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Go For it! - But Don't Look Back!

By jona bryndis, Dec 2 2016 10:29PM

ENERGY UPDATE 30th November 2016 by Jona Bryndis

Finally, the toxic energies of our inner correction during the past months are beginning to release and a new dawn is in sight! Phew!

As some of our core issues came (dramatically) to the surface this year, many of our deep energetic attachments, physical problems and emotional instabilities were shown. While this was really painful for many of us energetically sensitives and empaths, accept that it was necessary to move us back to our CORE VALUES.

Some of you may be a bit disillusioned still, but if you could get through this year without major scars try to look at the positive side - you weeded out illusions yet became stronger in the process, albeit a bit forceful at times!

Inner Clarity is slowly coming back to us now and we are realizing that this year is coming to an end. If you look back you may feel you ran in circles; and yes, many of us did! But don't let this lead you to think you failed! This year wasn't about big accomplishments - it was about integrating our inner hidden blocks, so that you can finally stand up for WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

The first half of December will be very supportive and ideal for reconnecting with your soul and reflecting on your inner CONGRUENCE. This will be your currency for consciously manifesting your new values!(Also read the "9 Energetic Secrets of Manifestation" below) If you can integrate these aspects into your vision for the new year, it can lead to entirely new developments in career and romantic relationships. There is still time to start new things!

The second half will be a bit testing again. There is one more unraveling process in sight, which will be building towards the end of the year. The biggest challenge right around the holidays will be to STAND OUR GROUND and to not fall back into OLD PATTERNS again!

With Winter Solstice and New Years Energies moving in we will be asked to consciously connect with our COURAGE in order to finally 'come out of the woodwork' and present our ideas or new ways of following through to the world. Don't hesitate! Go for it - just don't look back!

Right now at the beginning of December it's a wonderful time for heart-connecting and nurturing ourselves and loved ones. Lick your wounds and allow your INNER GUIDANCE to show you the way. Allow your HEART-CONNECTION to carry you through the days of outer darkness. Your heart is clear now - no need to doubt yourself anymore! Just keep an eye on your 'stinking thinking'. Mental looping and excessive worrying can still get to you and drag your energy down.

Be particularly careful about PROJECTING your energies onto others, even if you think you are trying to do good! Focus your energies on yourself! WHITE-SHADOW aspects can be hazardous for your Energetic Immune System. Be true to yourself and only commit what feels congruent to you.

As you are becoming more and more aware of your inner energies, and how difficult it can be to hold your higher vibrational states, don't let them be compromised by bad old habits! Pay close attention to your Personal Energy Management - not just your power-bill!

*** Addendum 2nd December 2016 ***

Energies for the 2nd half of December are unfolding as a bit unsettling right now. There seems to be a development of events that will rattle the collective right before the Holidays (around 19th December) - like a Reality Check that can bring an unforseen shifts and social unrest.

Value yourself and your energy in all aspects of your life!

Much Love,


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