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Explore the Power of Possible!

By jona bryndis, Mar 5 2016 08:11PM

Energy Report March 2016


For almost the entire month of February we’ve been lingering in an in-between state: Emotional ups and downs, not knowing whom or what to trust, dealing with physical symptoms, old inner unresolved conflicts returning and warding off outer attacks. Phew, for most of us this was an exhausting month, however, it was also the time to regroup, realign and reclaim our freedom from collective and often karmic energies!

This testing time of seemingly standing still or even regressing was needed to slowly being able to see the bigger picture… Therefore, next time before you question yourself, try to see that these kind of times are meant for you to integrate the deeper truth of who you are, so that you can develop a stronger stance for what’s ahead!

Anyway, after this prolonged time of inner adjustment, the current energetic situation is moving very fast now and we will begin feel the energy of 'The Whispering Winds of Change' full force. Starting very soon, you will notice a new and very fast paced inner and outer momentum!

But know that apart from finally moving into an action mode it is of utmost importance to be wakeful of the world around you! Many things will change at the same time, so you need to keep all your senses intact and constantly remind yourself to see the context instead of getting wrapped up in details!


Prepare to live your life to the fullest now. Let go of all the things that have proven to NOT work and be ready to share your gifts with the world!

Until the end of April we will have an opportunity to explore new possibilities, open up for changes (e.g. moving) and gain new experiences that can be life-altering. However, first we have to address a brief correction phase taking place in the first quarter of March, which lead to the time of active manifestation. For some this will feel like a long awaited opportunity to finally begin to materialize your inner transformation, be it in partnerships, business or self-improvement – or all of the above at once!

You want to start your own business? You are considering to move? Or thinking about getting married or buying a new house? This will be a particularly positive time for new business concepts, starting a new business or looking for a new career development, but also allowing oneself the manifestation of abundance on all levels of existence!

The main energetic theme for the next 6 weeks until April is the manifestation of a life in Love & Truth (click here for more articles on this subject). Since January, supported by outer and inner energetic constellations many of you have been working on adjusting their energy bodies for this important preparation for active manifestation:

1. Clearing old Energies

2. Aligning to Our Higher Goals

3. Reorganizing our Inner Attitude and bringing our spiritual/inner consciousness into our Physical

With this fourth and most important Step we are asked to leave the confines of our perceived limitations and enter the phase of active manifestation through exploring new possibilities

-> 4. Active Manifestation


With this new energy also comes a very deep realization that it is not some outer force or fate that makes things happen, but that it's us who already own the power to perform 'miracles'. We need to be willing to commit to our inner strength, and have faith in our talents so that we can let go of our fears and inhibitions and finally act on who we truly are. All the aspects you have been working on in the past will now begin to makes sense!

However, if we continue to dither in self-doubt and not 'feeling ready yet', we will once more succumb to our immature fantasy that there was a failsafe or a guarantee for our success. Success comes through our inner alignment, our courage and our commitment to who we truly are. All it requires is to surrender to ourselves and our inner higher power to receive the necessary inner guidance and to find all needed solutions.

Committing to ourselves means to rely on ourselves!

We will never feel 'ready' to make a new start if we don't know who we are and if we cannot TRUST OURSELVES! It's our ego's illusion to think that outer circumstances need to be in place first before we can allow ourselves to get excited about new possibilities.

Trusting in ourselves means to believe in ourselves!

But in order to believe in ourselves we need to BELIEVE OURSELVES first. If how we feel, what we think, say and align to is different from what we do, we cannot trust in ourselves. We are literally sabotaging ourselves by not being to able to believe ourselves!


Make your Word Your Law!

Do as you Say!

Walk the Talk!

If you can't keep your promises, agree to correct and adjust your goals, commitments and intentions. Be a practical optimist, but accept that things are in a constant flux and transformation.

Don't be Afraid of Failure - Be Afraid of Regrets!

We will now have the opportunity (technically we always do) to experience our innate power of manifestation through 'making things happen' - by taking the plunge into the unknown and by getting excited about going.

Allow all solutions to come to you rather than seeking them!

Receive new visions through allowing yourself to explore new possibilities!

Throw out what doesn't feel right and follow your heart’s navigator!

The suffering you are now beginning to feel is not the kind of your wounded or fearful ego/inner child anymore, but the labor pain of your emerging True Self, shedding all layers of programming, perceptive distortions, mind-wipes and emotional fear patterns.

Each little incongruence hurts now – deeply – and more than ever before! Therefore, forget about your the details of the remaining layers of your hurting ego and focus on WHO YOU TRULY ARE instead! (Jona Bryndis, Self-Mastery)

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth and spiritual maturity. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

In monthly Energetic Adjustment Sessions we actively work with incoming collective energy bands. If you woul like to know more about the most current session go here.

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