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Energy Update & Video 7th - 13th July 2017: Psychology Of Collapse: Be The Change

By elecia, Jul 8 2017 09:00AM

Weekly Energy Update

Be The Change

You Have Been Waiting For!

Weekly Energy Digest Week 28 - Energy Update 8th - 13th July 2017

If you watched the video up on top of the page, you already picked up on the energy coming in right now...hot, hot, and hotter! Having that said, I hope you got through the Full Moon weekend without major dramas or depression - however, continue to brace yourself, collective energies are still building. Neck and shoulder tension, digestive issues and FLUCTUATING ENERGY LEVELS are amongst the challenges for most energetically sensitives. Right now, we can get easily pulled into the HIGHEST HIGHS AND LOWEST LOWS...

Therefore, the energetic weather forecast for this week is mostly about staying CALM and not getting caught up in anger, frustrations and irritabilities, but not to sink into our COMFORT ZONE too much, either. Find a ground to stand on - preferably a HIGHER GROUND!

There are a lot of REPRESSED EMOTIONS and UNCLEAR AGENDAS in the air, so if you live/work with people who have a tendency for PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE-NESS, VERBAL SARCASM or a tendency to BLOW SMOKE at you, you may have to make a stand for yourself and say something to end this irratic bombardment.

As for our global situation the smartest thing to do is to become the CONSCIOUS WITNESSER OF COLLAPSE - rather than the unconscious experiencer. We are going to see many changes until the end of the year - and they are beginning to take form as we speak. In times like this it is easy to get pulled into a fearful psychology of collapse; it is in our nature to resist change, but as mentioned in the video, some things will still have to 'leave the station' before new structures can move in...so, DON'T BUY INTO YOUR FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN! In the history of mankind many trains were missed out of fear of the new or being too late or too early... Follow your INNER GUIDANCE and act when you get a clear GO!

In times like this it is of utmost importance to NOT ABSORB other peoples unprocessed emotions as well as being careful with falling for our own VICTIMHOOD, INJUSTICE or SELFISH NEEDINESS. Embody the change that you have been waiting for!

If you want to know more about Energetic Absorption read here.

So, as our BOUNDARIES BETWEEN PASSION, LOVE, LUST, TRUE NEEDS AND ADDICTION are being recalibrated right now, I would be very careful with extremes right now. It's cool to enjoy comfort for a bit, to allow for new ideas to come in and to go into action a bit - but I wouldn't make BIG DECISIONS based on my momentary moods right now! There is too much CHANGE AND VOLATILITY. Be open, observe and carefully JOURNAL your deeper insights and ideas - but put them in the freezer until a few weeks from now!

If you are getting the message that something/someone in your life is no longer a good match for you, give it just a bit MORE SPACE for this week - or ask for more space for yourself. The most powerful way to disrupt an unhealthy pattern is to STOP ENGAGING in it. You don't have to have a resolution - you just need to pull your energy out of it!

LETTING GO OF THE OLD doesn't always mean to 'kick it out' - sometimes it does, but sometimes it's about initiating SUBTLE CHANGES and MAKING COURSE CORRECTIONS through reframing the way we see our old patterns, relationships and routines. However, for most of us the biggest challenge is REALIZING THAT/WHEN SOMETHING CANNOT BE FIXED. This is the main healing energy for this week. Try to zoom out and see the larger picture - What do you see? Something you want to support with your energy for the rest of your life?

Unfortunately, many of our dysfunctional patterns are not aware to us - we are so deeply embedded in them that we cannot see them. This is one of the most deceptive parts of our ego - when something feels FAMILIAR it can't pick up on it. While our mind and emotion can endlessly loop in what-ifs and worst case scenarios, we often lack the ability to see the obvious - When it's time to let go. Therefore, the best way to counteract this perceptive blindspot is to do or START SOMETHING NEW that allows you look at the old from a different perspective and with NEW COURAGE.

Overall, we are moving towards IMPLEMENTATION, but the conditions are not MATURE yet. We can feel the influx of new energies already, but because we our inner collective FEMININE AND MASCULINE ENERGIES are not aligned enough yet, we need to STAY PATIENT and BECOME PREPARED FOR BIGGER CHANGES.

Give your TRUE INNER FEELINGS enough space to guide you on what is no longer needed, not advantageous or directly damaging for your energy; take responsibility for your own part in it and PRACTICE WALKING OUT OF UNHEALTHY SYSTEMS AND PATTERNS!

Basically, we this week we will need to learn hoe to household and pace our energy for the coming weeks, but especially our ability to discern what is ENERGETICALLY SUPPORTIVE AND WHAT ISN'T.

So, the big lesson this week is in understanding EFFICIENT ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Instead of making your energy depend on others, the collective or your family, LEARN TO REALLY LISTEN TO YOUR OWN ENERGY! Learn how to connect more with your body's needs, spend time feeling out which foods, clothes, people, places or activities no longer make you feel good and MAKE ADJUSTMENTS.

Experiment with new ways and focus on how it makes you feel - Does this feel expansive or contractive?

Uncover how much time you spend fostering or surrounding yourself with negativity - and try to look at your ENERGY AS YOUR CURRENCY. If we all regarded our personal energy like we see our money, no one would agree to suck up to others or give away their energy for degradation, anger or deception! Have you ever thought about your energy this way?

Energy can transform, contract, expand, direct, dissipate, speed up, condensate and converge. It can take on any form. It can materialize from formlessness into form at any given moment. Love, attention, focus, health, action, inspiration, creative thinking, money - they are all just different forms of energy - different frequencies of energy. If you have issues attracting either of these frequencies it means you are not managing your energy right. As elaborated on in the past energy updates and supporting articles this can have different reasons - but at the end of the balance sheet it means that our energy is used to create all kinds of manifestations.

The only question that matters is: Who is in charge of your energy? Who is controlling how you feel, what you think, what you do and what you desire?

If we want to MASTER OUR ENERGY CONVERSION we need to become more aware of where our energy goes! NOTHING STAYS UNACCOUNTED FOR! And Energy can't just poof away! It will always convert into something...

You have a choice!

Watch the video on my take of how to CONVERT COLLAPSE INTO OPPORTUNITY and which of the coming technologies are favorable to creating new, energetically supportive systems.

For more info on how to adept to the higher vibratory energies coming in this year with our personal choices, also read "Making Healthier Choices" below.

All the best,


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