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Energy Update & Tips 11th-17th June 2017 - THE HEALED HEALER (Week 24)

By elecia, Jun 11 2017 02:00PM

Weekly Energy Update

Raise Your Bar!

Weekly Energy Digest Week 24 - Energy Update 11th -17th June 2017

If you found yourself agitated, confronted or exposed to rage, plagued with stomach, digestive and infectious issues last week, your energy and/or the people around you were most likely under the influence of current collective energies.

In my last week's energy update I warned for unconscious absorption of this wave of IRRATIONALITY AND ACTING OUT, but of course we all know too well, that once caught in this energy it's often difficult to discern what's ours and what isn't. Heads up everyone - it's not all just you! However, while we all like the idea of having someone or something to blame it on, it's not that easy. Let's not forget that we all are experiencing a complex combination of unseen collective and individual energetic interaction - and that it takes at least two to manifest conflicts.

What I mean to say with this is, that just because you picked up on collective irritationability it doesn't mean that you are not responsible for your INNER AND OUTER EXPRESSIONS of your personal energies. No matter what the challenge: beliefs, opinions, health, family, relationship, money or self-worth issues there is always an INNER CONFLICT at the root of an OUTER CONFLICT.

Outer energies can only really get a foothold in our personal energy field if you have something unresolved that outer conditions can latch onto.

And so, last weeks's MENTAL & EMOTIONAL CLEARING SYMPTOMS will have to be revisited WITH A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING SO THAT WE CAN EMOTIONALLY INTEGRATE absorbed energies in the coming week(s).

Some of the QUESTIONING we did last week allowed us to see that there may be a larger puzzle piece we are missing - which is now wants to be processed on the inside. Blaming others, the economy or the system for our personal ups and downs will not RESOLVE THE REPETITIVENESS OF OUR PROBLEMS, therefore, to get out of DESTRUCTIVE PATTERNS we need to:






Let's back up and zoom out of the drama a little - this entire year's energetic correction has been asking us to CONTEXTUALIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE AND RESOLVE OLD INNER AND OUTER CONFLICTS.

As predicted, if we’ve been avoiding to acknowledge our inner dissonances, enabling of destructive or hidden behaviors or circumstances, they are backfiring at us right now... Since 2016 we have been seeing an increased tendency for old and latent conflicts to escalate. From n energetic viewpoint this has to happen in order to become empowered to resolve them.

It is in our nature to rise to our highest potential - and often only then - when we are forced to move out of our personal comfort zones.

The upcoming second half of this year will bring plenty more of that, but also a chance for exponential inner growth, but if we've been procrastinating this process of inner resolution finding it is now leading to an UNCOMFORTABLE CONFRONTATION WITH TRUTH - personally and globally!

Being confronted with Truth is not a bad thing! Through being incarnated in this time period we are presented with an enormous potential for healing and evolving!

BEING CAUGHT IN OUR INNER CONFLICTS & CONTRADICTIONS expresses through endless inner chatter, mental looping or spiraling and dramatizing emotions slowly severing the CONNECTION WITH OUR HEART. Once we lose our inner connection, we not only lose the ability to connect with ourselves, but also with our purpose and the world around us. We are trapped in our survival programmed ego and our life becomes dominated by fear. We perceive life as one BIG CONTRADICTION and focus on SURVIVING OR COPING WITH OUR SUFFERING - the dilemma of inherited HUMAN DUALISM. We become empty, anxious, lonely and worst of all, VOID OF MEANING.

While we all have the desire to break free from our old patterns, suffering and collective darkness, we somehow get so wrapped up in our own stuff, that we cannot see that our FAMILIARITY WITH SUFFERING is what is holding us back from making changes. Our ego is constructed in way that the fear of pain, albeit prevalent at all times, is less disturbing than the fear of the unknown (aka FEAR OF THE FEAR). And so it comes, that the strongest force holding us back from becoming the best we can be, is not the lack of abilities or presence flaws, but our ego’s FEAR OF LOSS OF ILLUSIONARY CONTROL combined with the UNCONSCIOUS ATTACHMENT TO INNER PAIN & SUFFERING.

I cannot speak for all of us of course, but as an energetically sensitive person it is very likely that you are asking yourselves what you came here for more often than most people you know. Most people never even question these things! But you are prompted to see your relationships and your ability to succeed 'according to societal standards' as a burden and perhaps sometimes wonder why everything seems so 'hard' and why you keep finding yourselves in REPETITIVE CYCLES OF PAIN. Co-dependency, co-addiction, financial failures, abusive or toxic relationships, anxiety or depression - how many people do you know how do not repetitively suffer from one of these symptoms?

Why is that?

