling like floating in space and time, but it can make our energy susceptible to drifting off into etheric lala-lands or getting stuck in Dark Nights of Our Soul - only because we don't know yet how to manage our energies yet. So, use this INNER REFLECTION TIME to educate yourself about MANAGING YOUR INNER ENERGIES, including your physical energies so you don't get freaked out by these energetic dynamics in you. The more conscious you can allow yourself to resonate with this energetic experiences the more familiar and trusting you will become with your own higher abilities!

This coming week will continue to be really good for making new connections and setting things into motion - both personal or career related. Action is needed - but not in the way you think right now... the kind of action I am referring to has to do with your willingness to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for where you find yourself:

Where Am I?

Where do I want to be?

What can I do right now to support my energy?

Am I moving into the right direction? Or do I need to make a slight course correction?

The more congruent we can become internally, the more courage we will have to finally go out and present and defend our new ideas and values successfully! As soon as we begin to feel comfortable with not having to pretend anymore our energy body becomes more refined which forms a powerful ENERGETIC STANCE, that can cause a major shift in our ATTRACTOR FIELD. This not only supports a clearer VISION of how we can express ourselves more authentically, but it also creates a wonderful new momentum to for attracting new friends, clients, projects, or even meeting someone new, who will be very important for us in the coming new year.

Again, follow your inner prompting and also pay attention to the subtle synchronicities around you - because for these coming days you will begin to feel a strong connection with your TRUE SELF!

With arriving at the middle of December we are entering the last couple of weeks in 2016. Frankly, most of us can't wait for this year to be over with; many of us experienced 2016 as particularly exhausting - on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and especially energetically. We are tired! All our existing structures, habits and INNER PATTERNS got challenged, tossed and turned upside down, only to find out that what THE WAYS WE HAVE BEEN DEALING with our personal challenges was not all that new at all...bummer! And so, in the larger context of working on a more fulfilling and happier life we still have a little of unraveling some ego layers ahead of us - in order to manifest a NEW PARADIGM of approaching our full potential.

Energetically seen, the end of the calendar year doesn't really matter - but the COLLECTIVE ENERGIES building around us do. Be warned to not get pulled into the panic of 'the year ending' - the processes we are all going through have a much longer timeline than 12 months! If you want to explore temporal connections within you tune into the events and aspects that started for you in 2003 and 2010...

Many of you are only arriving at the midpoint of this greater cycle now, so there is still time for you to adjust to this inner paradigm shift - just do it consciously! The more aware you become, the easier the transition!

This week is good for looking back at how we handled this year of correction. Were we able to go with the flow or did we resist our self-transformation process? Did we try to cling on to old habits or a life that no longer reflects who we are anymore? Did we almost go nuts trying to control inner and outer dramas?

Welcome to your ego's struggle with your evolving consciousness!

At this stage of our greater transformation process we are asked to focus on EMBRACING NEW VALUES AND STRUCTURES that support us - and not to fight against what we cannot control. Remember, darkness is only the absence of light! Just because you can't see the light, it doesn't mean it's not there. Your job is not to avoid or ward off darkness - but to work on increasing your light, so that it can carry you through temporary times of uncertainty with the CLARITY AND VISION of your heart's navigator (read last week's Energy Update again).

There is no returning to fostering destructive energies within you - or the ignorance of our ego illusions for that matter. Your energy system will reject these more and more now...

Just let go of old habits and rigid opinions! What awaits you is a whole new way of seeing yourself and the world you live in - a world in which you can embrace all aspects of your humanity in harmony and integrity with your higher consciousness! So, who cares about 'who we have always done it'?

We all wish sometimes we could go back to the 'old ways', but it's time to realize that there is much more at stake than our ego's comfort zone - it's about BECOMING REAL now - not just personally, but also collectively.

So, as you realize that there is no way of stopping your inner and outer transformation process, all there is left to do is to stop resisting the intensities and struggles of our personal metamorphosis. How we handle these challenges lies in your own hands. If we can acknowledge your innocence in the past and forgive ourselves and others for not seeing this earlier, we can have a much smoother transition.

Stop beating yourself up for being angry or frustrated in the past -all emotions are okay, but to hang on to them is a major waste of energy - and thus bad energy management!

For this week I recommend going within and taking an inventory of all unhealthy habits and patterns we can see in our life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reflect on your relationships, career and personal developments in the past 6 years - what do you see?

What have you been struggling with that is still not resolved yet?

Can you identify repeat cycles?

What is our ego's part in those?

Be fully present. Don't get swept away by the insanity of year end and holiday panic. Ground yourself with warm foods, contemplative activities (with your hands involved) and music. Cook self-made soups, choose root vegetables (also read "Integrating a High Vibrational Diet") and enjoy your beingness.

Feel your body, and feel your heart beating! Allow it to flow and to be centered at the same time! This will help you to connect with your True Self, and strengthen your inner clarity!

All the best!

Love, jona

This Energy Update was published in our Weekly Energy Digest Week 51 - click here to read more

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