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Forecast June 2019 Energies - Instructions for Our Future

By jona bryndis, Jun 9 2019 04:03AM

Forecast June 2019 Energies

by Jona Bryndis June 4, 2019

Watch video here


Incoming June Energies are asking us to RESOLVE FRAGMENTATION & ISOLATION so that we can learn to overcome the feeling of BEING ALONE, MISUNDERSTOOD & UNHEARD. The big challenge that comes with this is facing our ANGER & FRUSTRATION, since things are not going the way we expected, hoped or counted on. We feels disrupted and disturbed often blaming others for our misfortune.  This will not make anything better, on the contrary, it requires us to look into those deeply rooted SELF DOUBTS and perhaps even the narcissistic core of our own ego. Many of us feel like we are NOT BEING WANTED and thus feel justified in not even trying or copping out. In the month of June this would be a big mistake. June brings in disruption on all levels and getting pulled into our own or other people’s drama will be the biggest challenge. It will show us what is SACRED to us.

It takes a little discipline to not go into our infantile ego state and through tantrums when this frustration hit us! To counteract this it will be of utmost importance to know how to DISCIPLINE yourself before you speak or attack others! The true power of this transformational energy in June will come through your DISCERNMENT & WISDOM that you have been working on. OBSERVE & WITNESS FROM YOUR HEART and always check in with yourself! This is the best strategy for preventing unnecessary havoc in your life.

This important refinement process will allow us to become more clear about our TRUE VALUES, NEEDS & PRIORITIES and ultimately lead us to finding a STRONGER SENSE OF SELF & SECURITY in knowing who we are. We don’t need to wait for the drama to give us a reason to change anymore. If you know that something doesn’t work for you change it - if you feel drawn to move or relocate - do it! Your energy will be more fragmented and with it more susceptible to other people’s projections or the places energies if you stay. 

The world and all of us humans is entering the next stage of SPIRITUAL EMBODIMENT, ready or not! If we are still struggling with recognizing that we are all SOULS WITH BODY - AND NOT BODIES WITH A SOUL, it will be a month full of resistance, fear and crazy-making. 

Learning how to DISCERN ENERGIES is the task. Incoming higher vibratory energies will at the same trigger your SOUL SELF to be more in the foreground. You will be drawn to reading, learning and training spiritual teachings, but you need to be careful! Without proper discernment you can be drawn into gurus, groups and teachings that have a selfish agenda. Learn the LANGUAGE OF YOUR SOUL! Listen to your soul speaking and tune into DIVINE WIFI. You have the ability to do this!

If this sounds a bit too woowoo for you, remember that overcoming fears is mostly just about overcoming RIGID MIND SETS, BELIEF SYSTEMS AND SUPERSTITION. The more open you are to checking with your True Self and allowing your inner guidance to speak to you, the easier this will be for you to hear this guidance that is coming from within. For some it will feel like ‘God is speaking to them’ - do not laugh about them! It may be true! How would you know? Don’t be afraid of using terms that sound religious. We don’t have a proper vocabulary for this new modern spirituality yet. We need to transcend old and outdated notions of regions and find our own way to god.

Needed inner skills will be the COURAGE TO TRUST your inner perception as primary navigation system. You don't need anyone to tell you what is right for you, because you can clearly feel what's true to you and what isn't. Declare yourself and what you stand for it! 

However, with this also comes the need to reevaluate COMMITMENT & PROMISES, incl. previous vows, contracts or oaths (marriages; business contracts; invisible contract). By the end of this collective wave it will be very important that you know how to SHOW UP according to your HIGHEST LEVELS OF VALUES & VIRTUES. For the greater events that will unfold in the next couple of years, you need to know who you are and what you stand for!


There are very difficult aspects that come with this in June. Right at the beginning we will be forced to INCREASE OUR EMOTIONAL LITERACY, meaning we need to learn how to sense, feel and express our deeper feelings better. The destructiveness of lashing out and harsh words will go very far this month, and we will see this in the media right around the 1st/2nd June! 

Outer energies (collective) will be at the height of DEFENSIVENESS & RIGHTEOUSNESS in the second week, unleashing the predicted WAR OF BELIEFS. This will play out in political, religious and social rebuttals, trials and threats. News will be full of it! If you can manage not to get pulled into your fear of 'the world going down the drainer' you may actually see the humor in this. However, since this will is foreshadowing the serious DECONSTRUCTION of existing structures and paradigms as we know them, it will often feel more bitter-sweet than funny. Remember, old things have to leave, so that new things can come in!

