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Energy Update & Practical Tips 25th June - 1st July 2017 (Week 26) - We Cannot

By elecia, Jun 25 2017 09:00AM

Weekly Energy Update

You Cannot Heal What You Don't Feel!

Weekly Energy Digest Week 26 - Energy Update 25th June -1st July 2017

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Since last Wednesday many deep energies have been unfolding and you may feel a bit rattled still. As our deeper emotions and sensations unravel, which is the collective energetic weather condition right now, everything feels bit CHAOTIC. With this sudden shift from mental/spiritual integration since the end of May back into the depth of our emotionality many energetically sensitives and empaths run in danger of being swept away by their own or other people's emotions. The energies of this week remind me on the energetic confusion at the beginning of the year.

The deeper meaning of this however is not to further confuse us or to pull us into the back and forth of our critical inner voice, but to train our DISCERNMENT and increase our ability to RESOLVE INNER CONFLICTS. If we want to learn how to better navigate through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - AND energetic sensations we need to stay open to our inner stuff, especially right now!

The most common energetic symptoms right now, besides potentially intense personal or family dramas, are neck, ear, throat, sinus, head and eye aches; but also overall soreness, back and joint pain. Digestive issues will continue, but not so much the upper as last week but the more the lower intestinal tract. Expect clearing symptoms throughout this week and if you are female perhaps stronger PMS symptoms than normal.

In times of comfort and perceived safety our ego has no reason to change anything. Growth can only take place when we challenge ourselves. It allows us to GROW BEYOND OUR LIMITATIONS and motivates our INNER SELF HEALING to emerge - like cross-training for our energetic immune system. It is therefore in our nature to resist discomfort and chaotic energies at first. This time, however, there is no safe ground - everything seems to be in a flux. So, in order to recognize the opportunity to excel right now we need agree to CHALLENGE OUR RIGID WAYS, MENTAL PREOCCUPATIONS and of course our CORE FEARS.

Resistance is Futile!

However, it's not just us! There are also larger collective correction cycles at play, and so it comes that this confrontation with our deepest inner FEAR/PAIN/COPING CYCLES feels a bit involutionary. The spiraling up and down on the vibrational scale of energetic frequencies forces us to deal with the TRUTH OF OUR ENERGETIC REALITY - not even our daily addictions can help us here anymore! So, no matter how hard our ego-emotionality is kicking and screaming, there seems no escape from this otherwise desirable inner spiritual transformation process.

The lesson in this challenge, which is also the key to our SPIRITUAL EMBODIMENT is in ACKNOWLEDGING that everything is connected - everything within ourselves and everything around us, which also includes all aspects of our personality.

It is exactly in those challenging times when we can realize that we all have these unresolved emotional layers and that we cannot exclude or single out the unwanted parts - individually or collectively!

The conflicts and resistances that arise in this collectively triggered transformation process play directly into animalistic and dualistic nature - the tension between our immortal soul and mortal body. The ego, which is tied to our body fear nothing more than its own end, all the while most of you will intuitively agree that our existence doesn't end with our physical existence, it triggers our inner conflicts.

On the other hand, our Soul, which is not tied to this incarnation, has no resistance with growing into our own DIVINE UNIFIED SELF. Therefore, if we want to take this chance to finally evolve out of our KARMIC PATTERNS we need to embrace these deeper emotional clearing times and consciously FACE THE CHALLENGE.

We cannot Heal What We Cannot Feel!

Last week's Solstice Energies did not just bring in the need to TRULY FEEL our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limitations (which I report about in depth in the video - if you already watched the Recap please forward to about 27 minutes into the recording) - but also gave us glimpse of how it could feel like to NOT be under the influence of collective resistance/phantom pain.

From an energy work perspective this week is a wonderful opportunity to start - re-start - continue - or deepen our journey.

If we have unresolved stuff and are afraid of BIG EMOTIONS we tend to cut ourselves off from them - or - quite common for empaths - seek to process our emotions through others. This gives us the illusion we are dealing with our feelings - but we actually aren't! Instead it feeds into a complex FIXER/PAIN/ENERGETIC ABSORPTION/VICTIMIZER CYCLE that keeps us locked in our ADDICTIVE COPING PATTERNS, as discussed in the video and previous two energy reports. It isn't until we get smacked in the face with our unresolved inner stuff, maybe through our partner leaving or the sudden emergence of a serious disease, that we realize the importance of asking ourselves why we keep running into the same old patterns over and over again?

