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Energy Update & Practical Tips 4th-10th June 2017: Karmic Ripple Ahead!

By jona bryndis, Jun 3 2017 05:00PM

Weekly Energy Digest Week 22 & 23 - Energy Update 28th May - 10th June 2017

The entire month of June will force us to clear KARMIC PATTERNS (collective karma & karmic relationships included - see articles below), especially around this week's Full Moon on the 6/9/17. Most people have an idea of what Karma means, but usually contextualize it as something bad or negative. This notion has been implanted into us through our Collective. Karma is neither good nor bad - it just is. However, there are several aspects that play into karmic patterns showing and playing out in our life, that we don't necessary see as karma, but as good or bad luck - something we cannot change. This is probably the most healing part of contextualizing our journey, as we can find many answers if we can allow ourselves to make connections!

As for the overview of coming collective energies I really hate to be the doomsayer, but CHAOTIC ENERGIES are still building. We are not even close to the pinnacle of COLLECTIVE ENERGETIC EXPLOSION, that many of are feeling in our bones already ... So, let's get ready for major KARMIC RIPPLES to come our way, even if we are not yet fully aware of our role in all this!

I will try to keep this report short and focus on energetic strategies in the Energy Tip below, as I explained many terms, such as what is Collective Energy, Energetic Sensitivity, Chronic Ailments, Inner Child Aspects and Global Shadow mentioned in the video here:

As announced in the last energy update, BIG EVENTS are ahead of us - many outer energies that we ignored are now affecting our daily lives. This needed clearing will guide us into becoming able to better CONTEXTUALIZE OUR JOURNEY and perhaps for some make it more clear why we chose to incarnate into this specific time.

LAST WEEK's high frequency downloads and concentration of collective energies created a somewhat of a time blip for many of us energetically sensitives - where did this week go? Intense head and temple pressures and associated 6th & 7th Chakra symptoms, but also continued respiratory issues indicated OUTER ENERGIES messing with our personal energies. For me personally, these times are extremely busy, as my main work is to assist people like you and I through these times in personal and group sessions...

THIS WEEK's energetic challenges (and pretty much throughout June) will be located in our 3rd, 4th and 5th Chakra areas - FEAR, IRRITABILITY, IRRATIONALITY, FRUSTRATION, HELPLESSNESS, LASHING OUT, VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION will very much be part of our daily experience. Don't get me wrong, I am aware that this is not a nice way to start an energy update, but it's part of what we need to realize. I am known for speaking about the things that are uncomfortable to face, so bear with me here - unless we are willing to SEE AND ACCEPT THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE, we have very little chance of doing something about them!

CONTEXTUALIZING means connecting the dots - making sense of things and seeing the larger context. Each and every blog post I publish (see below for just last week's posts) illuminates one of these areas that may be invisible for our eye, but cannot withstand the ENERGETIC VIEW OF UNDERSTANDING OURSELVES. There are no secrets when you are aware of your own and other people's energies - so, if you are struggling with repetitive or unexplainable circumstances in your life, you might want to take a shot at what it means to be fully aligned to truth...

In the video above I am going deep into the links between our 3rd - 5th CHAKRA SYMPTOMS; again, please also watch the video for more detailed info. Here just the overview of our energy centers and their connections.

The overall situation we are facing right now is characterized through outer CHAOS AND DISTRACTION. Anything we CAN'T OR DON'T WANT TO SEE is backfiring on us.

Massive GLOBAL DECEPTIONS are about to be revealed, but this is not all! All our personal PROJECTIONS AND ILLUSIONS are going to become aware to us, whether we want it or not! It will get us into a state of acute "EITHER EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART OR WE BEGIN TO ACTIVELY WORK IT OUT".

Personally, I prefer the attitude of getting out of my comfort zone and trying to work things out. We don't have to see these developments as a negative or frightening thing! To arrive at the place where we finally realize that the old is no longer worth it to hang onto can allows us to go deeper into our TRUE HEART'S DESIRES AND VALUES. The only thing we need to be cautious about is externalizing our POWER TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - to our partners, parents, friends, bosses, spirit guides, aliens, media, or politicians for that matter.

Yes, I am encouraging you to be sick of the constant repeats in your life! Set an end to SELF-WORTH AND VALUE ISSUES and break free from what is holding you back! 'Life Is Not Supposed To Be A Struggle!' (recommended book by Stuart Wilde). See the chance in RENEWAL and embrace changes as welcome chance to break through PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE KARMA.

A collapsing system, that is outdated and energetically unsupportive can encourage us to stand up for ourselves and INITIATE A NEW BEGINNING. On our personal levels this can mean to finally quit our job or end a toxic relationship; on a global level it means that we are beginning to realize that we need to TAKE OUT FATE INTO OUR OWN HANDS (if we haven't done so already.)

Get yourself in gear for becoming ENERGETICALLY INDEPENDENT - this includes your finances and all aspects of your relationships, work and living conditions. Form new friendships that are ENERGETICALLY SUPPORTIVE and find a community of likeminded and ENERGETICALLY AWARE people!

These are challenging and exciting times. If you can us this time now to learn how to CONTEXTUALIZE YOUR LIFE'S CHALLENGES and what YOU can do to change and adjust, the next three years will be a piece of cake!

Towards the end of the month, after the SUMMER SOLSTICE on the 6/20/17 things will speed up even more and our CURRENT TASK of mental/emotional and spiritual integration will turn into physical/emotional emotional integration again. Either way, this entire summer will be rough!


In conjunction with all aspects mentioned above I strongly recommend to ease our symptoms and help our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic to CLEAN OUT OUT OLD RESIDUES. This is not just a tip, but also an urgent reminder to energetically PREPARE FOR DEALING WITH ELEVATED LEVELS OF OUTER CHAOS.

