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Energy Update 8th-14th April 2017: Musical Chairs - Claim Your Chair!

By jona bryndis, Apr 14 2017 12:22PM

Last week we had a lively demonstration of what it feels like to be in resistance from within. While it was pretty obvious to energetically sensitive people that energies had been building and that there was going to be some kind of obstacle ahead, it it could still hit us really hard,. This made HOLDING OUR OWN SPACE almost impossible last week.

Oh well...

The most prevalent complaints were head and stomach issues; accompanied with dizziness and mild to severe nausea – along with a feeling of being overwhelmed, lost and confused as to how to proceed. Frankly, most of us just wanted to get over with our week, and so it went by WITHOUT US WANTING TO BE PRESENT.

Things were just too much to metabolize and given our natural tendency to isolate, many of us resisted through WITHDRAWAL AND CHECKING-OUT. If you had a little bit of a MELT-DOWN last week, don't feel bad – you were not the only one!

I already wrote a lot about AVOIDANCE AND WITHDRAWING FROM FEELING OUR FEELINGS last week, so I will spare you the details of not dealing with excess emotional and mental energies. I just want to point out the biggest issue with this coping mechanism from an energetic point of view, namely that it opens the door for outer energies to undetectably enter our field. Checking-out is like leaving your house unlocked with windows and doors wide open. So, don't be surprised if it feels a bit crowded in there when you decide to return, because you are not fully OCCUPYING YOUR OWN ENERGY BODY anymore!

So, while this is all understandable, it's really important to have this sink in, that ESCAPSIM is not an efficient way to MAINTAIN OUR INTEGRITY and PROTECT OUR ENERGY FIELD. Granted, some times it's important to pull our energies in and integrate, but for it to be healing it requires us to be fully PRESENT IN THE NOW.

Without proper CONNECTION WITH OUR HEARTS we cannot INTERNALIZE OUR NEEDS, VALUES AND BOUNDARIES. So, if you need a time-out create a DAILY HEALING RITUAL that allows you to recharge and readjust as you go...

After a brief period of INNER REASSESSMENT then (as recommended in last week's energy update) it's imperative that you come back out of the woodwork and present your REGAINED AND MORE GROUNDED STANCE to our environment, family and friends. Without EXPRESSING AND COMMUNICATING our need for this FREEDOM AND MORE SPACE to actualize integration phases, we can hardly make others responsible for our misery...

Right now is not the time to let things slide because we don't want to deal with them; on the contrary! In the bigger scope of things, we are going through a time of REALIGNING OUR INNER INTEGRITY – which requires us to be very attentive to what we stand for!

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The 1st and 3rd Chakra attack on our ability to CLAIM OUR SPACE of last week had the purpose of showing us where we are standing. If we weren't/aren't ready to take full inventory yet and put the foot down on the brake, we will continue to find ourselves in a constant state of FIRE-PUTTER-OUTER, or run into danger of becoming a PUSH-OVER. You cannot make integrous choices when you constantly feel under attack! Get it?

We have been ENABLING a lot of these things that are now backfiring, and so, a lot of what is bugging us can't really be blamed onto others, politics or the system! It is our own RESPONSIBILITY TO STEP UP and FOCUS ON RESOLUTION FINDING rather than passive-aggressively retreating! Trust me, this will particularly important for this coming week, in which collective energies will crank up IRRATIONALITY AND USELESS FIGHTING!

Historically, Pass Over/Easter Time triggers a wave of KARMIC GUILT in our western societies. On top of our already tense relationships, this will increase the deep need for RECONCILIATION. However, if we fail to SEE OURSELVES AS PART OF THE WHOLE and continue with ENERGIZING WHAT WE DON'T INSTEAD OF WHAT WE WANT, we are ENABLING CONFLICT!

As emotional energies stay unprocessed and unexpressed, our human psyche typically channels them through SECRET PLEASURES AND SHADOW-COPING. For as long as we get stuck in trying to find the one perfect resolution that doesn't exist, we unconsciously resort to the shadow side of the force - which as you already know, is exactly what FEEDS THE DARK IN US all.

So, as this BOTTLING UP OF EMOTIONS is happening not just in our personal lives, but also collectively right now, it is therefore to be expected that we will see ESCALATION AND INSTIGATION OF CONFLICTS RESULTING IN SUDDEN RELEASE OR DRAMA this week. What this means is obvious.

Let's hope for the best, but also acknowledge that if we don't STEP UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our own energy, resolutions will not come to us or the collective. Without accepting the chilling truth that our ego has been deceiving us into ignoring what has SERIOUSLY BEEN VIOLATING OUR INNER INTEGRITY achieving INNER OR OUTER PEACE is unlikely! The issues at hand are SYSTEMIC and can only be resolved through changing the integrity of the paradigm that's playing the music and pressing the repeat button.

Depending on which end of the energetic scale of consciousness we find ourselves, this inner integrity issue can play out in form of feeling like a victim, retaliating, projecting anger or desperately trying to up our lacking self-worth through INAPPROPRIATE DEMONSTRATIONS OF POWER OR EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION. The latter is something we can beautifully observe on the geopolitical front right now...

But even if we set global events aside, which will continue to feel like a grand musical chairs game without hearing the music (or knowing who is playing the music), the degree of DECEPTION is still so high, that there is no way of seeing through all these memes unless we keep our energy away from it. So, the whole point of knowing what we stand for is not about RESISTING, but about NOT FALLING FOR THE GAME OF OTHERS that keeps our energy BOUND TO CONFLICT.

I know, these words are not comfortable for your ego, but if you want to find the way out of this blind musical chair game, you will need to know where you are standing in order to get the right guidance which chair to claim!

As for getting through these coming days, remind yourself to GROUND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and to make an EFFORT COMMUNICATING YOUR TRUE FEELINGS!

For most of us this will mean that we will need reflecting on the integrity of our commitments and FINDING A BETTER BALANCE BETWEEN CARING AND MEDDLING. I hate to say it this way, but most of us can't see how we infringe other people's journeys - believing we are helping them...

Sit with this for a moment and remind yourself that it's not YOUR job to fix others...let go of all this pushing into other people's lives and focus on your own needs instead!

Our 1st and 5th Chakra balance will continue to be affected by collective energies these coming weeks, especially during this month's FULL MOON window, so once more, don't let yourselves GET PULLED INTO THINKING YOU ARE POWERLESS! That's just because you are not facing your own stuff. Go within and tackle your inner integrity issues, so that you can rise in the awareness of HAVING THE RIGHT TO BE HERE AND TO CLAIM YOUR WAY - for everything that concerns YOU AND WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE IT!

If you need the other's assistance, come from a place of making a stance for yourself while being open for new suggestions. Trying to 'fix' things will trigger resistance in others!

Ask yourself:

What in me keeps me getting off this balance?

Are there things I cannot forgive myself (or others) for?

When things get tough, do I immediately blame others or get offensive/defensive?

Do I frequently resort to INNER CHILD behaviors?

How mature is my communication?

Am I able to listen to other people's needs?

How much space can I give others?

For those of you who have been feeling the deep need to work with RECONCILING WITH YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF, which came up for many who are doing active consciousness work, I recommend reflecting on your REDEEMING QUALITIES while you are taking above inventory. If this is challenging for you, look at yourself from the perspective of a loving mother or father, and try to CONNECT WITH WHAT MAKES YOU LOVABLE.

I am wishing you lots of balance and inner peace this week - and hope you can find enough space for yourself AND enjoy the presence of your own and other people's company!

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All the best!


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