Seeing the meaning and purpose of life has to come from a place of peace from within. Without at least some level of trust in our own abilities, talents or strengths and how they can be brought into expression, we cannot really RECONCILE INNER CONFLICTS. Only if we can let go of EXTERNALIZING OUR SOURCE OF POWER, we can begin to work on our inner unity that can unlock our inner higher power to resolve our suffering! With this understanding there is NO NEED FOR SACRIFICE OR FALSE HONOR IN SUFFERING - in fact there is no need to be afraid of the unknown at all - because the known and familiar is typically much worse than what we could accomplish if we were to break our of our Karmic Hamster Wheel.

Regardless of how painful or dysfunctional, subjectively collective karma feels safer than crossing the gap of fear and venture into this world as a TRUE SELF.

So, the short answer is: Most people don't want to leave the (collective) hamster wheel!

If we are at a point in our lives where we can clearly state that we don't want another 'round' of what we have been experiencing - it must become clear to us that we are not really giving up anything! All we need is to have the willingness to see things the way they are, ask ourselves if this is ENERGETICALLY SUPPORTIVE OR CONTRACTIVE and choose our careers, friends, partners, health, and recreational activities ACCORDING TO OUR OWN STANDARDS.

With the shift last weekend we have entered the end of 12 YEAR KARMIC CYCLE/WHEEL to be concluded once and for all. Do you remember what you were going through in 2005?

In order for us to move on into a NEW BEGINNING and MORE CONGRUENT AND HEALED EMBODIMENT OF OUR PURPOSE we have now arrived at a point of INVENTORY TAKING. This may be uncomfortable at first, but if done with the willingness to see things the way they are it can also bring the RELIEF OF FINALLY KNOWING WHERE WE STAND, so that we can move on with a STRONGER SENSE OF SELF AND CONFIDENCE TO ACTIVELY INITIATE RESOLUTIONS.

Until the end of this year we have the opportunity to resolve these dwelling self-worth and trust issues. By then we will need to make an effort to attune to our PERSONAL KARMIC TASK or else it will be difficult for us see purpose and we can get swept away by COLLECTIVE GROUP KARMA.

Some of you may think 'what's so bad about that?' The answer as so often lies within how you contextualize Collective Karma. To a degree we are all part of and expressions of our human collective group experience, but if the integrity level of the larger majority of humans vibrates on a lower vibrational level than we do - we have all reasons to be concerned about being pulled 'down' into lower vibrational fear, pain, anger and control. In fact for some of us it can lead to another inner conflict, namely that we feel as if we are enabling the 'matrix' if we don't MAKE A STANCE FOR OUR PERSONAL INTEGRITY.

There are signs of a ‘show down’ or Renewal as I called it last week, that are very apparent to energetically sensitives, be it in our personal lives or outer influences (e.g. politics, environmental and social unrest.) They force us to ASK FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS right now, such as 'do I even want to be a part of that?' So, while this is seeding UNCERTAINTY about the future into our collective, it drives many people around us nuts.

There are many things we have been taking for granted that are now becoming a bit shaky, which can drop all our energy in a heart-beat. To get through this without being pulled into our own fear-based coping mechanisms we need to learn how to discern between the things we can and can't control, which brings us back to our inner conflicts.

The viewpoint I am offering here is to regard the presence of inner and outer conflicts as means to unlock our higher vibrational healing potential. There is no need to be afraid of facing them, as they can guide us to implementing long needed improvements, inspirations and new endeavors - including an overhaul of how we process and manage our inner energies.

At the end of the day, the way we see and deal with our inner conflicts and perceived discomfort (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) depends on our levels of ego resistance, and whether we can accept our emerging overall energetic sensitivity as healing tool. How we implement changes/corrections then merely depends on our COURAGE, OPENNESS AND WILLINGNESS to let go of rigid opinions and mental beliefs and to embrace a NEW PARADIGM OF BEING ENERGETICALLY CONNECTED WITH OUR ENVIRONMENT.

Struggle is simply a matter of perspective and how we choose to CONTEXTUALIZE what we are experiencing. Therefore, all suffering can be transcended and changed by allowing an inner shift towards consciously and fearlessly working on your ego-based programs that prevented success or caused our energy to go low in the past.

In order to get to this realization that we have THE POWER TO HEAL AND CHANGE WITHIN US, we need to be willing to accept that we came here with a specific and individual karmic task besides 'just surviving our lives'; and that each of us was fitted with the according abilities to correct our personal karma and thus heal ourselves.

The moment we can fully surrender to the understanding that every of our choices, thoughts, beliefs, statements, inner sentiments either ENABLES OR SABOTAGES our success (as per our own definition), we become aware of our power as co-creators of our own reality and begin to fully understand the deeper meaning of RESPONSIBILITY.

With this awareness it may be easier for you to find peace and contentment in the knowing that you came here to experience and transcend the deeper meaning of your suffering, namely to remind you of your sacred heart’s power to transform any pain into creativity and lovingness.