These OUTER RESISTANCES that mirror your INNER RESISTANCES will pressure us into MAKING HASTY DECISIONS that will reach farther than we are willing to take responsibility for. This is why it's important to develop the discipline to check in with your HEART'S NAVIGATOR. If we know how to connect within we will receive INSTRUCTIONS AS TO HOW TO TAP INTO DIVIN WIFI as the greater and more reliable SOURCE OF INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION IN THE FUTURE. This will specifically count for those who know how to connect with their FUTURE SELF. If you listen closely, you will receive VERY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. Can you trust in your INNER GUIDANCE?

On a personal transformation level this will mainly lead to a deeper inner reflection of these questions:

'How Can I Better Communicate My Needs/Wants/Preferences/Boundaries?'

'Who is Truly Respecting me/my Wishes'

'How Can I Feel A Stronger Sense Of Self - or Stand Up For Myself'

'Is What I Put Out there Representing Myself?'

'What is My Attitude Towards Myself and Others?'

Those of us who choose to actively work on these aspects in our lives will perceive this coming time as empowering (after facing our frustration of not yet truly feeling progress). Identifying and Letting Go of what is no longer serving you will become much easier now - and it will provide you with the needed clarity of what SUPPORT, INTEGRITY, UNITY AND RESPECT truly mean! The outer chaos and attacks will force us to move closer together. It will show us ways to unite and let go of our positionalities, rigid beliefs and show us exactly where we have still be falling for our FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. Therefore, especially for empaths, the GREATER PROCESS that is kickstarted in June is going to be experienced as NEW HOPE.

Overall, the coming six weeks will be triggering a lot of your unhealed aspects, but this will give you the opportunity to make corrections. It is much easier for you now to recognize and discern when your own energies are compromised! It will strengthen your position and give you a RENEWED SENSE OF SELF rather than Ego.

Again, those of us who have diligently worked on transcending the wounded aspects within us will begin to feel a new strength coming from within - those who have been ignoring the many wake-up calls will now begin to experience the consequences of not wanting to see truth. Inner and Outer Worlds will shatter and we will be forced into owning truth. This can be challenging for many around us, especially if it affects your loved ones. Do not interfere! Focus on what you can do to maintain SELF-RESPECT in order to do what needs to be done while maintaining your inner integrity without hesitation. 

The resonance of Liberation will give you instructions on how to discern and to trust in our ability to be present enough to sense when you are with people who are true, when it's needed time to stand up for ourselves or when to simply walk away.

Thank you for your time.

Heave a great June!



Further Reading Recommendation: "Raising Your Vibration Above Inner & Outer Negativity"


Energy Alignment For June 2019

10 Minute Energetic Alignment

(Inc in Video)


To the Love & Peace within

I dedicate myself.


I AM one with my True Self -

The part in me that is unchanging, eternal and infinite.

I embrace change as evolutionary path of my being

and trust in my True Self to guide me

to unfold my highest potential.


I accept all limitations as learning experiences

and feel nothing but gratitude for any opportunity to grow

through them.

I willingly and voluntarily choose to let go of everything that no longer serves me -

including my own illusions, coping and enabling!

For this, I consciously focus on what is True and Important to me.

I let go of my focus on anything that is self-degrading and weakening.

And I refrain from Promises that I cannot or don't want to hold,

so I can Respect myself and others at all times!

I only dedicate myself to what Supports and Honors me

and others!

Due to my alignment to the Divine Consciousness permeating through me,

I am Respecting Integrity above all.  

I devote my energy to be open for Truth on all levels,

so I can Surrender any Resistance in or around me to my Inner Higher Power.

The more I Resist, the more I Succumb to Ego.

Through connecting with the power in my heart,

I herewith clear all feelings of Not Belonging or Not Being Wanted -

And I let go of attachments, limitations, self-imposed restrictions, 

energetic ties and karmic binds 

in any dimension or time,

to any person, entity or ego perception.

Nothing and no one has the right to Disrespect my Values,

for as long I Respect Myself!

I let go of the Need to Fight for my Space, Integrity, Values or Worth!

I have the Right To Be Here,

and I Belong Here!

Now and at all times!

I now understand,

that the more I want my True Self, the more wanted I can feel.

I love who I AM! 


True Self,

Thank you for my energetic sensitivity, 

as it shows me when I need to stand my ground and when I need to let go;

when I need to self-correct and when I need to shift.

You guide me to grow beyond what my ego cannot see,

and you are there for me to Support me with the Wisdom of my united Heart and Mind.


Now, I can rest in my heart,

as all there is left to do,

is to live and create

my life in Love.


Thank you. 


(By Jona Bryndis)

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