And here is where our deeper processing can actually be unlocked: We need to make the connection between our inner child pain, relationship issues, karmic patterns, possible karmic family aspects and OUR EGO's PAYOFF!

What do we get out of staying where we are at?

(from the Vibrational Scale of Energies, Sacred Self-Healing Course, by jona bryndis)

So, if we did not get caught up in our own or other people's unprocessed RAW PAIN it could actually show us where our blocks and dependencies are located/tied to...

In previous articles, reports and talks I have been pointing out the connection between our personal karma and that of the collective. If we are truly honest with ourselves, what is limiting our life's experience is not coming from the human collective group karma, albeit influenced by energetic implants and conditioning through the collective - i's our attachment to the collective! And so it comes down to grown and maturing into realizing that WE HAVE A CHOICE here. If we are fixated on wanting to comply or succeed within the limitations of the collective then we are automatically also bound to its pain and struggle!

In other words, as long as we are trying to 'belong' or trying to 'be somebody', we are not only externalizing our power to the collective, but also energizing its lower vibrational patterns. Our ego is the part of us that deals with all the contradictions and incongruences that arise within, and so you could indeed see your EGO AS COLLECTIVE PROJECTION.

This entire talk about 'decoupling from phantom pain' is therefore much more complex than we can comprehend at first. It's not that the collective 'causes' our pain - all it 'does' is that it projects all our culminated pain into the human consciousness field.

Therefore the decoupling process is not done by separating ourselves from or judging the 'collective' as bad, but through refraining from projecting our own pain, because it creates an energetic feedback/tie to ourselves!

Personally, I am perceiving this time as very relieving as it brings in the REMEMBRANCE, that we are all part of the collective; and that it carries all codes for healing WITHIN all its limitations! Through last week's download it became a lot easier to feel that collective is not the 'enemy' - on the contrary - but that it is also the bringer of the MEDICINE that is needed to heal the collective...

The hardest part with trying to understand the implications of this is that we need to CHOOSE TO LET GO OF OUR OWN PROJECTIONS, so that we can actually begin woking on our own fate, without being swept away by our pack's fate. This can apply to all dimensions of collective energies: family, tribe, village, city, area, country, religion, gender, etc.

Click here to read about energetic projection if you want to refresh your understanding of the link between projecting and absorbing.

So, in the end, this session was showing us that we have choice - between letting go of our KARMIC IDENTITY or sticking 'with the program'...

The beauty of this realization is in its simplicity: Basically, all this means is that we need to become aware of our SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and that we should seek ways that allow us to live in peace with our human collective, so that we can acknowledge, that


- unless we choose to be...

Many of the energetic challenges this week will derive around our INNER SAFETY (1st Chakra) and ABILITY TO EXPRESS OUR TRUE FEELINGS & NEEDS (5th/6th Chakra). When caught in an inner conflict ask yourself:

How Do I truly Feel?

What Do I truly Need right now?

In this week it will be particularly important to pay attention to your HOME and the energies around your home. Do you still feel happy with your living situation; your apartment, house or room-mates? Do you need more space? Do you nee to get rid of old stuff? Renovate maybe? All these things will help you to align to WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL STRONG AND GROUNDED.

The core questions for this entire month, supporting LETTING GO OF THE PAST and CREATING THE SPACE FOR MORE CONGRUENT MANIFESTATIONS will be:

What Do I truly Need to feel Safe?

What Do I truly Need to feel Loved?

For our physical energy management I recommend to go BACK TO BASICS and reconnect with your body through STRETCHING. Hereby it's important that we find back to the core of our PHYSICAL SOURCE OF ENERGY. To support this process focus on physical FUNDAMENTALS such as stretching, moving and drinking more water. If you don't have a daily habit of connecting with nature yet (even if it's just through growing plants in your apartment) use this free source of clearing and balancing energy to lift your emotional and physical spirits! Stretching and walking in nature are the best remedy for clogged inner energies!

It's advisable to pay attention to your joints and bones this entire month - educate yourself on how energetic RESISTANCE can manifest in your body - please read more about joint issues here.

Energetically seen, any situation promoting inner conflict, struggle, resistance and rigidity ultimately leads to a compromised physical/energetic immune system, which can cause disease and auto-immune issues to flare up.

In order to keep your personal energy management in check I strongly recommend to add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet! Watch this video for more info on anti-inflammatory foods.

All the best!



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