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Facing Inner Darkness

By jona bryndis, Jun 30 2018 03:27PM

Nobody wants to be reminded of darkness, especially not the kind that resides within. It's relatively easy to point fingers at other people's or collective darkness, but when it comes to our inner 'dragons' we are often completely blind. Why does our ego filter, distract from and avoid truth? And what does this do to our personal energy?

What many don't understand is that avoiding or fighting darkness actually leads to the opposite effect. Whether it's our inner or outer darkness, the more we resist the more energy we push into it.

News, movies, songs and shows are all focused on dealing with outer darkness. Things we cannot control. But what about our inner darkness? How does it relate to outer darkness? Is there a connection? How can we learn to transcend our fear of darkness without getting pulled into it?

Darkness is a state in which we cannot see/feel light. We call something dark when it feels evil or devilish. Our resistance towards darkness is that we cannot control what is going to happen next - we cannot see what is coming. The connection to our fear of inner darkness is therefore the struggle with admitting that there are aspects within ourselves that are hidden in the dark and out of control. We are afraid of accepting darkness because we are afraid that it would makes us powerless.

Our fear of darkness represents the fundamental struggle of accepting who we truly are.

The dilemma with accepting darkness is that it is part of our innate duality. Where there is light there is shadow. And so it's actually futile to pretend that there is nothing dark in us. In fact, many of us have already found that the pathway of facing our inner shadow is instrumental for connecting with our inner light. So, how can we overcome our resistance to darkness without getting pulled into ego-fear?

First, understand that shame, guilt, pain, fear, anger and pride are not 'bad'. They are energetic states that help us to process emotions. The are all part of our human nature and we cannot control the fact that we feel them. The emotional expression of these states however is something we can control - or at least work with. Judging our energetic states is useless. We are subject to so many inner and outer energies that it is impossible to always be in control of our energy. Therefore, resisting and not properly expressing our emotions is therefore often at the root of inner darkness. We pretend, bottle up or try to contain what cannot be contained.

This reistance is tiring, increases energetic stress and therefore actually strengthens the darkness within ourselves. The less we are in peace with our inner reactivity the stronger the resistance. Now, does this mean that it's okay to act out on all our lower states? No, of course not! The choice to act on darkness comes from a different place - our alignment to inner truth, values and integrity. So, what we are actually looking at is not the presence of inner darkness but our ability to balance between these dualities within.

The more resistance, the more stress, the more darkness....

By holding onto externalizing our power, our love, our safety, our responsibility, our happiness and our ability to transcend darkness - we are not only preventing our own light from expanding, but unconsciously provide the breeding grounds for dark energies to latch on. The 'dragon' is not some demonic evil force trying to 'get us' - it's our own inner dragon materializing in form of hardships, fake love, shadow, isolation, fragmentation illnesses and repetitive victim cycles.

So, the first step for learning how to tackle inner resistance to your own Shadow-World is in recontextualizing darkness...

From an energetic point of view, Inner Darkness is the culmination of all our unresolved or disharmonic ego aspects within. It has nothing to do with evil energies. However, if we allow our inner darkness and its coping mechanisms to dominate our thoughts, emotions, views, judgments, behaviors and actions - our energy will not be able to fully unfold or expand - but collapse. The perfect set -up for constant ups and downs and never ending coping and distraction cycles.

If left unresolved, darkness prevails and spreads into all our energy systems; it fragments our inner integrity and splits us into separation - but worst of all – distorts our perception.

Perception, based on separation does not only obscure the way we see others, the world, and ourselves in it, but also reconfirms our ego-beliefs and manifests in our hidden inner darkness.

One of the most common misperceptions is that the world is dark, and that all people are 'just out there to get me'. From a lower vibratory standpoint this seems true, but from a faster vibratory standpoint it's an illusion. We see our reality based on what we align ourselves to - willingly or unwillingly.

If we perceive our humanness as neverending struggle it typically causes a hostile outlook on others and life itself. It binds us to our ego and with it to the human collective group karma.

We invite what resist.

Naturally, this message is not really what we want to hear. Our ego projects all darkness to outside of itself. It wants to see itself as being in control and if that doesn't match up, at least be a victim of something.

Victimhood is the new dark.

Regardless of whether it's justified or not, when our lives feel out of control and we resort to making others or the world responsible, we've been tricked into allowing darkness in. Through perceiving the world as dark we've created a justifiable ego illusion/distraction for acting out on our inner darkness - be it through judgment, vengeance, envy, competition, specialness, or constant anxiety.