With the growing number of energetically sensitive and aware people on this planet, the need for guidance and education in regards to the mechanics and dynamics of our energy field is drastically increasing. However, most of us are new to spiritual or energy healing techniques and find it difficult to choose or discern which kind of modality is right for us. There are many different ways to approach the healing of energetic imbalances, dissonances, fragmentations, blocks, attachments, ties, implants, possessions, just to name a few; but how do we know what we need?

What can we do to support our own system?

When is a good time to cleanse?

When should we seek an Energy Healer?

Do we need an Energy Clearing?

Regular Cleansing

It is obvious that we all accumulate residues of our own and our environment's metabolic and toxic waste byproducts. We all agree that regular showers and washing our hands are a vital part of our daily cleansing routine.


However, when it comes to the toxins and by-porducts of our NUTRITIONAL AND BIOCHEMICAL METABOLISM, many of us are very schismatic. Regardless of our level of awareness and education in regards to foods, food additives and chemicals messing with our PHYSICAL AND ENERGETIC IMMUNE SYSYEM, only a few of us really follow through on that.

For this week I am strongly recommending a SIMPLE 3-DAY REBOOT DETOX to support your physical and energetic need to clear-out old patterns and residues. The need for this will become very apparent to you in about 2 weeks!

3 Day Detox Reboot (shortcut) Instructions:

A cleanse is good for kick-starting and rebooting your metabolism and clearing out your guts. An as you all know, emotions are mainly stored in our digestive area, so physical detoxing will also promote emotional detoxing, but can only be done temporarily as the overall goal is to reach a balance from within so you don't have to constantly think about food. By assuring that you are 'always getting enough' you are promoting trust in yourself and your body - and you learn to regulate as you go.

Purpose of the 3 Day Detox Reboot:

As for the 3-Day Reboot Detox I recommend the Light Fast with fruit and vegetable juices, broth, and Dandelion Tea; and of course lots of water.

Basically you just 'eat' liquids like in the juice fast (as much as you want), but you also getting warm meals which makes a difference energetically and also emotionally. You are not loosing much weight during a light fast, but you are not regaining it either.

This is one of the problems with extreme fasts, as they induce ketosis (no carbs) and lead to water loss and muscle tissue, which will makes a person feel lighter but it's actually not healthy. Plus it leads to muscle loss, as the body's chemistry goes into starvation and tries to regain the lost water and body cells in form of fat cells. This is why it's important to drink as much as you feel you need!


Freshly squeezed or blended juices from fruits every 2 hours

You can add carrots, cucumber and green leafy vegetables if you like the mix


Broth from vegetables, miso soup (no solids) warm!

Continue with Fruit and Vegetable Juices


Vegetable broth, or if you feel too spacey, tomato soup or meat broth (no solids).

In case you need more, cook some brown rice and have a few spoons ful or eat a banana.

Click here for more detailed instructions and most commonly asked questions

However, as you all probably know, a simple clearing or detox doesn’t prevent the same old stuff from coming back. TOXIC EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL ENERGIES work the same way as biochemical toxins. They need to be dealt with or else they accumulate and store in our system! This is where your energy work needs to come in to help clear and support your overall energetic system!

(read here about the Basics of Energy Work).

Energy Clearing, Healing & Training

Energy Work can address systemic problems in our body, mind, heart and even sometimes our soul. The most common symptoms to seek an energy healer are:

- Feeling chronically tired, foggy, directionless, worthless

- Insomnia, anxiety, nightmares, prolonged depression

- Flaring up of Chronic Conditions that cannot be cured with conventional medical


- Substance or Behavioral Addictions becoming self destructive

- Feeling lifeless, disconnected from others and oneself

- Experiencing unexplainable or compulsive emotions or thoughts - including

suicidal thoughts

- Not being able to heal existing trauma

- Spiritual Pain, feelings of being damned by god or feeling cursed

- Mental or Emotional problems that cannot be sufficiently addressed by mental

health counseling

- Intensified Disturbing Visions or Hearing Voices; feeling like somebody is with us

at all times; feeling stalked by somebody

- Seeing, sensing or feeling ‘weird’ things we cannot really share with a

doctor/counselor without being afraid to be labeled as mentally disturbed

and of course

- Feeling Unable to connect with direction in life or needing guidance

Click Here if you feel like you need professional help with clearing any of the mentioned symptoms above.

As the focus of energy healing is not on the symptom but the underlying energetic imbalance, it addresses our interconnected holistic mental, emotional, physical and etheric state of health. Energy work often works in all areas at the same time, and is therefore suitable as supplemental or supporting modality to traditional therapies, such as medical treatment, counseling, acupuncture, body work, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.

It only takes a few energy clearing and coaching sessions to become more familiar with our own energy. Once we feel more empowered to connect with our own energies we will soon be able to pinpoint energetic blocks ourselves, but until we actively learn to read our own energy it will be difficult for us to know if we are dealing with an energetic implant, karmic tie, etheric attack or energetic fragmentation.

Overall Tip For this Week:

Constant up and down triggers emotional and mental spirals and looping and promotes addictive behaviors to cope with inner pain and tension. ADDICTIVE PROBLEMS will be prevalent in the next weeks to come.

Learn how to energeticly clear yourself regulary (read "Basics of Energetic Clearing") and arrange for a few detox days to support your system!

All the best!


New Energy Updates are first released in my Facebook Live Stream Saturday nights at 7PM (MDT). If you want stay updated or have questions about ongoing current collective energies or energetic subjects come to our Facebook page Saturday Night at 7pm (US Mountain Time). It explains many of the phenomena reported here in a more personal and empathetic way - so please watch the video or come to the live broadcast for in depth info.

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