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GRACE Manifestation - Consciously Manifesting Higher Vibrational Goals

By jona bryndis, Apr 7 2017 06:06PM

We all manifest our reality – knowingly or unknowingly. Energetically seen, anything we focus on has a higher chance to manifest as ‘our reality’ than things we ignore. With enough mental/emotional focus, everyone can make things happen to a certain degree. Popular self-help programs and success-formulas teach us, that we can manifest anything if we just focus our mind on it and take the actions needed to move towards our higher goals.

From an energy standpoint this is only half the truth. Agreed, there is the direction of our focus and actions, but then there is also quality of our focus. Projections and affirmations (direction) as suggested with these mental manifestation techniques work, but they only work temporary, namely for exactly as long as we can keep up the force behind our focus – also called willpower. While willpower can be quite a powerful force, like all force it eventually runs out. In order to continue forcing our manifestations into reality our willpower needs to be fueled. This is where most of us get stuck or mislead. We relapse into old patterns, lose focus or begin to blame others or ourselves for the failure.

The important part about the quality of our manifestations is that it is limited to the consciousness level it is fueled from. For example, if we force things to happen, say through our mind and mental control (affirmations), the results will be limited to what our mind can create; if we force things to happen based on our fears, our manifestations will be fearful; if we force things into manifestation based on our anger/revenge our manifestations will create more anger; and so forth…

Ask yourself: ”What could I manifest based on the resonance of Unconditional Love?”

(To read more about consciously manifesting higher vibrational goals click here)

The purpose of this energy work modality is for you to consciously experience the difference between your heart's manifestation energy versus your willpower and to learn how to hold and direct this energy (field).

The Grace Manifestation remote energy transMISSION is powerful in nature and will challenge how you sense what manifestation is as it’s focus is on the energy of Self-Love, which allows all who work with this transmission/energy to begin to dissipate ego-based views of love for that of unconditional love or love as an energetic state of being.

As this occurs, participants will be able to sense and identify various ego or lower-vibratory patterns coming forward that are in the way of connecting within. Continued focus on unconditional love and manifestation from a heart-based level, will also allow bring about the following:

* Learning how or adding to the ability to expand and control your heart-field

* Simple identifying techniques (physical clearing) will begin come forward

* Start of or enhancement of the penetration of your ego field (blocks in the way)

* Beginning of inner masculine & feminine energies merging from a heart-level allowing for heart-based manifestation to activate

* Developing the ability to replicate new ways/energies into your field

*Learning the power of detaching from our ego

*Sensing and feeling the power of resetting to add to heart-level work and detachment

The reprogramming quality of this transmission is amazing and the ability to add to the transformation is the chance to ask questions and share your experiences, either in the forum when participating in a group session or in your personal energy coaching session that comes with booking a private session.

Come check out this simple but very effective process - be it in a private or group settting. See how it will begin to change or heal how you see life itself, and aid in bringing forth what is really needed for you from a heart-based level.

It is in ability to know what you need from deep within and how to go for this that you learn how to live a life of truth, purpose, love and enjoyment.

Click here to learn more about different sign-up options!

The costs for this transmission is $100 in a group setting and $200 as private session.


About transCODES

transCODES offers a platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of self and self-healing. Through personal energy coaching and remote energy based sessions we provide hands-on guidance and healing services to energetically sensitive persons or anyone who feels prompted seek a deeper inner heart-connection or consciousness work. All energy services offered through transCODES are self-empowering in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In our certified Energy Coach Training Program (re-opened for enrollment starting in Feburary 2018) you can learn how to become an energy work practitioner yourself or add to your existing services.

In our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a self-training course in 24 Steps, which allow the participant to learn about the different layers of inner perception and experiences through coded daily mediations, interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages of reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and inner navigation.

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