The main reason why we spend so much energy with inviting in or being tormented by dark energies is the inner fragmentation from avoidance. Avoiding means cutting ourselves off from feeling certain aspects of ourselves. So, while this may have been necessary to survive a specific trauma event in the past, it now leads to a dissociation from ourselves and ultimately numbing. So, in the end our primal fear of feeling pain becomes the very thing that disconnects us from our ability to heal and love. And thus, not being able to witness our pain makes us vulnerable to more inner and outer darkness.

Soul-Fragments are often parts of ourselves that we gave away (e.g. addictions, co-dependency), were taken away (abuse, trauma) or that we lost through childhood or other painful experiences in the past. Many of us are actually born with a fragmented soul due to unresolved karmic aspects. (Click here to read more about Karmic Aspects).

It's therefore understandable that we don't want to go there, but if it numbs us to the point where we become unable to feel anything we are 'officially' caught in our inner darkness. We feel helpless and unable to resolve or face anything. We are cut off from our inner power to self-heal!

So, if pushing back darkness doesn't work, how can we find our way back to our inner light that could provide us with the necessary healing and expansion of our inner power?

To heal our darkness, which is nothing but the absence of light within, we need to train ourselves to shine light where there is none. While this often feels impossible at first, since we can't feel our inner light in those states, we need to remind ourselves that we didn't come here to succumb or resist our pain. There is a power in us that can shift the way we see our lives around!

The healting pathway to get through our inner darkness in allowing ourselves to feel again...

... and to rediscover and strengthen our ability to heal the dark.

The reason why our mind and emotion get involved in facing darkness is because we store the memory of pain, and with it the energies surrounding the pain. With the exception of PTSD, in which case the neurological hard-wire between our body, mind and emotions is so strong that we need to seek professional help to heal, the only way to liberate ourselves from this deep hole is to face our fear of pain.

Fear and Pain are energetically linked, as is Anger and Control, but because the vibratory energy levels of pain and fear are so low they make it impossible to change and instead feed our Inner Darkness.

The most effective medicine against Darkness is Light.

Reconnecting with our inner light means accepting our condition as is and focusing on our heart-space and connecting with our True Self – and not our ego's projection of self - our False Self!

This isn’t always easy. For many of us allowing Inner Darkness or Shadow aspects to come forward is a scary thought. We judge ourselves, feel guilty or even more afraid of what may show; and if we are influenced by religious or societal programming we often can’t allow ourselves to go there in the first place. The toughest part about facing Inner Darkness is the letting go of our programming. Inner beliefs, such as ‘I am a bad person’ or ‘I’m damned’ are what we are up against. In order to heal Inner Darkness and its attachments, we need to learn how to form healthier and higher vibrational inner and outer statements.

For this, only the enlightening truth through inner heart-connection can bring the needed light, energetic momentum and courage to face our fear.

Hence, the biggest trap is avoiding the one thing that can help us to get out of this dark inner place. We can only gain enough energy to get out of inner and outer! darkness by facing and transcending it!

If we can learn how to consciously shift our energy into a faster vibratory frequency we lose our fear of darkness !

Without a proper accountability for who we truly are we cannot trust ourselves and others - and thus build healthy, lasting and happy relationships! As long as we allow our ego mind and perception to create this complex network of justifications and control mechanisms to alleviate our deep pain and confusion, we will not be able to find the light out of this tunnel.

This can be done through deep reflection, mediation and contemplation. Deep breathing can allow for inner resistance, anxiety and stress to calm down and thus allow us to transcend incoming darkness (Click Here for an energetic Clearing Technique called IAM Breathing) . Reconnecting with our body this way is one of the simplest and most effective mindfulness techniques that can help to rewire our neurological connections and silence our fear. This is why it’s so important to allow ourselves to be fully present!

In energy work, reconnecting and activating our inner higher power is called Self-Healing. As we learn how to silence our mind and ego we retrain our body, mind and emotion to feel and deal again. Spiritually, this requires having faith in our own Inner Higher Power; without faith - the belief in ourselves - darkness cannot be removed from our system.

transCODES has developed a Self-Healing Course and alternatively an even deeper Personalized Energy Coaching Program that can guide and help you to reclaim your soul-fragments step by step (including those that were taken away by others). Through developing daily mindfulness and mediation routines and practical guidance on how to reflect on inner darkness as it comes up you can learn how to reconnect with all that you are, free of fear from facing inner darkness we need to believe that our low energetic state is just a temporary expression of our false perception!

You can do this!

Thank you.

Much Love and Light,

jona bryndis

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