Yes, it is challenging to think this way, because our ego mind is not really designed to comprehend these concepts. It wants to label things as good or bad, free will or destiny, successful and unsuccessful - labels we were collectively programmed with! But THE MIND CANNOT RESOLVE NON-CAUSAL PROBLEMS, such as love, purpose, joy, healing or inspiration - only the heart can!

A HEART-BASED CONSCIOUSNESS gives us the ability to discern through our inner feelings and knowingness. It simply KNOWS TRUTH without needing to 'face' it or to figure it out. It knows who we truly are, what drives us, what our real needs are and what we truly want – and what the world needs. It spontaneously clears our inner dissonances, provides inner peace and delivers the guidance on how to get there - if we can trust it that is...

Next week, you will most likely feel the need for a deeper resolution for inner child attachments, karmic aspects, energetic vows and contracts of the past (or even past lives). So, if you want to learn how to trust in your hearts solution finding you need to connect with your INNER HEALER and TRUST IN ITS ABILITY TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH CONFLICTS.

If we can learn new ways and give ourselves the freedom to explore them we will be surprised how many possibilities are open to us!


Some of you may feel you've 'had enough' of the same old, others may get a strong inner prompting to shift their priorities completely, and begin to find fulfillment in being of service for others. Either way, LISTEN TO YOUR INNER PROMPTINGS!

Use this time right now to resolve your inner conflicts and dependencies! QUIT SUFFERING AND BEING A VICTIM! There is no honor in that. Every victim also has a perpetrator part (and vice versa). If we are caught in victimhood our ego has just as many payoffs as that of a perpetrator's ego - it's just more hidden.

In the video above I use the wide-spread EMPATH/NARCISSIST VICTIMIZER CYCLE to show a popular misconception about victim and perpetrator motivations; not to justify dysfunctional behaviors, but only to demonstrate that ENABLING DEGRADING ENERGIES makes us just as responsible.

I hope, I am not offending anyone with this analogy, but I picked this example on purpose in order to poke directly into how your ego's sabotage cycle...

Instead, attune your actions/thoughts/emotions/sentiments to your purpose and connect with communities of likeminded people - who resonate with you and your deeper perspectives on life; without power-tripping, rigid rules, externalization of your higher power or spiritual specialness!


So, while the majority of humans is still dealing with its delusional ego-mania, you have the OPPORTUNITY TO OUT-VIBRATE COLLECTIVE HUMAN GROUP KARMA by simply side-stepping it!

STAY TRUE TO YOUR VIRTUES like respect, compassion, integrity, lovingness and non-infringement - and be willing to recontextualize programmed beliefs – this way you will be well prepared for the collective transformations of inner and outer renewal!

Karma Work Tips:

• Let go of our hurt and fearful Inner Warrior

New View: Recognize the need to heal the inner Shadow-Man, so that you can live in

peace instead of fear

• Heal Your Inner Pain (including the one caused/inflicted to others)

New View: Recognize the need to heal our wounded Inner Child and let go of our need to

control others

• Focus on Inner and Outer Truth

New View: Learn how to build an accurate reference feeling for our personal energy

and heart’s navigation system

• Let go of our Mental Defense and Control Mechanisms

New View: Allow your spiritual intelligence to emerge

• Liberate the violated Feminine Spirit and reintegrate a harmonious inner

relationship between your Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies

New View: Our mothers are just karmic representatives of archetypal Femininity. They

were wounded, emotionally starved and angry as part of their own karmic debt.

The way you experienced love through her is not the only way to experience


• Reconnect with Your healed and redeemed Masculinity

New View: Our fathers are just karmic representatives of archetypal Masculinity. They

were wounded, blamed and emotionally emasculated through guilt as part of

their own karmic debt. This is not the only way of being a man!

• Practice Self-Love and letgo of distractions, inadequacy, addictions, outer

stimulation and self-soothing

New View: Understanding Love and Self-Love as powerful self-healing tool

My energy tip for this week and until the end of the year is:


In the process, don’t be shy about RAISING YOUR BAR OF INTEGRITY, boundaries and standing up for yourself, even if it feels challenging or lonely at times! If something doesn't feel right - it's not right for you! YOUR CHOICE IS YOUR KARMA!

Just because other chose differently doesn't mean you are wrong - always remember that the group of people who consciously choose to resolve inner conflicts and dualisms is still a small group compared to masses engulfed in ignorant self-indulgence!

Most of our inner conflicts and energetic schisms are rooted in our conditioned powerlessness and programmed externalization of power that bind us to collective energies, groups, gurus, sports teams, nations and brotherhoods. Therefore, if we want to live our live aligned to HEALING & RAISING OUR VIBRATION we must overcome our karmic bind to the collective, or else we will find ourselves caught in the ever-repeating wheel of (1st Chakra) BELONGING AND SELF-VALUE ISSUES!

All the best!


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Hope to see you in the Facebook live stream,

jona bryndis

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