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GRACE Mental-Heart Fusion - Activating Your Heart Mind

By jona bryndis, Nov 5 2018 02:51PM

If we lose the connection with our heart, we are trapped in our programmed and survival oriented ego. Our life becomes dominated by inner and outer conflicts and contradictions - our inner dualisms. We become empty, anxious and lonely and our biggest fear is Nothingness. We keep ourselves busy with thinkingness all day, and can't fall asleep because we don't know how to end the sonstant stream of thoughts in our heads...

Inner peace, the very thing we all yearn for, can only be found through transmuting conflict of the inner dualism between our mind and heart in the core of ourselves. This can only be accomplished by merging the two. If we can allow our fusioned Heart-Mind to guide our life’s journey, we are not only raising the vibrational energy of what caused of our pain, but more importantly facilitate the actual transmutation of our pain altogether!

Why is it such a struggle to feel our heart, and to follow our heart's guidance? For some of us it is a choice to always favor our mind; but most of us are not even aware that we have choice. From early childhood on we were conditioned to dismiss our heart and only trust in our mind. We got confused and lost the ability to discern between emotions and feelings - and slowly lost the ability to feel our heart. To add to our confusion, many spiritual teachings or religions only deepen the gap between true and false heart-connection.

Energy Work can provide the missing link for overcoming our mental and emotional dualism. Through mindfulness techniques that lead us back to our Heart-Consciousness a merging of both aspects of ourselves can be achieved.

If you would like to experience what it feels like to stay and later hold your Heart-Mind first hand consider our GRACE Mental-Heart Fusion Energy Training modality.

The three main resonance practiced with this transMISSION are:

* Overcoming Dualism – the focus here is to let go of dualistic thought and see the error in this way of black and white living as in going past dualism we enter a space of love and the heart.

* Entering the Void – a practice of nonthinking by entering a space of nothingness allowing for us to sense what is possible past our minds

* Reprogramming – the work here allows for us to further the shift our way of living from the mind/ego to our hearts allowing us to sense and work with various high vibratory energies and what may still be in the way.

With the focus and intention set forth by this remote energy event (read here how remote energy sessions work), be prepared for intense sensations, some good healthy challenges, and also experiences that take you past various limitations to a space where the heart becomes the obvious choice for moving forward in your life.

As all transCODES sessions this event can be booked by anybody interested in this work - either as group session or private session (scheduled with you, includes personal energy coaching session afterwards). Please go here for prices and group session dates.

Thank you for your time.



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