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Find The Key!

By jona bryndis, Nov 26 2016 11:37AM

Energy Update 26th November - 2nd December 2016

Many of us are having a bit of a rough time right now. The energies we were dealing with this last week dropped many of us to our knees! So don't feel bad if you had a bit of a hard time - you were not alone! 

In the past three Energy Reports (actually since the beginning of the year) I have been pointing out that our senses, and with it our sensitivity are under attack. This is a challenging thing for everyone, especially if we are energetically sensitive! 

If we bought into the ongoing outer conflicts (other people's or family drama, politics or economics) our deepest inner fears and unprocessed shadows were triggered. This happened with such as surgical precision, that it seemed like all our worst nightmares were becoming real. If we didn't notice this coming on early enough, it felt like we were pulled into the pits of our looping mental or emotional hell-worlds.

I hope you got through this week without major dramas, since this was a tough one! For most people who are not trained in decoding their inner worlds, this has been and still can - right now - lead to severe aggression, depression and anxiety. As things are beginning to change into directions that were not expected or anticipated our ego’s fears are coming to the surface.


It turns out that we cannot fully trust our inner guidance yet – and even if we do, that we often can’t make out the full context yet.  But there was definitely also one positive thing we could learn from this experience, and that is trying  to do everything ‘right’ is obviously not working for us anymore! In order to get though such phases with more GRACE we have to better prepare!

As our need for energetic freedom continues to grow we will find that our personal energies will be frequently run into resistance from outer forces. This can make us doubt ourselves at our core, which is ultimately the whole purpose of correctional energy bands. We can use these times as opportunities to renew our dedication to our True Self and can be shown where we still need to work on allowing TRUTH in.


I won't try to sugarcoat the implications for our journey and personal energy at this very moment. Many of us who have been diligently working on our inner alignment and spiritual intelligence are now finding ourselves in a very fragile state. Not only are we questioning our understanding of our own SPIRITUALITY, but also getting ‘hit’ on our physical level pretty hard. Unfortunately, this is sometimes how these waves go when focusing on our spirituality and leaving out our physical 3D existence for too long...


However, since we are slowly becoming aware that there is no escape from this personal and collective transformation going on right now, I guess we can all be grateful that we are not acting out our shadows, walk around like zombies or turn into nut-balls, like so many others around us these days. I don't blame you though, if you are wishing it wouldn't be so intense at times!


What we are experiencing live is our SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE. And as so often, it comes along as a SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY at first.


The closer we get to our core, the harder these collective waves seem to hit us. It's hard to remember that it's not that they hadn’t hit us before, but we are much more aware of them now - and to our surprise we feel the assault on your integrity in our bodies now. This is progress! Keep going and learn to honor you body along with your heart and spirit! 

Any incoming energy compromising our inner truth is now felt like an attack on your entire being!

Adding to this is our growing self-love as a result of having done this inner groundwork for so long. Collective correctional waves allow us to see our incongruences and unresolved inner conflicts and thus 'force' us to stand our ground. Try to see them as practice or sparring times! We are beginning to be able to DISCERN our inner from outer energies, which is even more progress! Except that we cannot blame or project our misery onto others anymore - which is a natural byproduct of self-realization. 

What we are beginning to realize now is that our suffering is not ‘caused’ by specific or isolated events, persons or entities, but the consequence of optimal conditions for the culminated collective shadow to liberate itself.


And so we need to understand that this BATTLE OF RESONANCES is not a fight that cannot be fought but that that can only be resolved through trusting in our STANCE!


In our Karmic Collective Clearing session this week I pointed out how our susceptibility for outer energies directly relates to our inner energetic patterns:


“Collective energies trigger and latch on where our energetic weakness is!”

“If you want to know how to protect yourself from collective waves, ask yourself where your energy goes when you go low and what your ego is getting out of staying there!”

All outer conflicts at the moment are reflections on our inner battle - and vice versa. Therefore, the only thing we need is to be very clear about where we stand and what we stand for!

It is no coincidence that our PERCEPTION AND WILLINGNESS TO LET GO OF ILLUSIONS has been targeted so much in these past weeks – because it is the key that allows us to unlock the gate into our INNER AND OUTER FREEDOM.


Anyone who dares to illuminate the inseparable connection of DARK AND LIGHT within her or himself will find that it is not at all what we were taught to believe. The Key is, that Darkness is merely the absence of light, and so in order to walk through this keyhole we need to readjust our perception of dark and light within ourselves first.



For us to be able to find the key for our inner and outer liberation process the re-alignment to Divine Feminine Energies and its MOTHER PRINCIPLE will continue to play a major role, as the larger goal is to be able to reconnect to our inner WHOLENESS. This is a needed process that has been suppressed for many thousands of years and is now sublimating as our GLOBAL AWAKENING

Our ABILITY TO PERCEIVE TRUTH has been under attack all along, the only difference now is that we are beginning to become able to pierce through the veil of collective deception.

While this can feel like an exhausting and sometimes even scary process we need to see that EVERY SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY CREATES A NEW PATHWAY TO OUR SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE.

We all are entering an entirely uncharted territory, and so it absolutely makes no sense to beat ourselves up over our pain, fear or anger! Accept your discovered limitations as way-showers and path-finders. Use this inner guidance to know where you need to take a closer look and see how it allows you to focus your energy on actualizing your True Divine Nature - albeit through elimination at first!


If it helps you to see some purpose in that, remember that each and everyone of us who becomes able to walk through this archway of ego-transcendence is sending out powerful ripples of liberation and light through the matrix of our collective. Never feel like your journey goes unrecorded! Every single light that turns back on is radiant and contagious - and thus contributes to increasing the overall level of consciousness  of humanity!

The other day, somebody asked me how The Matrix is connected collective energies – and if it means that all humans are doomed? No, it doesn’t.

The matrix is merely the structure around our human collective subconscious. It sends continual signals into our unconscious keeping us linked to our hive-like ego-mind. Its programs play on our need for control and thus uses our ego’s fear of mortality to project an illusionary comfort/safety - as long as we comply that is...


Depending on how much we still externalize our inner higher power it can function like a remote controlling operating system. However, this matrix construct can only grip if we still deny our true nature. 

If we are not fully aware of our true power and potential and try to break out, we are hit with the reality that we are not in control - which literally freaks out our ego!


This is what you are facing, my fellow energetically sensitives and empaths… If you can understand the link between your ego and matrix programming and how they feed another, you will be able to find the key that will navigate you through this transition process of side-stepping the collective matrix with ease!


Granted, our options are a bit slim at the moment - but we can't ignore it anymore! We get to choose between facing or denying this battle of resonances within, which merely leaves us with two choices: feeling like being run over by a truck or getting suffocated by our own ego-control…uhm, tough choice!


For those of you who are taking on the challenge of becoming real cut yourself some slack for this coming week. Stop turning every stone! Instead focus on relaxing into your body! You are here because a part of you has agreed to this journey before you even came here! Now trust in it!


Yes, you may feel dizziness, nausea, a racing heart beat and you may think you have to go to the ER – calm down and breathe into your heart! All you need right now is to believe that the power of your heart can withstand the last remainders of your ego-battle! Stop resisting it. Accept that you have darkness in you and move on! Soon you will come out on the other side as someone who knows exactly who you are – and you will be able to actively manifest a life that honors your journey and not the other way around!


Your dedication to your True Self is the only insurance policy you need right now! 


All the best!


Love, jona

Published as Weekly Energy Digest Week 49

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