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Grace Manifestation Marathon Starts this Tuesday the 22nd!

By jona bryndis, Aug 21 2017 06:20PM

Each month we hold a three day, nine transmission (remote energy sessions) marathon event that focuses on one of the Grace Modalities offered through Transcodes and SelfUnificaiton, and these events are one of the most transformative experiences that we offer.

This intensive work is a form of exposure therapy to heart-level energies, where tremendous insight and compassion are not only experienced, but also anchored into a person's system in a way that old patterns can lose tremendous ground and new ways unveiled.

The power within these events is the repetition, which in itself slowly breaks down the resistance we all have within to connecting, accepting, integrating and healing. The event not only incorporates energy work, but also multiple flash reports and daily summaries to aid in reframing and challenging what comes up during the work.

Participants are also encouraged to ask questions, clarify experiences and be open about what they are feeling and sensing via the forum or email. The various forms of expressing, communicating, and experiencing are important as we know through this approach the chance for long lasting change increases. Overall, the experience of the marathons is intense for most, but the environment created allows for a safe space of tremendous change, sharing, community and growth.

This month, we are hosting the Grace Manifestation Marathon, which actively works intensify or alignement to our highest potental and inner manifestation abilities. And, with this work, it also enhances emotional integration as well as heart field awareness and expansion.

Each day will have a different focus and meditative practice combined with the group field that is quite stunning and beautiful to be apart of, adding very mystical methods to our spiritual toolbox. Overall, the main focus of the whole event is to align to our highest potential.

The three main actions of this session are:

Heart Space - the entire purpose of the first day is to work to feel your heart deep within and allow it to open more each session

The Void - building upon the first day, we move into the space of all possibilities and learn to hold this so that we can learn to expand our manifestation ability and even enhance the conditions for it

Master Cell - the last day works to find our heart's desire deep within and work to duplicate this energy into our entire energetic being.

With the focus and intention set forth by this event, be prepared for amazing insights, strong sensations/visions and powerful releases allowing you to align more to truth and the real you!

The cost for this 3-day event is $250

(discounts are available for graduates and Sacred Self-Healing participants)

Please click here to learn more about this event or to sign up!

Thank you and we hope to have you join in for this event as personally this one took the journey to a much deeper level!

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach, Founder and Owner of Selfunification.com

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