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GRACE & The Mystical Redemption Process

By jona bryndis, Oct 16 2015 11:22AM

Field Report GRACE Integrity® Energy Session 09/29/15

As with most GRACE Integrity Sessions, this transMISSION was not only a deep energy session for all of us participants but also an indicator for the energetic dynamics of archetypal healing of our inner integrity supported by current collective energies (read Energy Reports).

Since the end of September we have been going through a dramatic step-by-step download and upgrade process, which many of you felt in this or other transMISSIONS, as well as general shifts and developments in our personal lives. One way to describe this is: A global cleansing and correction process. Another is: The final release of ‘faulty’ holographic separation codes that keep us from rediscovering our true inner power. Integration is currently the main theme underneath most collective and personal processes going on and therefore also played into our session here.

As mentioned in the forum report, the inner correction guiding us back to the Divine Trinity is a sacred and mystical process – far more than just emotional and mental clearing of unresolved psychological Mother, Father & Child principles. Without an inner energetic reconciliation on this fundamental level of composition of our existence we cannot apply our awakened consciousness into our practical lives nor see it in the larger context of becoming one with our Divine Consciousness, which after all is the ultimate the goal of this inner consciousness work.

The connection with our inner Divine Masculine, Feminine and Child Consciousness can only evolve to the level of ‘Christ Consciousness’ if we can leave our inherent father, mother and inner child issues behind us.

How do we do that? By allowing our predispositions and propensities created through karmic and collective matrix energies to disengage. This requires our conscious choice to detach from the pay-offs and patterns that seemingly keep us in an illusionary balance or presumably safe.

In your forum posts and emails you reported how the spontaneous or cathartic release of these energetic attachments (all in your individual way) to the personified Inner Child, Karmic Set-Up and Family aspects allowed you to get a glimpse of your healed state of existence. This is the purpose of these sessions: To experience a reference feeling for the whole you, regardless of conditioned, self-created or forced altercations with our personal/collective ego and its shadowy hand-outs in form of gratifications and spiritual elevation.

True synergistic balance with the Divine Consciousness emanating through the Divine Field, which is the energy field we tap into with the invocation of GRACE Integrity codes, can lead to the full re-instatement of our soul’s sovereignty, but only if we are willing to accept that our heart, mind, body and consciousness must be cleansed of the stored energetic memory-patterns and beliefs of being separated from its Source.

From a metaphysical standpoint this can only be accomplished through actively redeeming ourselves. This archetypal healing process has nothing to do with forgiveness of sins or any other notion linked to the religious interpretation of redemption or redeemer. It is the process of letting go of our wounds and setting out for the higher goal of sacred reunification with our Inner Divinity – as the Holy Grail depicted in the Avalonian understanding.

Core of the mystical redemption process is the stripping of our ego wounds originated in the separated Divine Masculine (Father) and Feminine (Mother) view of our inner Divine Spirit, which results into nothing less than a identity crisis of the Divine Child with an emerging ego. Therefore, the unconditional handing over of our wounded soul aspects to our Inner Divine Power - thus surrendering of all our objectives and attachments to the Divine Field (Divine Consciousness), activates our Divine Purpose and begins to mystically reorganize/heal everything for us accordingly.

The deeper meaning of this allegorical comparison with the Grail legend is the emphasis on the reinstatement of our Inner Higher Power from inside out, as opposed to the collectively indoctrinated outside-in view.

To conclude this metaphysical excurse of reflecting on our session, try to see the process of reinstating the trine unity with your Inner Divinity as a three-folded alignment process to TRUST:

1. Trust in your inner Feminine Connection -> Self-Organization

2. Trust in your inner Masculine Connection -> Liberation from Projections

3. Trust in your inner Creation Connection -> Co-Creation and Manifestation

Self-worth issues, mental doubts, envy, disappointment, judgment, revenge, endless fighting, etc. as mentioned in the forum session report are all parts of our wounded ego and signs of our inner separation from our Source. They imply that our center is outside of us, and that others or the world is responsible for our deep inner disconnection, which is not the case.

If we are able to feel a true inner connection with our Divine Nature - only once - we can begin to understand that it's not the contents of our wounds what causes our pain, but the fact that we’ve given away the power to separate us from within, and thus from healing our fragmented soul through claiming our wholeness (holiness).

Thank you for these deep insights through your participation!

Much Love,


GRACE Integrity ® is a registerd energy process by Patricia St. Clair facilitated by trained and certified Energy Workers around the world.

Our next GRACE Integrity remote energy session is Saturday, 10/17/15 @ 3PM (MDT). Click here if you want to know more.

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